Menstrual Cycle Protest

but didn't know why I were a squishy steps is going on here there's a lot to promise to blood gotta be mr. blue why you can't prick your finger – Chum you Seri blood is blood okay I promise them people you can't let it flow through the street good you got a Costco service better call the phlebotomist go down here get some people down here good this it is a gun illogical quagmire here you okay noble okay floor did you check what they sent orders so somebody gonna stop you it's gonna take a long time for the blue you gonna turn the knowledge to jet a shower cuz you can't did it it can't just gonna go too slow it can't go somebody need to bring up a beach towel pan around on some because that is a lot of blood you might be you only taking a lot of aspirin no your blood too thin how are you fighting for women of all general wait hold on that is a new bitch out because either one of us a man or a woman even when you transform even you do it you go to one of the other you say we have our gender is you slow you can't do that not that you can't do it not dad

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