Men Need Abortion More Than Women?

the good packer institute which is of
course the pro-choice organization has put out eighties study about the
importance it’s of men also joining the fight for
reproductive rights oftentimes when you hear men talk about
abortion is usually conservative men they’re trying to destroy reproductive
rights but it’s important to have a liberal
many people are in favor of the pro-choice you know movement to come forward and also being warriors
for it also the release of information i thought was really really interesting i was listening to look at the graphic around two thirds of unintended births
arm is tiny okay so that means that you know they want to have
children but it just seemed to really here about one-third of births one-third
are unwanted son over one in ten single fathers had no
idea about the pregnancies until after the kid was born which is unacceptable
what the hell man the and then it looks most unbelievable
as that he’s been on the hog financially for the rest of his life as which i
don’t agree with or head something needs to be done day if you were we decided
you want daniel going to tell the father until after the
baby is born i don’t know if there should be uh…
you know some restrictions on how much money you can
have is that one uh… alright admitting on their more
interesting fax over not meryl childbearing was more prevalent in
hispanic and black fathers and my father’s plan for three more prevalent
in cohabit eating hispanic fathers than by white or black uh… intended births were more
prevalent in single black fathers that’d single white fathers obsolescence really
interesting uh… you know findings in disco blocker study i think the most important thing here is
to take away the lesson that abortion and reproductive rights do not
only benefit when they had until somebody could not meet you wanna make
sure that you are part of the family planning process you know you don’t want
to get a woman pregnant you gotta make sure that she has the access to the
contraceptives and access issue abortion in a in a safe
clean environ yet let me read n solomon’s out as well because i think i
think it was really powerful when he said for every unmarried women who
testified about the pregnancy she was not in a
position to see through there was also a single man who was not
ready to become a father for every american woman who spoke about
the life threatening circumstances are not much unwanted pregnancy that she had
to terminate there was a man who was within a few
hastily written lots of losing his wife i mean i i think that was really
powerful on you know part of his article and i think he makes a great point don’t let the conservative men take charge and take control of that
conversation liberal men progressive menu that have
the power to take control as well in you should fight for your rights because
your often times on the hook four laws that conservatives get yeah i do wonder how much women want
mend to be a part of the conversation the answers to certain that they want
the support but if we if men come in and presumably
or at least on some aspects of this issue don’t exactly
agree with the female position i wonder if then the theme for the women will not
be as amenable to them joining the possible i would make the argument that since this is an issue that impacts men
as well i think women should be totally accepting other i get that sort
of saying i i kinda feel a good what if i can get is a man i say i agree with
you on a d_n_c_ but on d acting pitman should be if they do such-and-such they
should be released from legal responsibility or something then eight it seems like the national
responses watermen making decisions about my body like even been usually to
serve him and i feel like eventually could be liberal men as well but if it if there are if they’re answered a group of men there
are fighting for reproductive rights they are essentially fighting for in one
man’s right to choose issue and saying so i don’t see why women would be
against that but i think it’s a conservative woman being an sensing i
don’t want liberal meant to tell me that i have a choice napa daisy carolyn freaking out about
that understandably not every issue of reproductive rights is and uh… yet
expansion in some ways so maybe for instance like we’ve talked about how apparently one out of ten women that i
don’t tell the father that they had hidden in the guys on the hook what about if the girl as the it gets
pregnant she’s considering abortion and the guide makes clear what kind i’m not ready to be father i do what you
get abortion and she carries or with a should he be legally on the hook
financially on the for that than the in the mail position for some
males might be looked like made it clear if we’re in a society where we have a
choice more i_t_n_ half of this of ranger twice tonight it released as
well invading some women might oppose men freeing themselves financially from the responsibility of having a
child yeah and in that case perhaps women will say that well maybe i don’t
want and making decisions when it comes to reproductive choice

100 Replies to “Men Need Abortion More Than Women?”

  1. Men just expect to be released from the financial burden when they didn't explicitly choose fatherhood. That's what he's saying.

  2. we need to make Artificial uterus that way if a mother to be doesn't want the child but the father does the fetus or embryo.

