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  1. Melissa Ohden Planned Parenthood would have MADE SURE that you were killed. In fact, it is because of people who've survived their mother's abortion that PP injects Digoxin to make sure the baby's heart STOPS prior to the rest of the procedure. God Bless you, dear one. Keep on fighting for the little ones who can not fight for themselves..

  2. Why do the lefties always tell me that I need to worry about our children's children's children in the case of global warming; and then when it comes to a child growing in a womb, about to be born they dismiss it and say "That's just a collection of cells, no need to worry about that!" or even "It's a parasite!"

  3. Melissa, the Lord has been looking out for you.  You have been blessed.  I wish your biological parents knew of what they did to you.  Jesus loves you.  Thank you for your story.

  4. Here is a question… If she was matured enough to survive it… Doesn't that mean she was clearly very much alive before it was administered?

  5. This is awsome, thank you for sharing your story. I hope you make contact with your birth mother some day. But your real mom is the one that raised you. I am sure you know that, but I just wanted to say that. God Bless You!
    P.S I am using my sons youtube, he keeps hopping one my computer and logging me out of mine. …smile.. Kids are great!

  6. Calm down. They simply meant "Thank The Lord" that the abortion had failed and that she lived to tell the tale. No one, let alone her future surrogate parents, could have known the outcome of the abortion.

    Obviously, her surrogate parents are the heroes for caring for her all those years. Maybe you should rethink what people are trying to convey before mouthing off on their God?

  7. I would punched the shit out of your mouth if I was the people who adopted Melissa. They spent so much effort and love to raise this child and you THANK the LORD? FUCK YOU!

  8. Great story. We need to hear more stories in the mainstream media about Abortion survivors. I really don't think that's going happen.
    Melissa Ohden. Bless her heart.

  9. Actually, partial-birth abortion is a lie. It simply does not exist. Unless, of course, you go to Mexico. Some rogue doctors will do that there, but it is quite the abnormality. And no one has ever survived an abortion. Because it's not murder.

  10. P.S.
    I agree that the "fetus is living if it's alive" – I believe to have accurately portrayed your core statement (without caricaturing it) by paraphrasing it like that.
    I mean, it is as logically true as it is trivial.
    But the crucial question is NOT "Is it alive?", but "Is it a human being?" – and implied under a "human being" is *a person* (human DNA and some basic physiology isn't enough to qualify an entity as an actual "human being" with feelings and an "internal life").

  11. If you categorize my explanation as a "philosophical opinion",
    any answer you might give to "how do we define *living*?"
    would also be just a "philosophical opinion".
    (Are viruses or prions living organisms?)
    Both of our statement automatically become "philosophical & scientifically accurate opinions" under such rules…
    But my comment wasn't about living human tissues (harts or livers), but living *persons*. As you don't seam to be a troll, feel free to get "scientifically accurate" on *that*.

  12. Thank you for your question. Short answer:
    Intermittent electroencephalograpic bursts in both cerebral hemispheres are first seen at 20 weeks gestation; they become sustained at 22 weeks; bilaterally synchronous at 26 to 27 weeks.
    A longer answer (in context, thorough, referenced to books & scientific articles), you can find by googling the page "Fetal Brain Development: Myths and Disinformationon" on a blog "Hoyden-About-Town".

  13. sperm clusters arent human..besides if a woman decides to remove that scum from her body thats her fuckin business…not yours.

  14. Im a guy so can't have a Abortion, never got anyone pregnant-we use b/c or condoms. Im considering a Vasectomy due to Human Population control (look up "Earth Clock" scary stats) We've also considered Adopting since TONS of kids-teens are in Foster Care. We went to "open house" for it but only 5 people showed up-Gay couple, old single + us. Where r religious prolifers-I support if u Adopt!

    Also PRO-LIFERS support FACTORY FARM long term suffering/abuses of ~100 mammals/yr MEATVideo dotcom WATCH?

  15. Brain-dead people also have their own DNA, but are not persons. Not to be confused with the comatose state (research it). It's not enough for an entity to posses it's own human DNA to be proclaimed a person.
    It would be difficult to establish the exact point of transition where a fetus becomes a person, but I'm not doing that. Instead, we can establish a point in time (with a safety margin) where there's no doubt that the fetus isn't physiologically mature enough to be considered as such.

  16. I just have to tell you that if you are trying to establish a point at which an unborn baby becomes a person it is at conception. This "living tissue" that you mention has it's own dna. It is a life, a very tiny human being. Therefore it should be illegal to abort it ever period since it is illegal to kill another human being.

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