Medical Minute: Preeclampsia with Dr. Wahl

preeclampsia is a complication of pregnancy that's associated with high blood pressure and either protein in the urine or problems with other end organs like the brain or the kidney or the blood system also the baby is at risk because some of these babies don't grow well you're more likely to something called an abruption where the placenta separates before the baby's born and that can cause life-threatening risks to both the mother and the baby the best way to make sure you're not developing preeclampsia that you're being washes to get regular prenatal care there are patients who develop preeclampsia 30 weeks which is about 10 weeks before the due date and many of those patients do not need to be delivered before we get to term however my job a lot of times is to evaluate and figure out the best timing for delivery for both the mother and the baby st. Francis health care system building on excellence

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