Meet Baby Saybie’s Care Team: Emilie

A NICU pharmacist is basically does everything that a regular pharmacist does except with our NICU population. A lot of times the dosing of certain medications are based off of the baby's weight. The first day I learned that there was a 245 gram baby, I was completely amazed. Of course there's a lot of things that go along with that. You know how are we going to care for a baby that small. In particular for me, how am I going to prepare the medications. How are we going to deliver the medications. Even just being able to have syringes that are small enough to draw up the doses that are necessary for the baby's care can be an issue. As a hospital we're proud to know that something so amazing could come from the collaborative effort of all of us working together. I would say that it's amazing to care for the world's smallest baby but the care that we delivered to her would be the natural care that we would deliver to any of our patients. Our job is taking care of youngest patient population there is and we enjoy our work. We love our work every single day.

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