Men ARE Allowed Opinions On Abortion

what's going on guys it's Chris and today I'll be going over something that I figured was common sense but apparently not there are currently ongoing calls of misogyny against men who dare to have an opinion on abortion now I would rebuttal that saying it's misogynistic for men to have an opinions on the lifes of babies is misogynistic in itself I mean the next time that I'm told I'm not allowed to have an opinion on a baby living simply because of my gender I think I'll just identify as another ginger I mean if I identify as a woman during the argument then my argument becomes valid correct I'm no longer men and by the same logic of the radical leftists who believe that there are no gender discrepancies then they shouldn't have any problem with that argument should they seriously the individuals who make the claim that or the statement that we have no choice in the conservation of a human life of either not fully articulated their thoughts on the subject or showing willful blindness that's unparalleled to any stupidity in human history really they can only be showing these thoughts to further their political agenda or their worldview men have no say and a baby that we helped conceived then maybe we should rethink men having a part of paying child support now obviously that's a ridiculous idea but so is the idea that men have no opinion or no right to opinion on a human beings life and a wound simply because they do not have a uterus like I said before I'll just identify as a woman now there are two points that every human individual experiences life and death so the argument becomes where life begins and anybody who suggests at birth or consciousness are painfully wrong if you simply show them a chart showing fetus development which 95% of these people who show that who hold this belief have not seen before they have because they have not educated themselves on the topic they will immediately backtrack and change their opinion Loesser do four or five weeks you know closer to when the heartbeat begins because looking at a fetus development chart which I'll show right here after seeing that how could you tell me that a baby's life begins at birth I mean now I mean seriously if if every pro abortionist held the position that they believe the life begins that a heartbeat then we're still talking about something completely different guys I would not be making this video if that was this if that was the case but it's not we live in a world where people are advocating for abortion late term abortion and even in some cases infanticide and if you want to say that's a scare tactic then you are wrong because I mean the governor of Virginia even proposed this they would keep the babies alive comfortable until the mother has made a decision there has also been other Democratic support for this again you do not believe me just look it up please and a time of non-existent traditional liberal views and mainstream Democratic politics and also the media individuals are more exposed to this late term radical leftists abortion views now obviously this does not apply to the traditional liberals out there because I know they are out there I know very good friends are traditional liberal I would be seen as a traditional liberal in some senses however they are underrepresented in our society as far as mainstream politics go what seems like a once moderate Joe Biden has now given in to the radical ideologues and has adopted these radical ideologies such as socialism late term abortion I think this is partly due to his desire to appeal more to the Millennial demographic that he can win over from Bernie Sanders now the conundrum in this is that it will win him a general election against Donald Trump but it will never win him a primary honestly speaking from a trump supporter which I believe we should all support our president so I don't think that's a controversial claim at all if there was a moderate leftist voice maybe such as Andrew yang that ran against Donald Trump head-to-head head then we would have more of a competition but with these leftist battling it out in this loony town ideas that Americans will never support there's no way that one of these radicalist s– can win against Donald Trump there's just too many American people that are in support of the president and his support has only gone up since 2016 because of all the good that he has done the only way that he would lose in any circumstance against one of these radicals is if the economy completely tanks or if we get into a very very bad situation with Iran so a tip to any leftist that may be watching the only way that anyone could be Donald Trump is to bring back a moderate view point in dispose of the lunacy by the leftist ideologue maybe some advice that you guys should look into I'm Chris follow me on Twitter at conserving Chris Instagram by conserving Chris and take it easy

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  1. Another great video. Democrats would be able to get more things done in Congress if they were more moderate and centrist, but that means ditching the radical ideologs of their party. I remember debating with my sister who is a Democrat on the issue of abortion. Her stance was the pro-lifers would not make exceptions when it came to rape, incest, or if the mother's life was in danger so abortion should not be restricted at all. Of course, most people who are pro-life would make exceptions to those situations. I did manage to get thru to her on late abortions being completely immoral. At first she believed the typical notion that it's only for cases of severe birth defects or serious medical conditions to which the infant would not survive. Once I explained to her what the Virginia and New York bills actually would allow she couldn't believe that her party would pass a bill allowing for the termination of healthy babies @ birth. She asked is their evidence and videos of this and I told her yes their is and plenty of it. So she's now researching the truth behind late term abortions. She never knew the truth bc the mainstream media won't tell the truth.

  2. This is timely isn’t it? In light of the baby girl they just found alive in a garbage bag. Wake up people.

  3. I've heard stupid excuses like:

    "My body, my choice!"

    Unborn baby is not "your body" and you don't get to decide to kill the live of unborn!

  4. Feminism is a cancer. Western feminist indoctrinated women don't know how to cook a basic meal or clean a house yet will constantly complain about equal rights while sitting in a nice house built by men. They are kept cool or warm by technology invented and built by men. They live in cities with hospitals, malls, restaurants, roads and bridges all planned, built and maintained by men. They are entertained by global systems beamed right to their TV's, laptops etc. That technology and the devices were invented, built and maintained by men. They run on electricity discovered by men and transmitted on power lines on an electrical grid invented, built and maintained by men. It goes through power stations invented, built and maintained by men. The internet they use was invented by men and runs on a national grid of cables laid by men. When they want to go to the mall they hop in their cars that were invented by men and fill up the tank with gasoline that was refined and transported by men.

    These ungrateful women eat food grown on farms run by men and delivered on global networks and transport systems planned, built and maintained by men. They drink clean water delivered to them from reservoirs and treatment centers on pipe systems planned, built and maintained by men. They are healed in hospitals built by men. The x-ray, pet scan and surgical instruments were invented and built by men. Women enjoy all these things invented, planned, built and maintained by men and then get special laws passed to allow them to get any job they want even if it means putting lives at risk by lowering standards so they can get into the police, firefighting and military. Yet all this is not enough. They want equal pay? Ok, no more taking the days off for sick kids. No more taking three months maternity leave during the busiest season of the year. Oh, there's a rabid bat hanging from the ceiling? Find the ladder and get it yourself. It's pathetic and emasculated men agree with the spoiled thots.

    If there were a natural or man made disaster and we were all thrown back to basic survival as in caveman days, women would get straightened out very quickly. They'd be out in the cold rain, starving to death until a man comes along and offers them food, shelter and warmth. Women are naturally consumers not providers. They are meant to nurture and be moms. They never built, ran or defended the cave, village or city. Yet today thanks to no fault divorce they take the house and half or more of the possessions and throw the provider out on the street to start over. Feminism has ruined the chance for most guys (and women) to
    have a healthy, fruitful, loving productive relationship. They ask where have all the good men gone. Ha! Spoiled, low quality, privileged western women are disgusting. The remaining real, old fashioned women need to speak out against third wave feminism which is all about man hating and power.

  5. I agree that late term abortions should only happen if there are health complications towards the fetus and mother. If possible, abortions shouldn't take place at all, but sadly we don't live in a perfect world. Unwanted pregnancies still happen because of the lack of sex education, how irresponsible some couples can be and if BC fails. I still think an aborted pregnancy is better than forcing someone to go through with a pregnancy they don't want tho :/

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