Meeting the New Baby!

– You’re doing so good. Are you having so much fun, isn’t he warm? (bells jingling)
(children singing) ♪ It’s Vlogmas Vlogmas and
it’s time to celebrate ♪ ♪ Vlogmas ♪ (soft sentimental music) – Good morning everyone. We have to be a little quiet. – ‘Cause we just found out tea, and we have a mother in
law in the other room who needs to know that tea, but she’s waiting for her phone call. – Colleen just Facetimed us. – And it’s 6:30 in the morning, and the reason we’re awake is
because we’re taking our son to surgery, ’cause he
has to be there at seven. – And my sister’s having a baby right now. – Her water broke.
– Her water just broke! – So this is all very exciting. – I’m so excited. And it’s also like, oh,
we to be the in-laws, we need to be there,
but we’ve gotta be here. So she was saying it was pretty funny ’cause he’s choosing the– – I think the kids just found out. – Mommy, mommy, mommy! (Bailey squealing) Yes, yes! Yes! – [Chris] What happened, why are you so happy? – Auntie Panties’ water broke! (Bailey breathing heavily) I can’t do this. – My aunt’s going to hospital, her water just broke, and I’m
going to hospital too today! It’s blowing my mind!
(Jessica giggles) So cool. I don’t know if we’re
going to the same hospital or something. – [Chris] No, you’re
going to something called a surgery center.
– Oh yeah. – [Chris] But she’s going
to a surgery center. – We’re off and away
to the surgery center. This guy’s all ready. – I’m very nervous.
(GPS squawks) – We got very thrown off by
the phone call of amazingness that Colleen is having her baby today. – I thought she was
getting it a few days ago. – [Jessica] No, she’s having it today. – Wow. I got a baby! – [Jessica] Oh my goodness, that looks like Auntie Panties right now. – And I’m a baby! A baby! Just a baby. – So I guess in a couple
days we’ll have to release this footage as Parker’s surgery, now with more labor and delivery. Because all of this part of it, we’re not gonna put it out yet. We want Colleen to be
able to share the news, so she’ll be doing that who
knows how long from now. This is just the secret
behind-the-scenes moment of what was really going on today and why we’re extra flustered. (upbeat guitar music) – Okay, it is 6:04 in the evening. You probably can’t see me very well. Colleen is currently pushing, which means the baby should
be here soon hopefully. I get to go see my sister’s baby tonight. I am so happy for Colleen and Erik, and I am so happy for this
little baby that’s coming. I might get to hold him! I just can’t express how happy I am and how excited I am and
how wonderful this is. I’m just really excited, that’s all. – [Jessica] Bailey, Parker, and Duncan, come here.
– Oh my goodness, did she get it?
(Jessica laughing) – [Jessica] I dunno! – What, what’s the report? – Yep, yep, yes!
(Bailey coos) – Oh my goodness!
– It’s adorable. – [Jessica] Isn’t he perfect? Duncan, you wanna see? That’s your new baby cousin. – What’s his name? – [Jessica] I dunno yet. – Yeah, it’s a baby.
– It’s a baby. – Hi, hi! – [Jessica] We have a baby! – I wish the hospital would let us in. – [Jessica] I know. – He looks like his nails are painted. – [Jessica] Yeah! – He’s so adorable! – Yay!
– Yay yay yay yay yay! – [Jessica] I don’t know
any of the details yet. He’s perfect, isn’t he? – It’s amazing.
– Did Daddy hold him? – [Jessica] I don’t know,
Daddy hasn’t said anything yet. I don’t think Daddy’s held him yet. – [Parker] When did it
come out, that’s the thing? – [Jessica] I think it came
out recently, I don’t know. At some point. – Who’s that, who’s that? – [Parker] I wish we were there. – [Jessica] Yeah, we do. Yeah, that’s the baby from
Auntie Panties’ tummy! That’s right! – Now she doesn’t have a big tummy! – He’s so cute. Wonderful. I think he looks a lot like you, Bailey. – Really?