  3. i have a BS and two post graduate degrees from fully accredited universities

    maybe they need to have classes on humor at Bill's Community College and Transmission Repair

  4. That doesn't even make sense. the guy does not have a uterus. he does not have eggs. he cannot get pregnant

    funny how women say "it's my body! no one else controls it!" and yet blame someone else when they get knocked up, innit?

  5. There is no fucking band aid solution. Are you a parent? You ever actually tried to stop kids from having sex?

    It does not work. Teens? They like to fuck. They like to fuck for the same reasons adults like to fuck. They know adults like to fuck. Now, let's add to their rebel nature and tell them they're not allowed to fuck. Yeah, smart move there. The only thing you can do is make sure they do it safely.

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    The 'ampersand', that I try to emulate is the one found in the Trebuchet MS font, which it seems you are not familiar with. Here, let me show you how it looks like more or less; Et, Even '&' is a ligature of an 'E' Et a 't'.

    You'll view it as pretentious independantly of those being my real intentions or not; not my problem.

  7. Abortion is wrong thats a human beings life you have 3 options 1. Adoption 2. Dont have sex if your not ready 3. Be ready and plan the birth and raise the child

  8. Oh yes it is also a feluny to encourage suicide and if i fell like it press charges have you arrested and put in jail

  9. Oh! I meant 'ransom', how careless of me. Now, FUCK YOU CUNTRAG SEMENSTAIN PIECE OF SHIT, EAT PENGUIN SHIT YOU ASS SPELUNKING COCKMASTER FUCKFACED PIECE OF SHIT! And plus I did not encourage I merely said to consider it, to contemplate it, to look at the benefits of everyone on this earth if you did. "No, dont, come back" there we go, see!

  10. 1) The women can still get child support from him even if he's not choosing to be present as a father-figure.

    2) This type of situation is often women's fault because of the way they choose men. More attractive men, due to their biology, are also the least likely to want to stick around and be fathers. Men who get sex easily are inclined to sleep around as much as possible, spreading seed far and wide, and don't want to "settle down" since it limits them sexually.

  11. You're never going to be able to tell media companies to stop promoting promiscuous sex in the media because we have the 1st Amendment in America, a free press, and freedom of speech.

  12. She fucked someone else, which resulted in her taking the cum and becoming pregnant. So yes, she did get herself pregnant.

  13. The fact that women are able to get abortions means they don't have the same level of responsibility for their actions (sexual decisions) that men do. It also means they have more sexual freedom than men do.

    That's not fair.

  14. Where the hell did you get the idea that I like whores?

    And yes, sex is promoted. Tough shit, we promote stuff that we all like to do, but do you honestly think that underage sex is NEW? Are you trying to tell me that it just sprung up as soon as we got ADVERTISING?


  15. …And she agreed to have it deposited there by having sex. Therefore she did get herself pregnant.

  16. Have there been discussions on how to make the choice fair? How would it work if they disagreed?

  17. I'm asking whether you feel the same about the female parent. Because the law in many countries only forces the man to take responsibility whether he wants the baby or not. The woman can opt out by having an abortion in the months after conception, whereas the man has no equivalent legal "get out of jail free" card. So if women can have abortions, men should equally have the option of irrevokably signing away parental rights & responsibilties within that same time frame.

  18. Do you think Western men are really more irresponsible than the women? Where I live, there are girls who get pregnant on purpose for the free house from the government. That's irresponsible. Some have dozens of abortions before they're 23, using it like the morning after pill. That's irresponsible. There is a general maturity that women reach earlier because the female brain is proven to develop, to "mature" much more quickly, but as for responsibility, there are plenty of irresponsible women.

  19. If you do that what is the consequence for men for their involvement in unplanned pregnancy? A man has an option to opt out of fatherhood he never has to come into contact with that kid in his life. Paying for a child does not make you it's parent.

  20. "Child support is there to support the child" BS. Some women live on child support. I would have NO issue at all if women could only spend the money on the child and had to keep a list of what they have spent it on. It is not always all about the child.

  21. So based on what you yourself say are "vague and overly broad generalizes" [sic], you support discriminating against a whole class of people (men)? Nevermind individual cases in which, as in your case, the man is clearly the more responsible one and the woman is the one acting like an irresponsible girl and refusing to "woman up"? It's still acceptable to say to ALL men "you shouldn't have had sex then", and to all women "that's OK, you're a woman so you get to opt out"?

