Mercury in 7th House in Vedic Astrology Birth Chart

in last video we have discussed about
moon in the seventh hours of the horoscope in this video we are going to
dive deep into mercury in the seventh house of the horoscope so keep watching
the first thing which comes to my mind when I think of mercury is intellect
mercury is your intellectual power Sun is your soul your Atma Moon is your
Manas mind emotions desires opinions and mercury is your intellect this is the
beginning of human intelligence namaste and welcome to Pramanik Astrology
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what is mercury the first thing which comes to my mind when I think of mercury
is intelligence Sun Sun is your soul moon is your mind man’s opinion desires
Sun is your vision but mercury is your intelligence mercury is the planet which
rules intelligence okay if you look at the car
brush currently mercury rules the third and the sixth house of the horoscope
sixth house is all about the analysis it is the analytical ability which is also
ruled by mercury mercury is also a fun-loving young which is always ready to connect with
people and you know create the networking and also involve himself into
the fun activities so mercury is a very light-hearted young personality and one
of the biggest asset I would say to mercury an archetype is these people are
very balanced people they are tactful and diplomatic but more so they are very
friendly towards the other people okay what is seven thousand seventh house is
all about the relationships 7007 thousands the house of business and
trade seven thousand estimations interactions and also the debt endings
and the western horizon seven thousands of western horizon let us look at what
happens when you have mercury in the seventh house of the horoscope the
planet of communication is coming into the house of relationship so these
people are extremely communicative with their partner big business partner or
maybe the marriage partner these people are extremely complicated they can
communicate their feelings to their partner and this brings in that charm
into the relationship okay mercury is the planet of friendships and 7th houses
the house of other people so these people the person with the seven
thousand multi is very friendly towards other people
anybody who he’s dealing with he has a very friendly approach towards it it was
him he may not love them but he has a very friendly approach towards he treat
them as a friend and that is a huge asset when it comes to business or trade
or exchange or commerce when a person is treating others with a friendly approach
there should get gains in business seventh
house is also the house of diplomacy the planet of mercury is coming into the
house of diplomacy so this makes person a very tactful and diplomatic in its
communication with the partner the person with the seventh house mercury is
very tactful diplomatic while dealing with others and it again boils down to a
success in business seventh house is ten places away from the tenth house so
these people have a huge gain when it comes to career these people communicate
with their bosses well and hence they are benefited all the time because and
they they can communicate what whatever they have done the other person might
have done more than the person with the sixth person in the seventh house
mercury but they will draft an email at such an appropriate time but they will
draft an email in a such a manner that other person cannot disregard them they
are so articulate and you know tactful in their communication and it gives them
each when it comes to business communication okay seventh house is the
house of relationship but these people are not inclined towards relationship
you won’t believe that you will you will feel that mercury is young archetype of
the planet or it’s a prince in the celestial cabinet he should be very
enthusiastic about the relationship yes he is enthusiastic but he is more
inclined towards the friendship aspect of the relationship he is not Venus so
he is not ready to have a committed relationship
he just wants friendship and networking and that do with the benefit I’m not
saying it’s bad I’m not I’m not judging it but these people are extremely
diplomatic you cannot beat them so seventh house mark URI is a huge boost
for your career this is what I have observed seventh house is also the house
of the travel and mercury is into the seventh house of the horoscope mercury
is the planet who loves leisure activities and seventh house is the
house of western horizon when you are just ending your days ending your day
and you’re just relaxing with your family so it gives a good result for
possibly the seventh house to be with their family okay they love to be with
their partner from the seventh house mercury aspects the first house of the
horoscope what is first house first house is the perspective of the person
to look at life first house determines how the person will look at life doesn’t
matter how his life is the outlook and the orientation of the person is
determined by the first house so when you have that young energy of mercury
into the first house these people aspecting the first house I mean to say
it gives them that energetic personality energetic happy and charming personality
charming is the word yes because these people love to spread the happiness
these people are extremely friendly and the element of friendliness and all
other Mercurian qualities are now imposed on their personality so wherever
they go they will take all these qualities along with them so they are
always welcome these people the person with the mercury
in the seventh house aspecting the first house has always some business ideas
going on in their mind they will never stop you will always see the person will
have some other ideas always coming in all other business ideas ah
mercury is the planet of business first house is the house of personality and
when the planet of business is aspect in your personality it makes a person
businessman the person with the seventh house mercury is always thinking about
some business ideas in their mind they have business ideas they have that
capacity to communicate and implement those ideas network and get the work
done skillfully for the mutual benefits so
that people are readily involved in their business so yes this was mercury
in the seventh house as much as I could hold grasp and share with you guys don’t
limit your interpretations to what I have shared explore just explore the
significations of the seventh house and there’s mercury and you will have many
more variations of the mercury in the seventh house as well as the
interpretations of your own I highly recommend you should do that okay and if
you are just starting into Vedic Astrology
I have a playlist called how to get started into Vedic Astrology
or you can go for the twelve ascendance or you can watch the retrograde effects
of retrograde planets playlist yes sending you tons of positive energies
sending you high vibrations see you in the next videos love and peace

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  1. If you have, Mercury, 27 deg Uttarashadha/Sun 7deg Moola conjunct in Sag, what results do you think I can get with this placement? thanks

  2. Thankyou Prasad ji. You are the best. So accurate and easy to understand.
    Watched moon in 7th house. Please do a Ketu in 7th house too.
    I may have asked this question in your previous upload…sorry! What are the results of having ketu, mercury and moon in the 7th house for tula rashi and saggitarius ascendant?
    Just went on the website. Couldn't register but option to log in is there.

  3. Very knowledgeable Information. Thank you. Can you just add one line if the planet is Exalted / Debilitated / Retro in this positions ?

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