Medicana International IVF Center – IVF Clinic- IVF Hospital in Europe

being symbol of expertise maternity quality and international standards Marikana Health Group is among leaders of Turkish private hospital business and it has been providing health care services for too many years since 1992 Marikana Health Group offers health care services in accordance with corporate vision including compatibility with international standards modern closely monitoring innovation regarded as moral facility by other healthcare institutions offering highest quality and equal services to both local and international patients a healthcare facility where patients feel safe and all expectations are met as well as corporate mission including offering highest quality health care service to all patients from all social layers continuous development of personnel and enabling personnel to work happily and under safe conditions reaching international standards in short time Marikana Health Group was accredited by Joint Commission International and accordingly it was registered that our institution is the health care facility which complies with standards of European Union and maximizes patient satisfaction since 2006 the group gained first-string among health care facilities which makes highest investments and number of hospital under umbrella of the group reached 10 when Marikana international istanbul Marikana international ankara medic honest samson and medic on econia hospitals are put into service based on hospital investments regarded among unique hospitals worldwide we feel the happiness to offer international quality healthcare service in terms of specialism and equipment requiring qualification such as oncology adult and pediatric cardiology cardiovascular surgery transplantation hemodialysis gynecology and obstetrics and pediatrics and in vitro fertilization all Netta Cana hospitals are clearly characterized with health care facilities where all patients feel themselves safe all necessary health care requirements are met and uninterrupted and quality healthcare services are accessed and healthcare professional want to work in addition to oncology transplantation cardiology and cardiovascular surgery aesthetic surgery orthopedics and traumatology ophthalmology and oral and dental health and care and neurology neurosurgery pediatrics and many other services health care services are also offered in multidisciplinary clinics in order to respond to gradually increasing and complicating health care needs and thus medic on a health group continues to make great efforts in order to maintain smile on your face and to deserve a pair of good words mentioned by our patients and close connection with our patients of which we wish to survive lifelong we wish you a healthy quality and good life Marikana

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