  22. Nothing against men, but what's to stop them from saying "get rid of it" just to release themselves from the financial responsibility of caring for their own children?

    Make that choice before you reach for your fly. If you are not comfortable with the woman you are about to sleep with conceiving and choosing to keep the baby at your mutual expense, sleep with someone else, use a condom, or get a procedure. Men shouldn't just wriggle out of the consequences of their actions.

  23. Yup, that's all I want. It's not at all that what you're saying makes absolutely no fucking sense in reality. It's not like you make shit assumptions, like my like/dislike for prostitutes.

    Here's a tidbit of info, Christine Brinkley. Can I call you Christine? Swell.

    Media? Media isn't to blame for this shit. It never has been, never will be. See, the funny thing about Media is that it's a reflection. All it does is give people what they ask for. Stopping the media does nothing at all.

  24. A less harsh opinion for a whole class of people based on "vague and overly broad" generalisations? Is that any better? Why not determine how "harsh" your opinion is on an individual basis, instead of sexist stereotypes?

  25. Hahaha, I totally agree with you Christine. This guy sounds like he forgot to rock a rubber when he was fooling around with some brainless idiot, and got said idiot pregnant. Now he's feeling like a super power online, cussing like a sailor, feeling all untouchable-like. Now he's taking you away further from the point at hand because you countered his stupid remarks. Good on you, Christine! This guy is a joke who thinks he sounds so smart and intelligent on here. The irony is he sounds stupid ha

  26. Kyle B, video games lead to single mothers, hahaha! Just so you know, this is sarcasm countering your deplorable (in your terms – fucking stupid) approach to arguing. Have fun sitting on here all day preaching your juvenile, self-righteous points of view, sailor! 😀

  27. Hey John, this is such an unfortunate occurrence in today's society. Gov. Jesse Ventura when he was in office as the Governor of Mass. passed a law stating that any woman who does not have employment, or is not in school and gets pregnant, must give up the rights to the baby to her parents. This was in order to prevent women from not contributing to society by collecting government cheques for their children. The birth rate dropped and girls stopped getting pregnant. What do you think about that

  28. If people didn't use their sex to have an upper hand over the other sex, then there would be no room for sexist comments or opinions.

  29. This person is discriminating against his OWN sex. Which I find is interestingly common among both men and women.

  30. Men want abortion so they can have sex without consquences. They don't want to pay for their own children.

  31. Alright, then. If you think men are just as responsible, then give me equality. Women can't abort, women can't adopt out, and women don't get safe haven laws.

    There's two ways to do this, you moron. Give men the ability to walk away, or take rights away from women. Because right now? There is no equality for men on this issue.

    And my life is just fucking fine. I haven't had kids at all, and I'm one of those nasty men who actually wants kids. Hope the mother doesn't kill my kid before birth.

  32. 1. How are you supposed to continue college as a single mother? That's super expensive and incredible difficult.
    2. Exactly.
    3. Not necessarily true; if it's because of family circumstances (parents would disown you for getting pregnant) or if it threatens your own health, that doesn't mean you're not strong.

    All I'm saying is, don't be so quick to judge.. I'm against abortion. I really don't like it at all, even when necessary (mother's health). But everything isn't so black and white.

  33. Abortion rights for men too: When a man gets a woman pregnant, then he should have the choice to say no and walk away without being on the hook for anything. Then there would be equality between men and women in this area. If so many more men would see a much bigger interest in fighting for equality.

  34. A man should never be able force an abortion, but he deserve a fair say in stopping one. Men also deserve financial abortion if he decides to opt out in enough time for the woman to opt out as well if she wanted.

  35. That's awfully insulting to the athletes of the paralympics. The only thing you've done throughout this is claim that men should have more responsibility than women, make odd remarks about my person, then insult the disabled.

    Way to go.

  36. No, he's endorsed the uninformed views of his callers long after receiving the information. He simply doesn't fact check.

  37. Finding other comments I've made about other topics in which I was being sincere and voicing my opinion means what, exactly? You're creepy and sexist? Is that something you're proud of?

  38. honestly if you are mature enough to have sex then you are mature enough to have a baby! lets be more responsible here people!!

