Meditations for Natural Childbirth

okay hey new mama I'm Ellie I currently have an eleven month old daughter and another one on the way next month so I've been pregnant for a while and I've learned a lot and I just desperately need to share it with someone so let's get it right into it today's video I'm gonna be talking about a few different meditations that I found here on YouTube that helped me get through natural childbirth with my first daughter so I am currently taking a prenatal yoga course and they just said in my class last night that meditation can like have crazy effects on your ability to relax and your ability to cope with pain so I highly recommend just finding any sort of meditation so one of the first meditations I did I'm pretty sure my husband found it der milli on YouTube I'll link everything down below and it is a trance induction for labor I listen to it probably like two weeks before I went into labor and then I listened to it at least one other time like the week before maybe even a few days before it has several other ones that I listen to the other meditation that I swear by I tell everyone about this I literally found this meditation the night I went into labor I'm not even totally sure I knew I was in labor yet but I was having contractions and I decided that I would look up a meditation or a breathing technique or something on YouTube to get me through I didn't even know I was in labor anyways it is yoga with Tessa and it is her golden thread breath and blooming rose visualization for dilation um I didn't even know I didn't even remember about the blooming rose visualization for dilation but guess what I was seven centimeters when I got to the hospital so it must have worked but no the golden thread breath is what I really used this meditation for it's very simple if you listen to the meditation it's really good basically you're just breathing in and you're blowing out as long as you can like a golden thread see I just breathe like four times and I already feel so much better so I breathe it's like that for about 24 hours no it probably wasn't that long probably found it around I don't know like 8 or 9 o'clock at night and I had my daughter at like almost noon the next day so I you know I used for this breath for a considerable amount of time however I do have to say I did not stop using this breath I mean I was just consistently even like between contractions I think and I can still remember it was so satisfying to you because once I got to the hospital um my daughter's waking up and she looks directly into the camera like wow mom mom mom it was so satisfying because when I got to the hospital all the nurses were like good breathing it was like thank you but it was good it was really I'm so happy that I found this meditation so those are just two possible meditations that I found on YouTube I'm sure they're a bajillion more and I'm sure I'll find some for this pregnancy so I had kind of learned in the Bradley method and I think possibly anime Gaskins book guide to childbirth there is a difference between pain and suffering and a really good way to think about it is running a marathon if you've ever run any amount of distance it can hurt a little you know so it's really good to have kind of your mind straight around what is what and and yeah there's so many good resources check out my last video about the three books that I read to prepare for natural childbirth because those three books definitely mean amazed if you have found some that you like let me know about them in the comments below if you practise meditation or you're excited to try it give me a thumbs up and if you have any questions about the ones that I've recommended or any questions about my experience with it again comment below I hope you like this video and I hope you join us for another one yeah Oh 202 very possibly – under one – under one

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