Meghan Markle And Prince Harry After Birth Of Baby Sussex

the dust had barely settled on these royal newlyweds when they announced they were expecting and of course royal baby fever struck Buckingham Palace once again and if there is any takeaway from Megan Markel and Prince Harry's wedding it's that this royal couple is anything but traditional which means you can bet that this regal mama is going to stray away from royal traditions when it comes to raising baby Sussex that being said we've got the deets to catch you up on what you need to know first let's take a look at the timeline of events that have led up to Meg's due date the world first caught wind that a royal baby was on the way in October of 2018 the official twitter of the royal family was the first to break the news considering the tweet also mentioned that Meg was expecting to give birth in spring 2019 it didn't take long for people to start predicting the exact due date of course the couple has kept mum when it comes to spilling the beans but experts predicted that Meg will welcome baby Sussex in April 2000 and 19 while everyone already knew the Dutchess of Sussex was expecting she herself didn't start publicly addressing her pregnancy until December of 2018 at that point it was pretty hard for Meg to hide her adorable baby bump she still wasn't letting on to her due date though it wasn't until an appearance in January that she told someone in the crowd that she was 6 months pregnant this prompted everyone to solidify their predictions of an April due date according to sources meg and Harry know the sex of their bundle of joy there is also a chance they have let their friends in on the secret as well anyone who was a huge fan of Meg knows that she's besties with Serena Williams but Serena may have let one slip when she was asked about Megan and how she thought she'd be as a mother the tennis star was giving an interview with E News when she was asked about Megan the baby she responded by saying that she thought she'd be the best mom then later in the interview she started talking about a pregnant friend but she didn't say it was Megan as Serena kept talking about her unnamed pregnant friend she referred to the unborn baby as a she as quickly as it came out Serena was just as quick to correct herself so was it a slip should we expect a little girl prancing around Frogmore cottage the jury is still out on that one regardless of the the baby there are still images of what they might look like the pics come from a website that specializes in morphing photos of seem to be parents together these in particular come from an online magazine today's parent this is a photo they came up with if the couple had a boy the website also decided to name the boy version of the baby gray according to today's parent gray is Megan's favorite baby name for a boy then there's the girl version this time the website magazine went with the name poppy we aren't going to lie both prediction photos are a little bizarre but baby poppy is pulling at our heartstrings baby prediction photos aside the public isn't aware of the gender of the baby that also means we have no idea what the name of baby Sussex will be we all know how non-traditional Megan Markel is so should we expect the same when it comes to naming the royal newborn if they do want to keep with royal tradition and they do in fact have a little girl there are a few speculations when it comes to the child's name according to sources megan harry may want to pay homage to princess diana and queen elizabeth which means they may incorporate Diana or Elizabeth into the baby's name there is also a rumor that they'll name their newborn lily after the Queen's lilibeth nickname from Prince Philip we have to admit baby lily definitely has a ring to it okay so we don't know the exact date nor the gender or the name of baby Sussex but there have been some leaks as to how they'll be welcomed according to the PR team at Buckingham Palace Megan Terry are choosing to keep the baby's arrival private that being said there will be an official announcement when Megan goes into labour after that they will only let friends and family know when the baby is actually born so they can celebrate in private that means we may not know for a few days when baby Sussex arrives this again is breaking royal tradition which we think is perfect for this new family while we may not know when she actually gives birth a little light has been shed on what the process might look like at first it was rumoured that Megan would give birth at home but that's apparently not the case anymore according to sources she will be going the same route as her sister-in-law Kate Middleton meg is planned to give birth in the Lindo wing of st. Mary's Hospital in London it's also rumoured that staff is banned from taking time off in the month of April so they are available for the royal family while this may be the norm for the family meg has gone against tradition in another way according to sources the Dutchess of Sussex will not be using the Royal Family's doctors for her delivery it's rumoured that she's formed her own female doctor leading team to help her welcome baby Sussex that being said the Royal Family's doctors will be on standby just the case it's also rumored that Meg wants to have a natural birth with no meds but what we're looking at is what's happening after baby Sussex arrives though everyone will know when Megan goes into labor there is one tradition that Harry must follow after the baby is born according to protocol Prince Harry must call the Queen and let her know the baby has arrived considering she's the head of the royal family she must be the first to know of any royal news this means the Queen will know before Harry's father Prince Charles and before Meg's family as well it's reported that the phone call will take place on an encrypted line that can't be tapped after baby Sussex is born there will be a few days before the public will be let in on the celebration one thing that the couple has reportedly chosen not to do is to have a bedside photo this again is breaking royal tradition and can you really blame Meg's for not wanting to pose for a photo after giving birth considering how perfect Royals are meant to look at all times there was an open letter to Megan Markel from another mother that asked