4 Replies to “Meditation For Grief And Loss After Miscarriage”

  1. Stop to acknowledge the passing of your child. I didn’t, and it remains my deepest regret. Everything else can go on hold. Don’t hang on, teetering on the brink of that darkness. Let go, fall into it and begin the grieving process. You have been a mother since you conceived. The loss of your baby doesn’t make you less of a mother, nor does an early loss ‘count less’. If you can, tell people what’s happening. They’ll probably find it hard to hear, but they will at least then understand why you’re (probably) not functioning to par. They can’t cut you any slack unless you let them know you need it. They can’t extend compassion if they are uninformed. Get your girlfriends around you. Friends or relatives; it really doesn’t matter. You need women you can trust. Women you can cry with. Women who can hug you. Because no matter how sympathetic a man is. A woman will understand you in a very different way. And part of the healing lies in fully comprehending the loss, all its implications. Navigating the train wreck and beginning to get a little perspective. The pain might be so hard to deal with, but I believe that things will just work out. I had to see a therapist in Bio tex to get rid of this emotions. And the results were positive.

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