Meet Jade | Teen Mom 2 (Season 9)

(upbeat music) – [Doctor] Pull just like that. Take a big deep breath and push. Push, push, push,
(groans) push, push, push. There you go, there you go! Keep going, keep going!
– [Woman] There she is! Push, push, push, push, push. Keep going! – [Jade] Oh my god! (baby crying) – [Christy] Good job, Jade! – [Jade] So cute. – We made a little angel. (upbeat music)
– [Jade’s Mom] Take it on the roof of her mouth. And then when she spits it out like this, look. Nam nam! What you doing? I bet you couldn’t wait
(laughter) to see me, could you? (gasps)
(baby wailing) – She realized who it
was because your hair. (baby wailing) – You didn’t recognize mommy?
(kisses cheek) – Gimme a kiss! Gimme a kiss!
(baby babbles) – Supermom coming through. Look at that one! Mini pumpkin. (upbeat music) – Hey mom. – You look cute. Hi Chlo-bug! – One, two, three, family first! – Family first! – You have to let people help you ’cause it takes a
village to raise a child. You can’t do it all by
yourself all the time. – I’m not saying I’m the
best mom in the world, but goddamnit I do my best. – You are a great momma. – He could be a good guy
if he just straightened up, but he ain’t ready. – Oh I don’t think he can be. – Well, I mean, he could be a good guy for someone else’s kid. – Yeah, not for Jade. – And not for my kid- – I mean I’m down with that. – Just try to be like roommates and try to work it from there and then if it grows then it grows and if it don’t, it don’t. – You gotta put yourself first and you gotta cut all this bull- (bleep) all this drama
– The extra (bleep) – All that extra’s out of your life or you’re not gonna get anywhere. If you’re doing anything for anybody, it needs to be for Kloie and Jade. (hopeful music) – I was trying to, like,
not do anything today so me and you could do something together. – I barely get to
(bleep) play this game. – Annoying. – I’m annoying? You’re the one that
fights about every (bleep) thing I say. – You can just go away. – You can go to hell. Why are you crying, babe? – ‘Cause I’m upset. – About what? – ‘Cause our relationship
is all the way down hill. I know I just don’t
want to do this anymore. I’d rather just move. (bleep)
– Ever dude, move then. – I’m just trapped with you! – You ain’t trapped nowhere! (bleep) want (bleep)
break from me then leave! – I just wanna be able to at least- – Get along. – Yeah, like, be able to
put the past in the past and be friends again, like
actually be able to be friends. – We could move together. – (scoffs) I don’t think
that that’d be good. – Come here. – No. – Come on. – I’m the one that (bleep)
(baby coos) and decided to hang out with
those stupid people again. I failed the drug test. – Okay, I feel like I
just can’t even trust you to have you around anymore. (upbeat music) – You excited to see everyone today? (bottle spraying)
– Um, kind of. I just hope that she’s being cool today. Ready to rock n’ roll? – Sure, I guess. – Did you know you wanted to
get the purple done for awhile? – I just went through a break up and I feel like I want to, like, redo my hair and redo my look and kinda like feel like, confident. – Next week I have an appointment to go and do a tour at this beauty school. – Mhmm. – I want to go to school
to be an esthetician. Feel like my ultimate goal would be, like, get my own, like, salon, you know? So, like, it’d be a really,
really good opportunity. You know, it’ll hold her
while I’m graduating. – Yeah.
(baby squeals) (dramatic music) – I’m worried that like, my mom’s doing, like the same thing like doing drugs and like not doing what she’s
supposed to be doing. (bleep) – Do you have my house key? – Mhmm. – Yeah, I want it back. – My god you got a (bleep) attitude. I’m ready to get out of here. Can’t stand that bull (bleep). – You come and stay. I feed you guys, give you food, give you anything that you
want so you’re comfortable. – I don’t know, I just hope
– It’s a lot going on. – neither one of you ever, you know, something ever happens and
one of you lose your job and you can’t pay for (bleep) and you have to come to my house. ‘Cause I’ll treat you
like you’ve treated me. – Why didn’t my mom come
and pick her up today? ‘Cause she said she was going to. – She called me and she was like, “I’m so sick,”, bro. – She always says that.
– She- – You’re so unreliable.
– Well – That’s why, that’s why
it, like, hurts my feelings that I cannot count on you. – Well I’m sorry. I’m working on my being late. You’re going south and then back – Oh my (bleep) God. – When you could’ve just went that way! That’s the dumbest (bleep) ever heard. – You are such a know-it-all. – Whatever,
– It’s the same way! – you’re a know-it-all and you don’t know (bleep) (groans) – Not like, how a mom should be. Like
– The (bleep) I’m not! You’re just (bleep) like me. – I just want everything to get better. – [Woman On The Phone] It will, Jade. It’ll get better.

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  1. OMG 😂 😍!!!!! newest member of teenmom 2 jade … Jenelle Evans is gone all about divad Eason drama

  2. Holy crap its Chelsea 2.0 great mom with a daughter whose name is spelled weird. With a loser boyfriend. And wants to go to beauty school.

  3. Awww her perseverance is so inspiring! I feel so bad for the things people put her through…. she does everything for everyone else yet she gets the short end of the stick 🤦🏽‍♀️

  4. I like her I just wish she would of stayed on her own show. I love her. Im just going to miss her on the other show

  5. Am I the only one thinking it's weird how they keep adding ppl to the cast? Even if they were on 16 & Pregnant 10 yrs ago, we don't know them! We ain't been watching them for a decade.

    TBH, bringing them back after so long is kind of insulting. Like ur life is so fucked up, we want to put u on display in our ppl zoo!

  6. This is my first time seeing her. I don't know, I kind of like her. She seems like a really good mom.. And that's really all we can ask of these shows. Stop glorifying shit moms. 😱

  7. We Nice Guys With Future & Career Get Stood Up For The Douches & Dead Beats I Stop Feeling Sorry For Single Mothers And Stop Dating Single Moms With Kids

  8. I like her. I usually get frustrated with the laziness of the girls they choose but Jade seems like she just need a little help to get to the top.

  9. I appreciate her being on the show. She will be a great addition, but they need to not call it teen mom then, because she was by far at teen mom when she got pregnant. She was like 21.

  10. I wish they would cancel Teen Mom, it does not portray really what being a teen mother is and to me and glorifies it. I know not ever teen mom is having super hard times etc but most are or don't come from the most supportive families or even live in poverty. Rt now teen mom (to me) shows young girls that got pregnant early but still have an extremely good chance of making it in life even if they weren't on TV.

  11. Already like her the fact that even though her and her mothers relationship is toxic she’s seems like a great mother to her baby❤️

  12. Lmaof her mom to grown to play the victim , guilty card, on top, why isn't the man providing for the mom. Kept her at a distance and child support on that BD. He will straighten up quick.

  13. I didn’t need anyone to teach me how to feed my child. Not even how to change a diaper! How y’all don’t get it naturally?

  14. “Her family are always there to give her advice” her mom yells and swears at her moving her arms around whilst she is driving with a baby in the backseat…right

  15. Great new addition. I'm actually interested in this girl for once!!! Fresh meat is always a good thing!! Bye Jenelle!!!! 👋👋👋👋

  16. Girl drop your mom ! She’s not been there for you . She’s a pos , a real mother don’t choose drugs or d*ck over her kids . If she gave a damn she would quit anything in her way that makes her not a good mom. Addiction is a choice . My opinion tho ! It don’t make any excuses for her , she’s a grown women .

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