Menstrual cycle Part 3

alright this is a lil array welcoming into another mp3 tutorial just before we move on to our some questions as to one last overview I think on the first two parts I didn't do quite justice on making sure that we got this principles down the there are four phases they're two cycles in females in mammals with an edge in human beings mainly human beings here the first is ovarian cycle which is constituted of the follicular phase and the luteal phase both in green or right here in yellow this is the ovarian cycle the ovarian cycle has to do with the maturing of a folic you ovulation which is the release the release of the oven from the ovary into the abdominal cavity and the maturing or rupturing or denature end of the course that is the ovarian cycle all right here the second cycle which is a uterine cycle has to do with preparing the uterine lining for implantation so that has to do with the pre relief proliferative phase which is a estradiol or estrogen and progesterone work and secretory phase is just when estradiol and estrogen they can they're in dimension line and if there's no implantation they shed this off which we have done menstrual flow and the cycle starts all over again so this right here it should be like you chart your man actually a lot of medications you prescribe doctors use this little bar right here to prescribe a lot of medications for any forms of disorders um what's another thing that we going to touch on forget your questions okay let's go right here for the girl faces coordinates with the upper lip earth base i think i mentioned that and the luteal phase coordinates of the secretory phase okay Esther estradiol another two of them this estradiol in this extra trial s4 dot both armrests rajan's sex hormones estrogens are primarily responsible under stimulation of FSH and LH for the DL maintenance of secondary female sexual characteristics that's this guy like progesterone is involved in the development and maintenance not degeneration development and maintenance of the in dimension line that's progesterone right here so whenever you have that and again if you don't understand any of this we just watch them for three foot percent I'll go back to part 1 2 and so you can get a basic idea of where we are and which is doing this over to me I'll ask some questions are going to go here and a little bits and little tricky questions so if progesterone shuts down when this rises it shuts down gnrh and so gnrh interpreted in there am I pattalam shuts down automatically shuts down a production of FSH from the anterior pituitary menopause that's also another thing menopause which usually occurs between the ages of 45 and 55 it's a direct result of this decreased response activity run responsiveness of the ovaries to FSH and LH so that means fewer follicles right here are being developed a month because of that decrease respond responsiveness and most of them fail to rupture so they never go through a muslim muslim never go through ovulation that's another thing they need to look out for and comes to menopause everything can work to a different not a result of decreased responsiveness to this guy's you never see this drug so usually i'm sorry you never see this right because the corpus luteum primarily generate for just progesterone it's not being developed if the cop is looking Muslim doesn't rupture so he doesn't never get this right so decrease in progesterone and estrogen as a result remember that negative feedback as a result since this is decreased there is no negative feedback on the hypothalamus does that make sense so FSH and LH would lose your feedback in addition so that means plasma concentrations in women under under menopause are usually increased plasma concentration of FSH and LH undergoing menopause we usually in from sessoms lot of that and so that's also one thing here and lastly the secretory phase Indian Esther Astrid estradiol oestrogen and progesterone is to enlarge little and of the audience here cuz I'm secrets nutrient-rich system to sustain the embryo and that doesn't occur this shuts off and it's AG landing causes uterine contraction of involution tissue blood and fluid and out and that's no natural cycle opinions and right on them human beings and animals most animals will work a little different and let's just touch on that before we move on menstruation only occurs in not administration occurs in all mammals right however here's the thing is human beings emails go through the most recycle for the endometrial lining shut off from the uterus and sexual recepti tooth is not limited to a timeframe and as a human to deprive in primates predominant not just almonds us in primate the estrous cycle is when the in dimension line is reabsorbed by users there's no fluid loss sexual receptivity is limited and so it's the most animals like dogs for example that go to adapt the estrous cycle only copulate around this season that's when people say oh this animal is in hate and so that's the only time usually that the females are receptive to mating in humans it's not like that it's different sexual receptivity it's not limited to the menstrual cycle so that's just one key note to add on top all what already discussed the air and so now let's go down some tricky questions let's go to part 4

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