Menstrual Cycle = Lunar Cycle Knowledge

good evening lovely spirit sister-wives servants here mister solace peace and wisdom now today I want to do this very deep video called minstrel cycle lunar cycle connection now I'm going to try to do this video in under 10 minutes it's a very deep thing now I know throughout life you've always seen all the bull moose and Balaji and how a bowling mean is the symbol for fertility but I'm sure most people are like how I don't I don't get that but whatever also you have little love little nursery rhyme pace little hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle the cow jumped over the moon so you have all these different slogans and symbols speaking of bulls means infertility so I want to do this video explaining this as quickly as I can now in order for you to understand this bulls means fertility I need you to understand though me now you have the lunar cycle you have to me this is the boy you can say this is the start then you have the waxing crescent moon this is this are as you can see what the bowl porns is a bull's horn is what we would call a person's name but the crescent moon is another stage in the lunar cycle the waxing crescent this is when you go from nothing meaning no physical vision of the moon so when you see that little crescent then it goes to happen then it goes to waxing gibbous this is where most of the moon is covered so basically the reverse of this where most of the moon is showing except for it that much so that's waxing gibbous and then you have full moon and then it goes backwards waning gibbous meaning the light is waning away then you get half moon again then you get waning crescent and then you get new moon which is nothing so it's a simple thing now this correlates with Bulls because as you can see the bull horns is a crescent moon now when you're dealing with the moon cycle you're dealing with menstrual cycle also so this is why the bull is used as a symbol for fertility because the moon the lunar cycle in the minstrel cycle is one in your setting it's an as above so below thing and all those cycles of the moon I just named this is like a woman's period cycle or minstrel cycles see the new moon is the beginning of the cycle d'void no eggs then you get the waxing crescent so you can see 25% of the eggs all the eggs are 25% red then you get the Halfmoon the eggs are halfway ready then you get the waxing gibbous the eggs are 75% green then you get the full moon now the full moon is like ovulation time this is when the eggs are 100% ready then you get the waning gibbous this is where the light is going away this is when the eggs are both are being pushed out so you can say the waning I mean the waxing I'm sorry the waning gibbous this is after the full moon this is when everything is going back to new moon we need a boy when you get to that part after the new moon so when you get to the waxing gibbous I mean the waning gibbous this is where the period start then you get to the half moon then you get to the waning that's it this is the ending of the period then you get the moon new cycle the new beginning when the woman is clear for a in the moon cycle in the literal cycle correlate it's the same a woman has her own lunar cycles so to say in the same way see the lunar cycle is a 28-day cycle you have 29.5 day this is the new moon and new moon cycle then you have the sidereal cycle this is a 27 day cycle so they just put it in the middle the moon cycle of the lunar cycle is a 28-day day and it's the same with a woman's menstrual cycle it's a 28-day thing but some women cycle may come a day early a day late a week late so it's not a dead 1:28 date number but 28 is usually around the time the menstrual cycle starts and ends every 28 days or so and it's the same with the lunar cycle so they correlate they're one and the same isn't as above so below thing but people have to grasp this is why the ancients they viewed the sky as the womb it's a deep thing you have to grasp as above so below a woman's womb is nothing more than the sky to the cells within the micro life within us so what's the deep thing I have to grab but this was the correlation now a woman could keep track of the dome unicycle in a line hub cycle with it if the deep thing you ever hear them say oh and women stay together for a long time their cycles run together begin to run together well if a woman aligns herself and connects herself at the moon she can get her cycle on the same cycle as the moon what's the benefits of that well she can always look up and know where she is in her cycle know when she is ovulating without having to go to a doctor she can look at the moon and say okay for a long time I know I'm ovulating because my cycle is going to same days as the moon so was the defendant if she understands Union which is right after the period right after a woman half the period this is the new period for a woman so I'm breaking down a woman's lunar cycle now but we call it menstrual cycles so with the woman is Lina cycle right after she has her period this is the Luna me period then you have the waxing crescent this is when the moon looks like that right before I had me so when the moon is like that that's called waxing crescent now if you're using it for warming cycle when you get to this stage a woman looks up our cycle is on the same cycle at the