Mercy Hospital – Preeclampsia

– Preeclampsia is defined as
high blood pressure mixed with protein excreted in your urine. It's one of the, I would say
most common complications of pregnancy. One of the signs and symptoms
is people walk in for their usual prenatal visit and their
blood pressure is noted to be elevated higher than 140 over 90. And they're excreting protein
in their urine which we recognize because the urine
sample that you left on the dip stick had some protein on it. Other people might complain
of some symptoms as chest pain or right upper quadrant pain
which is basically by your liver and your gallbladder. They're not seeing correctly,
they're seeing blurry. They have a lot of swelling
in their legs and hands and face which is more
abnormal than usual swelling because pregnant women do
have some swelling but this is more an excessive kind of swelling. The treatment for
preeclampsia is delivery. We need to deliver the infant
either vaginally or through a C-section depending on the
other situations at hand. Follow up after preeclampsia
after you deliver is sometimes you might need a medication
called magnesium sulfate to prevent you from becoming
eclamptic which is defined as having seizures.

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