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  1. Valproic acid is a teratogen and not recommended for women of childbearing age. It is also an enzyme inhibitor and may increase exposure of OC and increased side effects.

  2. Thank you, I was having troubles understanding why the peak of estrogens triggers the peak On LH and the the ovulation if it was supose estrogen produces a negative feedback on the realinsing of FSH, but, now I know that the negative turns into a positive feedback.

  3. Thanks guys i really enjoyed with this pretty and straightforward illustration <3
    this topic was a nightmare for me :"D

  4. There is a answer of the question that – why body temperature increases in Luteal phase?? Answer is because Progesterone is a thermogenic hormone and it increases the Basal Body Temperature by 1 degree, which can be measured by digital thermometer early morning after waking up. The temperature starts rising after 1-2 days of ovulation.

  5. Halfway through the video you're just circling things off your slides and reading them…… didn't really explain why e.g. in oral contraceptives why does progesterone suppress LH surge not estrogen? (because before that you mentioned if there is continuous increase of estrogen there will be no LH surge and hence no ovulation)

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