Megan Gale: On The Effect Miscarriage Had On Her Current Pregnancy

so now you are buff the dust was not happy preggers again I know not feeling is good this time no no I am the that kind of dog Sharon tiredness lasted way longer and and I was just starting to feel really good and then then I hurt my ankle which has been a little bit of a spanner in the work but but I was just more more happy that when I found that the baby was okay because I think especially last year haven't gone through a miscarriage that was pretty obviously a bit upsetting so going into this pregnancy even when we were trying and it's just so daunting yeah because you're just with River I didn't even really think about anything going wrong yeah I didn't really know that you know anyone can miscarriages it's hugely common but my mind didn't go there that much whereas this time it's been on what is it is it growing enough you know if before every scan it was am I going to see is the heartbeat gonna be there am I gonna get that bad news again it was just like oh just my heart in my throat before every scan and then every time I every time I had a scan and got the all-clear okay now I've gotta wait another two weeks and it was just try not to worry and I really really thought cuz stress is the worst thing I can do for myself and for my body but I really tried to just put it all aside and and so it's sort of it's been a very different pregnancy in that regard as well and even now I'm still you know almost at that point where I'm saying I'm in the second trimester and everything should be happy days but I'm still just not a little bit yeah there's just an underlying underlying little worried there that I wish wasn't there but you know I think it's natural after going through something like that totally I miscarried in between backs an hour oh okay um and yeah it was the same you didn't think about it beforehand no and then I was really shocked when it happened because I've already had a baby you just can't I didn't think it would happen yeah one even though it can obviously yeah this is wow this is really happening yep and it's yeah it is really fun and I read that after the first of the 48 hours after you had miscarried yeah just people constantly asking it only somebody asked you so when are you having another baby oh that has happened constantly I think soon as I hadn't River it was like when you gonna have another one oh my god so it's constantly and it's been something I've been really vocal about yeah where I think it's such a private intamin part of your life of you know deciding that you're going to create another human with your partner and it really is no one's business and I'm always so shocked I would never ask someone when you'd have a baby are you pregnant yeah when's next one coming why haven't you had a baby or do not want kids or it's just so-so and I don't think people I think people just do it so often now and just think it's such a common thing to ask that people don't think it could be underlying issues going on whether the couple's going through IVF whether they have just miscarried whether they might be pregnant but they're not at that 12-week mark where they feel comfortable to announce and you do put a lot of pressure on someone when you ask that question because there may be a reason why they don't want to answer it I mean literally there is even if it's like I'm not I could or if I used to go when people would ask me I'm like I know if my relationships even okay yeah a really bad place right now and your life and all that stunners reminded them of it yeah and so I'm very I mean that was part of the reason why I came out and spoke about the miscarriage was because I thought my god there's there's other women going through this that I probably get asked when you have another baby and it's just the last thing you want to think about talk about and the thing is that a lot of women don't want to necessarily especially me like I've just gone through this procedure of and the news of learning that this little bub had had not made it and the last thing I wanted to do was talk about conception and pregnancy yeah and but the thing is I wasn't yet in a space where I could go actually I just had a miscarriage two days ago because you know what that that's gonna do to that person who's asked the question they're gonna go on awkward so you're then putting on this smile they go I don't know we're thinking about it and you it just it's just not great and I just don't think anyone should be put in that position with their forced and it be a blanket rule with a blanket rule really obviously pregnant let's not talk about it he went at the pup the park the other day I was pushing my little boy and there was a lady who had twins mm-hmm I said to it that's so incredible your body made those twins and her response as soon as she responded I was like ah though you didn't grow these things yes and as we got talking she then said you know their surrogate and I thought of all the things I've sort of said but I think innocently yeah their thing I don't think people are doing it intentionally to be to make someone upset I think it's totally innocent and there's good intentions yeah any good intentions but it's just maybe not thinking and yeah it's it's just it's such a funny little area but I do think everyone should be rewarded or forwarded I should say everyone should be afforded a bit of discretion and privacy in regards to that totally agree mm-hmm you

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