moon she knows okay I see the crescent of the world I know Maya eggs are 25% ready she sees the half moon she knows 50 cents 50% of the lady and 50% ready then she'll see the UH waxing gibbous which would be almost the full moon then when she sees the full moon she knows I'm ovulating this is my time then when she sees the waning gibbous which is basically most of the moon list except for a crescent piece she knows okay every time basically not caring about the time about star bleeding and as the moon goes through its cycle to go back to New Moon which is void she can count I'll keep track of the stages of you know knowing where she is in her period now even if your period is not aligned with the lunar cycle meaning on the exact days you can still get an understanding and know okay I know I just had my period so these next five days this is my new mean my little phase of my cycle and after the five days I will be pulling up on my waxing crescent part of my cycle where my eggs are now beginning to generate and you come in and now I'm at my past noon part of my cycle where most of my eggs are coming in all the way till you get to your full moon part of your cycle knowing okay I'm ovulating now this is like almost close to the probably around your 17th day let's say you're ovulating you're Rachel full moon stage once your period begins this is just going back to New Moon so the same way the eggs build up till you get to the full moon and you're ovulating then it goes in Reverse but this part is called the period and you know you flush them out and it's a very deep thing but this is how they correlate in the past they use the moon and truly understand most things they didn't go to the doctor and pay to be light they looked at the moon they use this – if a baby came out with a defect they looked at the moon like they looked at their cells as the moon in the cycle s the same way and the best time to have a baby with during the full moon time up-sell not when the moon is full but full moon of self because this is all menstrual cycles when you see the moon going through its different phases or stages this is just a menstrual cycle so you have to grasp when the woman is at her full moon this is when she's ovulating this is when it's best the eggs are vibrating 100% now once you start getting into the waning gibbous there's a half moon in the wing it's a defender at the grass so let's say a baby a woman conceived when she was at her waxing crescent period or her half meaning career the two stages before the full moon before full ovulation and let's say they became I would have defect they would view it from that perspective like then you had the baby before the eggs or the bodies were fully 100% that's why he didn't comes to with deep faith state they understood how the life was connected they understood as above so below so they connected all these things and this is what do y'all city biology and the little wall the little things little slogans like hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle the cow jumped over the moon this is what these things are it's about the understandings of as above so below but the main thing is for a woman to understand her menstrual cycle so it's very important that women understand the lunar cycle meaning new moon all women should know that loony toony if you don't know what that is it's a simple thing you have the new moon when you're doing with the Lena and you're looking at the moon you can look at the moon from any 28-day period when the moon is not visible that's the new moon then you will begin to see the moon as a waxing crescent are just a crescent like a bull swimming one then you'll see half a million stage so for a few days you'll start seeing just half moon then you'll sleep fully then you'll see it going backwards now so what's the waxing gibbous is same thing but now it's going away meaning the light of the went from boy to full now it's going from full back to whole so all the stages are repeating meaning you mean that's impressive happy waxing gibbous this is all just happening again but they're calling it waning now to say that the light is weighing away waxing is to say that it's coming so they call it waxing crescent full moon I mean vaccine prescient half moon waxing gibbous to say that the wound is don't fish the light is coming when it's going away they call it Wayne but this is the cycle of the Moon this is important for women to know because they have their own luminous cycle of self same 28-day cycle same exact thing happy what's going on above is what's happening within a woman during their cycle so it's like I said when a woman has a period once it's over with this is our new lunar stage just like the moon not to say that her period is on the same days are the same lined up with the cycle of the moon but understanding the lunar cycle she can understand cycle of self and understand the emotional state she will be in during these times understanding when she is ovulating without having to go to a doctor you know when you had your period so now you know when your new meaning you know when your period is coming so what's the deep thing but if a woman's can get her cycle along with the moon that's even deeper because now she can just look at the moon you know so easy it is deeper than that because to accomplish status to connect yourself