Medical issues and miscarriage

Oh hello so it's gonna jump on here and answer a couple questions for everybody and how we decided to have baby number three after having a kid with medical issues and it was a hard decision I always wanted a big family because I have you know nine brothers and sisters um when you get pregnant again with baby number three and I had a lot of complications during my pregnancies I was considered a high-risk pregnancy I carried way too much amniotic fluid I had with Vincent the third one I had placenta Provera which for me it didn't really matter because I've had CJ I was um I'm a c-section mommy so and especially after having a kid with issues Chico has been a warrior since the very beginning and so I mean we're we're blessed we have three healthy little boys um I've been pregnant five times I lost the first one Gabriel at 15 weeks so since the very beginning pregnancy was scary Logan I went into preterm labor at 29 weeks and then when I finally went into labor at 40 weeks he had put an autism in the umbilical cord and he had had it wrapped around his neck and so when I dilated to five he pretty much was strangling himself and he stopped breathing so I had to go in for an emergency c-section with him because there was a knot in the umbilical cord he wasn't getting for nutrients so he was only here's a little little little tiny I'm he's six pounds and had absolutely no body fat so with Kekoa when I got pregnant with Kiko I knew there was going to be risks I mean I've had at a late-term miscarriage which automatically put me in like high-risk-pregnancy I'd go to a high-risk doctor I have a disease called endometriosis so that doesn't help I was always told in my whole life that I would never be able to have children so the fact that I have three of them is a blessing and then with Vincent when Vincent was born it was nerve-racking because we had so many medical issues with Kekoa that when he was born and they told me that he was alright I didn't believe him and we were kind of in shock he came home after what 24 hours I think or 48 hours they let him come home and I'm definitely a lot more cautious with a third one he started breaking out into some weird rashes so the pediatrician sent us right to the allergist just to make sure that he wasn't allergic to anything and we've been blessed that he's not there's still a possibility that he could get eggs more still has some skin issues he has some weird stuff going on with the skin but nothing like Kekoa so as of right now the pediatrician isn't worried about him so yeah it asked to answer your question transitioning from a kid that has a lot of issues to getting pregnant again and having another one is extremely stressful I mean not saying that Keiko isn't a strong boy and that he isn't awesome but it's just one of those things that's really nerve-racking and we also had a miscarriage between Keiko and Vincent so do we want to have to deal with that again you know there's just a lot of factors to it and a lot of things that you know we have to think about and after I miscarried after Kekoa I was kind of at a point where I was content with two kids just being done I mean cruz' talked about it and we got married and we had just said we finally decided that our family we neither of us were complete without having one more so it took us a few months but baby boy number three and yeah you're you're you get paranoid I mean I was paranoid through my whole pregnancy with Kekoa because my pregnancy would logan was awful preterm labor had to get magnesium shots I had to go and get NS T's three times a week during the last six weeks and for my pregnancy it was just rough question yes it's stressful but totally worth it so yeah definitely feel God has a plan for all of us so kind of where I'm at I mean never really know what his plan is when you have a kid that's sick and why they're making him go through that but healthy reveals it at some point but anyways to answer your question yes it's hard yes it's stressful totally worth it though

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