  39. Same can be said of women. Both genders have to capability of preventing this as in protection. It's not just up to one sex.

  40. I am speaking of WESTERN FEMINISM not Global Feminism. Rains stats can not be taken seriously since feminists twists those stats. Pay Gap has plenty of (more credible)data that refutes it as well. The battle for reproductive rights is a MORAL one not a Sexist one.

  41. Let me list your mistakes:
    1. Feminist does not equal WOMAN. Male Feminists are the ones that are giving women equal rights. Most politicians are MEN.
    2. I have already done my research because I recognize Feminism speaks a lot of lies. I know this because I WAS A FEMINIST.
    3. WESTERN FEMINIST'S biggest critical are feminists of the 3rd world(where feminism is actually still NEEDED). Because western feminism mostly ignore or are racist against women of the 3rd world.


  42. We need more CAPS because proper ENGWISH would just CONFUSE THE MASSES.
    Also, lelz @ "racist against women of the 3rd world". Does your foot taste good?

  43. I don't think men should have to pay child support at all for a child that the bitch decided to hide until the child was born. She was either being evil in not telling him (I GOT HIS ASS! Now he has to stay or pay me!) or she didn't want the abortion, in which case if he DOES, then she should be solely responsible for the child if she is the only one who wants it while termination is still an option.

  44. Rights? Rights are for women. The only answer is to fuck no women, because if you fuckup with a single woman you can bet your ass she's going to continue fucking you for the rest of your natural life. 

  45. Just have outercourse with women! No intercourse means no risk of becoming a father! A bj is JUST AS GOOD as intercourse and will not get a woman pregnant!

  46. I wish TYT would address the scumbag MRA crowd who try to push this idea of "financial abortion" (ie, child abandonment)

  47. But still any loving father or man plan having a kid latter but would except one id there was one already. Just the fact in asking to also loving father yet they should get scared she,s gonna hold my child live hostage in her womb.. Let their life be subject to her wim and tell me its always an extreme sercomstances often she just changes her mind maybe meet some else a wants to start fresh hath away through pregnancy..Even if your just a against fetuscide the least you could do is nothing but asking to fight for some thing you know is horrible ger babies killed that's asking to much especially since they don't want you judging or saying on behaffof the fetus.

  48. honesly guys if you dont want to be a dad guess what you DON'T HAVE SEX, as a young male myself i know im not ready financially so i just dont do it, as much as the former gf wanted. told her if you want a kid so badly go find some someone else

  49. ive got 2 points to weigh in on here

    i shattered my pelvis virtually giving me a vasectomy my ex left me cut off all contact then a year later shes like oh yeah you have a son but due to abandonment laws you have no say in anything that ive lost all parental rights

    and a second point
    after i was born my father made my mother have all her reproductive organs removed not just the tubes tied but everything removed so she could never have any children again but he was dead set against getting a vasectomy witch was later court ordered because he made it so my mother could never have kids why should he be able to after the divorce

  50. Oke, so the guy says : ''I don't want to be legally and financially responsible'', Why ? So he can go around screw more girls and make them pregnant and force them into abortion with the same verKAKTE bull story ?

    What world am I living in that this is even remotely in the realm of acceptable possibilities ????? WHAT EVIL ?!

    I wish TYT would address the scumbag MRA crowd who try to push this idea of "financial abortion" (ie, child abandonment)

  51. He made the choice when he took his pants off unless he was raped by her. Don't want kids then keep your darn pants on. It's not complicated.

  52. i would support men having financial abortions as long as it was as permanent as actual abortion. the man could never, under any circumstances, seek out the child. a number would be assigned to the father on the birth certificate and if the child, after having reached the age of 25, wanted to seek the father, they could.
    on the other hand, if the woman aborts no one has to pay child support, but if there is a child a responsible man will pay child support.

  53. I'm not in the men should pay-camp and even less in the men should opt out of financial responsibility even after the child is born (or it's too late to terminate), I'm more in favor of both parents raising a child, may it be separately or together. And if he doesn't feel mature enough to be a father, then his wife or girlfriend should be able to get an abortion. Period. And maybe this system or my frame of mind about this issue would also lead to men being more in favor of reproductive rights than now. And also: why is it always the women who have to take care of their children, not the men? That's so wrong and should be changed.

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