100 Replies to “Miley Cyrus Closes The Tonight Show with “The Climb””

  1. Hmmm, I wonder if she can sing quiet songs too – or at least make songs a little bit more dynamic by using more quiet segments as well.

  2. I love this song so much and I love this video so much to and I'm crying and I'm still crying 😭from this video

  3. Miley, you are perfect!!! That is all I wat to say💜💛💚💙❤👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  4. She is so lovely. Cocky as hell when she was on 'The Jonathon Ross Show', but she is quality. Still cocky tho. Man Utd 4EVA, like MILEY!!!

  5. i don’t care what anyone says i will forever be emotional when she sings this, literally my childhood. she is such an amazing singer and a legend.

  6. When I found this song a few months ago, I started listening to it every day. Love it. She's got an amazing voice. I don't care what people say about her personal life or whatever, she's still a great singer.

  7. Miley your beautiful and talented please just use your God given talent and don't try to shock and twerk your beautiful voice and face is enough ❤

  8. listening to her sing actually makes me tear up. it’s not just how beautiful her voice is, but also how her voice takes me back to my childhood. thank you Miley ♡

  9. She should sing this song one more time in 2019 like now, the message of the song suits her situation now, she gonna keep moving, she gonna keep stronger, there wll always be another mountain. She should keep climbing. Its all about her climb

  10. I really love her voice. I remember that that little hoarseness, or break or catch in her voice, in the past was described as "having a tear in her voice", or at least Tammy Wynette was described that way…it just occurred to me watching this vid, that I bet Miley can make herself sound exactly like Tammy Wynette!! I believe Miley is so talented.

  11. I was 12 and about to start high school when this song came out. I could still remember the moment when I first heard it. And now she sang it again before I'll graduate in college, it just gives me a lot of beautiful emotions and memories. Such a Golden song!

  12. Awesome! u can tell she reaaally loves this song!

    We all do Miley.. *. *

    The way she turned around is a really nice gesture not many of today's "artists" do. Another point for Miley

  13. Miley needs to make a country album with either Dolly Parton or her dad or any country singer
    She just needs to make a country album

  14. I don't like all of her music, I only like, or it's maybe better to say, I only listen to few of her songs, but I wish her all the best. Take care Miley, your voice is breathtaking. I love it's sound, it's color, it's strength, the emotion! I wish to hear you in 20 years from now – wise, happy and calm singing some new quality songs, and using it well! I'll always come to live performances of your ballads and enjoy! Thank you! Here's to many more to come!

  15. Right now I’m not in a good state of mind because of two deaths I faced and my dad in surgery but when I listen to this song it makes my worries go away. It makes me cry sometimes but of how happy I am to have ppl who love me

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