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(upbeat music) – Oui oui, that is the
outie belly button you see. Mwah. Things will really start
popping around this time in your pregnancy. But the good news is, you’re
already 2/3 of the way there. Celebrate with some fancy French soda. That’s not a euphemism for wine. And when you toast, take
a look at that bottle. Because it’s the same size
as le bebe at week 26. 14 inches and just over
a pound and a half. Also, his eyes are starting to open and are probably rolling
at my bad French accent. (speaking in foreign language) I should have paid attention
more in French class. (upbeat music) Just like your starting salary, you’re maternity leave is
often up for negotiation. Here’s how to arm yourself
to get the best deal for you and your baby. Do your research. Look into what maternity
leave your state requires and what the individual company policy is. Talk to other women at your company and other companies to
see what’s the norm. Formulate a plan. Negotiate. Trade in sick days or vacation days. But also show that you have
the company’s needs in mind by presenting a strategy
on how you’ll accomplish all of your work goals. And start locally. Meaning, talk to your
direct supervisor first, before going to human resources. Your boss knows how valuable you are and can help fight to make
sure you get what you need in order to stay at your company. To keep you there. (upbeat music) Why does making it to 40
weeks make a difference? Babies born at 39 weeks and
later have fewer problems. And they do better on
tests of intelligence and gross motor skills. Here are some key tips for
reaching the magic date. Eat real food, not the processed kind. And eat often to keep the
flow of nutrients steady. Stock up on supplies
that say fragrance free, no synthetic fragrance, or phthalate free. Be good to your gums and
see your dentist regularly. Go when you gotta go to
avoid developing a UTI. Steer clear of all smoke. Fight off infections by
washing your hands regularly and avoiding sick people. And make sure you’re getting
the right dose of vitamin D and that you’re not skimping on DHA. And if all that fails, just cross your legs
and hope for the best. Hold that baby in. You can’t really do
that, but you could try. (upbeat music) People love to give pregnant women advice, even when they don’t ask for it. Here is your daily dose
of unsolicited advice. If you do decide to eat the placenta, I don’t know, add some salt? Or, I really don’t know. You’re on your own with this. I mean that’s, that’s cool. I typically don’t eat
anything from my body. Wonder if it’s tough? Uh, steak sauce, I don’t know. What am I doing? (upbeat music) There is a lot of stuff
you’re expected to give up when you’re expecting. Join me now in a moment of silence as this pregnancy pause
is dedicated to Red Bull. (slow music) Shout out to Red Bull. Now you have to stay
awake in work meetings through sheer will power. Ooh, it’s no bull, you’re
gonna have to do it. (upbeat music) If you wanna see what’s
coming up in your pregnancy next week, then like,
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