her to keep it real fans of Meg know that she's all about keeping it real which is why she's shaking up Buckingham Palace by breaking traditions that don't fall in line with her brand that being said the open letter called for Megan to skip the post baby pushing photo as to not set the standard high for other expectant mothers no one is meant to look like a regal Queen after giving birth and by skipping the photo op it will help bring the conversation to what to expect after giving birth Megan is already such a great role model and feminist icon for today's woman and we think skipping the post baby photos shows this if she chooses to not take post-delivery photos when might the public get to see baby suffix considering they will keep the arrival hush-hush for a few days if everything goes smoothly we may get a glimpse at the couple leaving the hospital this is when we've seen Kate and Prince William show off their babies so it would go in line with the knoll it may also be swaddled in the same blanket that every Royal has used for the past 70 years if they choose to not go this route we may not see baby Sussex for a month or two it's up in the air really after the baby is born there is some real work to be done the couple if they haven't already will have to pick godparents and have the baby christened and what a pack of a-listers meg and Harry have to choose from to be godparents this is going to be tough on the list there is Serena Williams Meghan's bestie then there is George and Amal Clooney favorite wedding guests and Amal even attended Meg's New York City baby shower surprisingly Oprah Winfrey makes an appearance on the list it's rumored that she's become pretty close to Meg's mom Priyanka Chopra is another longtime friend of Meg's and it wouldn't be a stretch if she was named godparent and possibly her hubby Nick Jonas – then the rare Prince Harry's friends and family it's rumoured his buddies Tom inskipp Jake Warren and Charlie von Stroh Ben Z are in the running for the title considering Megan is an American citizen it means baby Sussex will have something that sets them apart from other Royals American citizenship while it will make travel to the u.s. seamless there is a little drawback for the royal family the baby as well as Megan may have to pay American taxes doesn't matter where the baby is born either what makes matters a little more tricky is that the baby won't be able to renounce their American citizenship if they so choose until they're 18 Megan can do this at any time to avoid those taxes but the baby cannot that means any account owned by their parents Megan and Prince Harry may end up owing federal income tax luckily we are pretty sure the royal family has the best accountants in the world so we don't see them sweating this issue while we don't know too much about baby Sussex just yet they are sure to have a bright future growing up as a British royal comes with a heap of privileges the couple plan to raise their first child at Frogmore cottage on the grounds of Windsor Castle it's said to have a top-of-the-line gender-neutral nursery Megan's mom is reportedly going to help with the baby in the early days so there will be no royal nannies at first according to sources Meg wants to take a very hands-on approach to child rearing it's reported that the former actress even wants to her own baby food there are also reports that baby Sussex will go to school in Britain but have a very American curriculum according to sources Megan wants her child to have a diverse education but also wants them to be aware of their American heritage speaking of their child's school days they are going to have some pretty cool playmates not only will baby Sussex be rubbing elbows with the future king or queen of England also known as their cousins they'll also be hanging out with celebrity children they'll get to be besties with the Clooney twins and Serena Williams daughter talk about squad goals as we learned baby Sussex is rearing will be anything but typical for a royal they may not even receive a title which is up to the Queen to give they won't be raised in London but they won't be too far away either Frogmore cottage is about 40 miles from London which is great to keep up with the private lifestyle Megan Harry hope to lead while the public can't wait to share this time with the royal couple and our soon-to-be baby it seems like they are keen on keeping their new life out of the public eye though that may be the case when baby Sussex arrives it's sure to be headline news all around the world are you getting excited about the arrival of baby Sussex do you think Megan Harry will have a boy or a girl share your thoughts in the comments section below while you're at it don't forget to give this video a big thumbs up and subscribe to the taco that's it for now thanks for watching and we'll see you next time

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  1. A blushing bride who has been married before, with a veil. How silly. Now, she is making attempts at capitalizing from her new title by extorting money from people who get to look at her pictures…..what is that silly stuff using copyrights ? she is paid by the Brits to walk around and wave. What is she going to do next ? sell make-up on QVC ? just sue everyone that looks at her ? she has become a liability for the royals. How long will the queen tolerate that ? Harry seems so miserable. Something is wrong with this picture. The baby ? what baby ? the pink one was a silicone doll, evidently and the tiny one grasping at a man's hand was a premie and not the baby she claims was a week late and only 7 lbs. What is she going to show for the baptism ? another kid, evidently and maybe the real one this time ? this is getting interesting. Get the popcorn.

  2. Name:Archie

    Date:6th of May


    And this is not my estimate (this was written after she gave birth)

  3. If MM keeps her dual citizenship, and makes over $300,000 she better get a good accountant because she can owe taxes to the USA. Umm also, the IRS can look at her husband's taxes, prince harry's, I mean the Queen's. MM IS on a slippery slope.

  4. I think there is to many changes the public should be able to see baby susix Meagan is making to many changes taking away from the Queen.

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