25 Replies to “Meeting our Nephew, Post Miscarriage and Mitchell’s Birthday”

  1. I went through the exact same as you 4 months ago babe and its not easy at all, your a beautiful girl, and deserve the best keep your head up, ❤️❤️❤️

  2. I know how you feel gurl. I had a miscarriage last year, the day before the second check.. I thought I had to call an ambulance mygoshh, that pain 😖 Felt sad for a couple days but I realized that it maybe wasn’t the right time. A baby will come in your life when the time is right. 😘❤️

  3. You guys are so incredible. You both handled this whole situation with such strength and grace. I've watched you since you very first started youtube chloe (Well actually before, when you appeared on sharni's channel lol) and you have always been a pretty outstanding human being but this whole experience has really shown your wonderful attributes. And Mitch you're a top bloke! If only all men were as supportive as you. You guys are so lucky to have eachother, sending you all the positive baby vibes!!! Xx

  4. 🥰❤️ the love is REAL with you too. thank you for sharing all of your most personal moments of life. Also Mitch you are the man. So supportive and loving

  5. You had a miscarriage….suck it up and deal with it lol….you probably spread your legs for another baby daddy lol

  6. Didn’t even seem like they were sad? He just kept joking about it and it seemed very disrespectful.

  7. It’s not too early, it’s whenever you feel ready, I had a miscarriage and then on my next cycle I was pregnant again, I’m now about to give birth in maximum 3weeks to a little boy😌😌

  8. I had a miscarriage before both of my successful pregnancies and I just wanted to let you know I was pregnant the very next month with both my children. Hope you guys get pregnant soon 🙂

  9. You’re both going to make great parents. Early miscarriage (as you probably know) is extremely common so don’t lose hope. I’m sorry this happened to you. xox

  10. So beautiful to see you both so graceful during this hard time. Fun fact a lot of women a most fertile after a miscarriage ❤

  11. You guys are hilarious!
    Please make more regular videos.

    Sorry for your loss x
    You both will make fantastic parents one day soon though that’s not hard to tell.

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