Meet Dr. Kimberly Larson-Ohlsen | Aurora, CO | Female OB/GYN

(calming guitar music) – I started Colorado Complete
Health For Women in 2010, to incorporate a new concept
in women’s healthcare. The practice forges a balance between conventional Western medicine
and alternative approaches. CCHW integrates modern medical science with acupuncture, herbals, supplements, to enhance a woman’s
health and well being. Our physicians can
provide vital information as women make these
challenging transitions. Things like being a first time mom, trying to navigate through menopause, or undergoing a surgery
or procedure and recovery. I think what makes my approach to medicine different or unique is
my holistic philosophy of working with women to educate them, to come up with a health plan
or a healthy way of living. I truly believe that all
patients should be given the highest quality of
care from a compassionate, caring, educated physician
that is really looking out for continuous complete healthcare. My hope is to have an ongoing relationship with my patient where
we focus on prevention, lifestyle changes that
ultimately will result in decrease in chronic illness
and mental health issues. I truly feel that my purpose
in life is to be a healer. I look at myself as a
modern day medicine woman. Healing comes from within, and it’s my job to guide
women to find balance through a patient centered relationship. I love yoga, photography and traveling.

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