– I mean, it’s just the one picture. I feel like he looks like when Bailey was born.
– Yeah, he does! I can’t wait to hold him! – I know! – Can they come over as soon as she comes
home from the hospital? – I think so. Parker’s doctor said he
could drive to there, so. – Tomorrow? – Not tomorrow, probably, well, maybe.
– Tonight, tonight! – We’ll see. I don’t know if she’ll
be home from the hospital tomorrow honey, it takes some days. So you can’t, she’ll be
at the hospital tomorrow. – Spend the night! Spend the night! Spend the night! Spend the night! Spend the night! – [Jessica] How are you doing? – Good. – [Jessica] This is a pretty big day. – I’m chewing some gum. – Yeah, how’s that gum feeling? – Good. – Parker has really liked
his Jello, his popsicles. – Has he eaten any Jello yet? – Oh, he immediately ate the
entire tub of the grape Jello. – Look at this guy. Hello! Hi. – [Woman] He’s like, too many people. – Well, it’s a little much. Get used to it, because
we’re always gonna be over. – [Woman] And he’s usually attached to four children and a wife. – Holding a baby is the best
feeling in the whole world. – [Woman] It is, there’s nothing like it. When they fall asleep
on you, that’s amazing. – You are so cool. You are so cool! (soft sentimental music) – You are such a mother angel! Are you gonna be in this, or no, am I cutting all of you?
– A little bit. – [Jessica] I’ll cut all of
you if you don’t want to. – No, no, no, it’s
fine, it just looks like I gave birth.
– An angel. An angel of birth, a birthing angel. – I feel like death.
– Look at this little guy. – He’s so perfect.
– He’s so cute. – He’s so sweet and wonderful. – Christopher got to see him last night, Jessica is seeing him tonight. – We gotta trade off with those children. Bailey’s desperate to meet him. – I know, they don’t let little
kids in during flu season. Ew, I can’t believe how gross
I look, I’m so embarrassed. Oh my gosh. – You’re beautiful, you look beautiful. – Never.
– Yes you are. – [Colleen] But he’s
beautiful, he’s very beautiful. – [Jessica] He’s perfect, look,
he’s smiling for the camera. Look at this angel. – Mouth wide open, that’s how I sleep. (Jessica giggles) All right, we gotta go, I gotta feed him.
– Get outta town. (soft sentimental music) – He’s so small.
– Here, I’ll sit down so you guys can see. – Aw!
– Literally like the smallest thing I’ve ever seen. – [Colleen] He loves his family! – [Jessica] Yeah, these are your cousins! – He’s like, I recognize
these people from my TV. He probably knows your voice
’cause you guys talked to him. I’m so happy that last
time you guys were here for the 10 million subscriber thing you were like, touch your belly,
it might be the last time, because I remember thinking, like, okay, that’s ridiculous,
we have another month, they’re gonna touch my belly a lot. But remember, your mommy
said, touch your belly, say goodbye, you might
not see the belly again, and she was right. And I thought your mommy was cuckoo-pants. Like, obviously they’re gonna rub my belly a hundred more times. (children giggle)
Look, he rolled his eyes at me, he’s like, nah. Obviously I was coming out sooner. – I wonder what it is! – [Jessica] Feel ready for this? – Wow!
(Erik gasps) Oh, it’s the grinch! – It’s got a story. – What’s the story? – So first of all.
– Oh my gosh. – When we were in Utah.
– It’s a stocking! – I made it! – No way!
– You made this? This is amazing! – He just smiled! – I think you’ll be able to feel it. – He’s smiling, he loves it! – And what did you put inside it, sweetie? – I put in some money. It’s not much, but it’s all I had. – Aw!
– To give to him for his college savings. – Aw, Bailey, that’s so sweet. Erik, can you give her a
hug since I can’t hug her right now since I have a baby in my lap?
– Thank you so much, that is so sweet.
