Meet Baby Samiah! She almost 2 months! #newbornbaby #postpartum

recorded video since my labor and delivery and I know uploaded that pretty late but I was because I was trying to get a hang of my daughter Somalia and I want to introduce you guys to her she is about to be 2 months July 2nd she came May 2nd at 2:37 a.m. here she tell you she's so smart and so advanced I'm very very strong for her to be this age but she came out really really strong like she was holding her neck up and everything as a newborn so you know I'm alone with my daughter you know she's getting better at sleeping at night time especially because I found some white noise music on YouTube to help with her sleeping so it's been amazing but here's her again she was sleeping and I just gave her a little bit of breast milk my baby smile you know she's cooling she's drooling now she's biting her hand you know she's just doing a lot now probably because she's getting older but she was already doing a lot since she was born to be honest but you know now she's opening her hand some more she's laughing more and smiling and everything showing her gums and you know I love my daughter excuse the mess in the back guys I've gotta clean up but um yeah I'm gonna do um my labor and delivery story i'ma tell you guys how I felt and everything because I know I wasn't able to get a lot of footage from you know the time I was in the hospital because my stuff was the car so yeah sorry about my clothes me in the back guys I'd do some laundry but yeah I know there's gonna be a short video I just wanted to show my face I'm sir according again and uploading you know videos more often because that's what I always plan to do my hair keep getting stuck in my eyelash I did not like that but yeah she's just such a doll so thank you guys for watching make sure you like comment subscribe and I will be posting more videos weekly and keep you updated so she would baby smile cuz she's the star now offer those that do not know and don't follow me on Instagram she has took her first plane at once month oh wait one month oh sorry I'm talking crazy one month old and one day so June 3rd we took our plane to Vegas go see my sister and we stayed out there a week and a half there's a little girl she just like to squirm around but yeah I'm ending in this video now [Applause]

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