Menstrual cycle (disability edition)

I'm will be weird for a second because but hi so I just want to talk about something that might bother men but I'm going talk about period okay so um I don't know if you're going to freak out because your guy but I'm just going to start it out real fast gazelle mom we did to be very long I'm a disabled person I've been disabled for ten years now and I still get my period I still get my period like everybody else at your brother girl and and I still use tampons I use tampons pads penny liners and how I do it is you know singly every not every other girl does it in a toilet that's why I do it and I don't want anyone to play just think oh just because you're to save a person you don't go through this crap I still go through it I can tell you that my period has never been normal until like I think that here and it for many many years like if I couldn't tell you I didn't have my period and I haven't heard the first period in like fourth grade and it was irregular because when you are kidding you have your period it's like you're a jeweler because your body still like trying to get used to it but anyways in total my entire adult female life I think I've only ever had my period for three years and because I am sick I have anemia and I went to chemo and I take a lot of medicine that had kidney disease I don't have a lot of blood I don't have a lot of blood to give and and I'm not saying that I think pure it's all blood but like um it's obvious that eggs you know like and when I before I had chemo a doctor came in and he said were you everything about having kids and I said I guess not because they have to do chemo and chemo they actually killed they could and they do kill you know everything that is in your body in your body so um so for a long time after I was diagnosed and I was really sick what years I didn't get my period and as when I got better and like maybe 18 19 years old I had my period maybe like six times I remember talking to a co-worker as she was talking about blood love birth control and I learned it out oh I don't get my period it's just like why and then I told her entire – whole story but I said you know I have anemia and the light even then when I was better I starting in my period and so then after my my coma I didn't get my period for maybe a good four years and when I came back I never like wrote it down or kept count and so I never knew that it's supposed to go in a cycle of certain days and like maybe a year and half ago I actually wrote it down on my phone and then like I'm like the last you know to probably know about this but when my period came on like the six the next month would be the seventh and a month after would be to eat it and in nine ten and over and over and then when I wrote it down as I oh my god and then I'd that's when I realized that it comes in like you know every 48 days I think it was and so yeah I don't I still don't follow this because last year when I was sick my period stopped again and I just got made period back maybe two months ago so my period is never normal never known and so I just want to say to all the people out there wondering I still get my period emails who are disabled still get their period and we're very normal and I guess I can talk about sex and all that next time if you wanted me to talk about sex and disability you know write it down tell me let me know or if it's picky then just say no if you want you talk about it to say yes okay comment yes if you don't want me to talk about it just comment no and if you don't want to hear it at all just don't write anything leave the comments all blank

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  1. Yes i would love to hear about having sex because my fiancee has a spinal cord injury too she is a C6 T2 incomplete paraplegic so i would love to hear some tips about it

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