Mimi-Rose tells Adam about her abortion – GIRLS

that was behind our books you know I was a little nervous about it but these children's encyclopedias are amazing they still say that Columbus discovered America and I think I think in one of these illustrations he's putting makeup don't go for a runnin I say no thank you come on is a street fair I will not disrupt oh I don't really feel up to it beginnings of a cold better sweat that out huh like to watch you bounce like to watch your boobs bounce like to watch your ponytail best liked about your body bounce no I can't go for a run beside an abortion yesterday I can't go for a run and I can't take a bath or use a tampon or have intercourse like a week are you uh what yeah just a couple of things I can't do cuz I had an abortion yesterday was it mine yeah of course it was yours I didn't want to talk about it beforehand I just wanted to do it but I haven't shared with boyfriends in the past I'm trying to be more open with you so trying to be open with me how many abortions have you had I'm not gonna share that with you because that is private I'm not gonna ask you how many girls you've gotten pregnant none it's not private I've got no girls pregnant except for you now who fucking went with you my friend Sue Ellen Garth I don't even know her you'll meet her she's a somnambulist who did it who aborted you a doctor named Anita did the procedure she delivered my cousin's baby was it a boy or girl my cousin's baby's a girl ours it was a ball of cells it was smaller than a seed pearl it didn't have a penis or a vagina isn't this a decision that people typically make together so you wanted a baby maybe that's kind of absurd we've been together for less than seven weeks I don't think that we're ready for a child crazier things have happened people do crazy things but parents got married after a fucking week okay so we should have the baby and put it in your toolbox as a cradle and feed it sardines and tell it that you don't know my middle name is rose no my first name is mimi-rose my middle name is Eleanor I don't understand how you could do something like that without talking to me first it's if it's evil you're right you don't understand you

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  1. anyone think of doing this is a psychopath it's not your body your killing it's the babies quit killing the smart people were all full with stupid morons

  2. No matter how I feel about abortion, this fuckin CUNT was so nonchalant about it I want to claw her fucking eyes, ovaries and mouth out.

  3. hes mad because you got rid of ADAM DRIVER"S kid and the part were he said i want to see your body bounce that sounded wrong!!!

  4. fuckin ridiculous!! why do women decide alone if they want to abort or not?? suppose a woman gets pregnant by making a hole in a guys condom? or by lying about taking the pill and the guy wants an abortion, but still the motherfuckin woman decides!??? how is that fair?? the western men have emasculated themselves into the very definition of wimps. i feel sad for you guys

  5. Honestly, Adam's parents getting married after a week is a pretty great story. He says it like they're still together. I'd want to hear that story.

  6. Im all for pro-choice but that's not just your baby. If you're in a relationship, ya gotta communicate. If it's an accident, you take it in your stride as a couple. I'd understand if they weren't dating but they were. Ffs. It's your body, your choice, but at least talk about it. Don't invalidate someone's feelings.

  7. Wowsers! She just had an abortion, but didn't tell him she was pregnant in the first place ? But it's always a woman's choice, she can do whatever she wants with her body, regardless of the father's feelings, right ? I dunno feminism has its faults.

  8. I like to think that this is what Kylo Ren does in his free time. Pretends to be a normal dude and knocks a few bitches up on the side

  9. It's her body though? I get that he should've been told before hand (because he should obviously be informed, I mean they're in a relationship for heaven's sake), but the choice was entirely hers to make.
    Although to be fair I haven't watched the show, so there might be a lot of context I'm missing

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