– That is so sweet, thank you so much! – And here’s the other present for him. – [Colleen] I love this stocking so much. – Thank you.
– He doesn’t have a stocking, now he has one! – Thank you. – This is for him too? – I think he’ll love it. – What is this? – I made it for him, it’s a baby blanket. – Oh wow!
– It’s beautiful! I love it.
(Erik chuckles) – That is amazing, Bailey, thank you so much.
– Oh, that’s amazing. – And there’s a soft side. – Oh, that’s very soft. – You sewed this yourself? – You did, I’m so proud of you! – With a sewing machine or just by hand? – By hand. – Wow!
– Oh wow! That’s hard. (soft sentimental music) – [Chris] Why are you so excited? – ‘Cause it’s my first time holding him. (soft sentimental music) – [Colleen] I’ll come
sit next to you, okay? You look so ready! (baby coos)
He’s like, I’m so excited to meet you. There you go. – [Jacob] Is he so tiny, Parker? – Good job. You’re doing so good. Are you having so much fun? Isn’t he warm? Is he bigger or smaller
than you thought he’d be? – Um, bigger? – He’s bigger than you thought? – [Bailey] Smaller than I thought. – Up close.
– Up close he’s bigger? – Uh huh. His eyelashes are so long. – He’s being so good, he’s not
crying, he’s falling asleep. You let me know when you’re
done, okay, and I’ll take him. – Well, I’m done with the blanket. – You mean on your legs, or on the? – Yep, on my legs. – Don’t touch his face. Your hands are really cold
and you’ll wake him up. He’ll wake up and say, that
was cold cousin Parker! – Why does he love me so much? – He loves you because you’re his cousin. He probably recognizes your voice. You know all the times you
come over and you rub my tummy and you kiss my tummy? He probably remembers that. – Oh.
– So he’s like, oh, this is my nice cousin who
gave me kisses and hugs. So that’s why he loves you. – I love this baby cutie. – He loves you too. – [Jessica] How are you feeling Jacob? – [Colleen] Are you ready? You know how to do this, you’re a pro. – Hi little baby. – Can you teach him something? – Uh, I can teach you how to eat a taco. – That is a good thing to learn. (Jacob giggles)
I approve of that lesson. – If you eat it wrong. (Jacob giggles)
– That could be disastrous. If you flip a taco upside down and try to eat it upside down? Disaster. – If you eat from the bottom middle? – No, disaster, oh no. You gotta teach him how to eat a taco. – [Chris] Tell him what step one is. – Step one is, you eat the taco. – Oh.
– Step two is– – [Chris] Step one is grow teeth. – Yes.
– You haven’t done that stuff yet. – Step one is grow teeth. – Look at him, he’s like, I wanna hear about this taco business. It’s okay. You stopped talking about the tacos, so. (Jacob giggles) – [Jessica] Christopher just swaddled him. Master swaddler. Oh my! – All right, Bailey, are you ready? Oh! Good job, Bailey! (soft sentimental music) You’re his only girl cousin. You have two girl cousins,
he has one, and it’s you. – [Chris] Bailey, isn’t
he the most precious? – He’s fast asleep because of you. – He’s so cute.
– Isn’t he sweet? (soft sentimental music) – He’s so perfect. – Duncan fell asleep on the way over here, so he doesn’t get to hold him. Not this time, next time. – But he still needs to–
– See the compare and contrast. – Duncan looks huge to me now, doesn’t he? – [Jessica] Oh my gosh, he’s a teenager. – [Chris] I love how Duncan sleeps. – I know, he sleeps like a boss. Look at him. So tiny.
(baby giggles) – Hi, thanks for watching today’s video. We had so much fun meeting
that cute little baby. I can’t believe there’s a
new person in our family, it is so cool. I wanna give a shout out to Hailey Jane, thank you so much for watching our videos and if you would like a shout out, you should leave a comment
in the comment section, because that’s how we pick who
we give these shout-outs to.

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