Member Voice: 'I Needed an Emergency C-section'

when I found out that I was going to be a mother with my first child it was such an amazing moment in my life just the the realization that I was going to be responsible for some little person was just an an awesome time my name is Nadia Butler Wilson and I'm 31 years old I was glad that i did not have to worry about where i was going to have this child who was going to be my caretaker knowing that Blue Cross Blue Shield has the largest network of providers just gave me peace of mind and that was not something that I needed to focus on at the moment my pregnancy was complication free mostly until that that very last stretch where I started having violent tremors and my daughter's heart rate actually went down very very low and the doctors became very concerned and decided that I needed to have an emergency cesarean and as scary as that was I did not have to worry about whether or not my claims would be covered or if that cesarean would be be covered by my insurance company after having my child i received the wonderful phone calls from the customer care representatives through the special beginnings program that called to make sure that I was okay that my child was okay and that was just comforting to know that this is not just some big corporation they're actually people who care about the people that have their coverage and that also gave me peace of mind you

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