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preparing for a newborn baby, it’s not just
painting the nursery and buying cute
clothes that count. These days, parents, siblings,
and even grandparents, are taking classes to get
ready for the big day. Registered nurse Lindsay
Bontjes is the program manager for Essentia Health’s
childbirth classes. She says, years ago,
new moms and dads might take a class to learn
about breathing and relaxation techniques during delivery. But the focus has changed. LINDSAY BONTJES: Definitely,
we’re feeling from our patients that they wanted even more. So we kind of start
with the pregnancy. We go through
labor and delivery. We talk about what to
expect in the hospital. And then, we even
go farther and we talk about what do
you expect postpartum, the basics of infant care,
we talk about all of that. TRACY BRIGGS: But
it’s not just the soon to be new mom and
dad who benefit from childbirth classes. Bontjes says siblings
learn about being a big sister a brother. And grandparents who
might have plenty of childbearing experience
learn some new things as well. LINDSAY BONTJES: We talk a
lot about the practice changes since they perhaps
have had babies. We talk about all the new skin
to skin, the new safety things. We talk about, also, how to
support the new family and how to maybe not parent
the new parents. TRACY BRIGGS: Plus, you
don’t need to be an Essentia Patient to take the classes. Bontjes says you’ll find a warm
and welcoming setting, where you can learn the things you
didn’t know you needed to know without a huge time commitment. LINDSAY BONTJES: We always
get those parents who kind of linger after
class and they’ll come up and they’ll say,
you have no idea how much this has helped me. I was scared. I didn’t know any
of this language. And then, they’ll
also say, and we never thought it would be
as fun as it was. TRACY BRIGGS: To register
and get more information on Essentia’s childbirth
preparation classes, go online to and click on Classes and Events. With this Essentia
Health “Medical Insight,” I’m Tracy Briggs.

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