with the moon the same way women that live in the same village they begin to have their periods on the same day because they are so closely connected emotionally you can get emotionally connected with the wounds at that point there's a great deal of knowledge that you cannot pull from as I say tapping you're tapped in so it's deep in the ancient past you know you didn't have I don't even want to say the ancient past but wherever you don't have society yet not society but the system civilization challenges things like this Google Places you don't have this they have to pull from the life Demong there is no other source so y'all have to hide if we all just be in there's no rule any books and all this all you have is is to like the enemies around you the things men say what you matter if they Keenan show me so you looking to learn you right in there you looking at the enemies you looking at the moon in the Sun you pull you from the light to grasp anything you can so it's a deep thing in the past they use the light to learn we use what other people say and this causes the confusion because it makes everything difficult so I know many women heard of the lunar cycle before and you may have had it broken down if you build a tool i got any data dishes I'm gonna get the point of ships are even learnt it and this is why because it's not truly dressed by whoever's teaching you so it you you have no perspective to care but it's very important if you're a woman the leader cycle has to do with you your menstrual cycle is your own lunar cycle itself and you have your own you mean stage itself your own waxing testing stage yourself you're only half moon stages so you're wrong waxing gibbous stage yourself you're only full moon which is full up you layin of self and then you have the period time with the cells on either excels are slowly being pushed up until you get from waning gibbous half moon waxing give it I mean waxing I mean wing pressing all the way to new moon is in and then your periods open and now you're at you in again in the eggs are building back up and you're at waxing prescient half moon waxing gibbous then your oculi full so it's very important for women and learn this it's not a hard thing to learn you can just press rewind and write down what I said in new moon waxing crescent happening waxing gibbous full moon what does that mean means you can't see waxing crescent needs move all that much light is shown that much eggs are developing happening happening stability you know what happened looks like Black Sea you give it this is to say that you got a circle 75% of it is showing 75% of the light of this is showing right before full moon stage and if you're learning in your life your stage and you don't pay 75% of my eggs ovulating I'm almost to add 100% full capacity full of direction so it's the deep stuff insanely grass this is so much to learn man it's a lot it's a lot to learn it's a lot for people to all not separate things life is all about the core relations like this that's a picture of Mars in a rupee and I did a video on this prior but I'm going to come back and do one more in depth because Mars and a ruby they're one in the same then I'm breakdown of talcum powder chromium not stand up the same I'm saying talcum powder in chromium so that y'all can grasp called Mars and Ruby is one of the same as the matter of micro and macro chromium this has to do with the reddish color and there's chromium in talcum powder and it's a deep thing I did a video breaking all this down using an article that was talking about something completely different but I pull knowledge from so much but I just use that so that people can grab you can probably Oh YouTube the video martha's the Ruby or something like that I think that's the title but I'll come back in a break that down the main thing is for people to grasp a lot of the things I teach they're very important but the spiritual aspect of like not so much the material but the spiritual all of this isn't this all influences the material so if you can get your spirit in order you can have an abundance of things without so much struggling strain and not so much attachment to even care so this makes it all the more better to have an abundance of things and not be attached as I mean truly tape but many of the things I teach it has to do with the spiritual aspect like the menstrual cycle lunar cycle I just broke down this is an important daily grab for women truly it's a deep thing as well as other things I teach but I'm gonna keep the videos coming as I always do get straight to the knowledge no drama here on my channel all peace all wisdom as y'all can tell I never have any drama on my channel I never have any other visitors anything is just me straight to the point straight to the wisdom no blabbering about my problems and no gossip rumors what's the latest talk I do none of this I go straight into whatever the video is about which has to do with the knowledge and knowledge only and this is all I'm here for I'm not here for all the other gimmicks and things like that so pull for positive energy create sadness fear how you want it how you choose to live in it I choose to live in peace and in wisdom and it's a big thing on that note it's your main man solace to live servant of deluxe peace and bliss

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