Meet OBGYN Jennifer Wong, MD

– I take care of women in
pregnancy, or prior to conception, who have any high-risk conditions that might affect the pregnancy. Those may be maternal,
chronic medical conditions; acute changes that happen
during the pregnancy like hypertension in
pregnancy; or fetal conditions. Most of the time patients
are referred to me during pregnancy when complications occur. Sometimes that referral may happen very early in the pregnancy if it’s a chronic medical problem that predated the pregnancy. But sometimes it happens
just during the pregnancy if a blood test comes back abnormal, or blood pressure readings
start to increase, if they fail their diabetes screening and become diabetic in pregnancy. Probably what I like best is getting somebody successfully
through a pregnancy, and just seeing the joy
in the parents’ faces, you know when their baby is born after usually a long road, but that joy, it’s a lot of fun.

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