8 Replies to “MG! Belley carry her newborn like this |Afraid of drop down Why mom hug like this |Monkey Daily 3178”

  1. My concern is why the baby isn't clinging to the mother? This probably the reason the mother is carrying baby in all these odd ways

  2. For those of you monkey pros that have time to watch every single updated video, others have not seen this so I don’t not care that it was yesterday as this is my first time viewing it. I’m sure that no one else cares either.

  3. Fake update. I saw this yesterday. Let them be.. you keep chasing them around. You make matters worse😭😡🐵🐒🐵🐒🐵🐒🐵🐒💙💙

  4. Нужно отбрать у неё детёныша пока от не умер с голоду. Она его не кормит, держит не правильно, детёныш пальцы сосёт в место груди.

  5. If that baby monkey dies it's your fault. It's mother is afraid of you. And when your afraid and running from someone you certainly can't figure things out. Like how to care for your offspring.

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