39 Replies to “Mila Kunis on Her Pregnancy and Engagement”

  1. Lucky her
    Not just morning sickness
    Id pray please baby let me eat and not toss it
    Mentally I'm good..happy but the rest fagetaboutit
    I blow up too after 6 months over night KABOOM
    but lose it fast
    Pregnancy is horrible 4 me..
    And i dont show any signs till 4 months which is crazy
    I still get my period
    So its a constant worry
    One DR said you know its not healthy to ALWAYS worry and run to the Dr

    No pill 4 me
    It screws your body natural function
    I took ONE and thought this is not good
    Everything else fine
    But i got pregnant anyway using 3 methods at once
    Even the pill n IUD isnt 100 percent.

  2. I had a pickle craving and I had a girl. Today she still eats those large pickles like Mila held up.

  3. they do all they can at the beginning to become famous and when ppl start to recognize/follow them they re upset.. never gonna understand celebrities !

  4. I did all natural with my babies and my children father says i bake them and he gave me the ingredients lol

  5. Low key realising that Mila is basically a younger demi moore. They went to the same high school, they both have heterchromia and no they're married to the same guy

  6. Omygod i have a crush on them. I literally have a crush on Mila and on Ashton and their fucking relationship.

  7. I love that they ended up together. I love how she said he was kind of a douche (might not be the word she used lol) nearing end of 70s show. Like he was too good for it and the cast and they didn’t actually talk for a long time because of this. Just very sweet overall, in the end

  8. I love Milena you can tell she wasn't born in Hollywood- super smart, natural beauty and down to earth.

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