Mindfulness During Menstrual Cycle and The Benefits

hello this video is definitely more for the ladies because it's about men strong period how to meditate during this time and the power of transformation Eckhart Tolle also mentioned in his book I forgot it's the power of now or is in the new earth but in my personal experience about a day or two before the menstrual period then the the sensations become more intense our body mind become more kind of sensitive very sensitive and this perfect time perfect change for meditation to transform our attachments that we have to the body might miron this time is important not to be surrounded with negative environments and people because X inside sensitive then if you get trigger it's easy to create reactions to create that's a new comma because actions when inside sensitive and then it has helped shake hands by the upside stimulations of the negativity that is easy to create reactions so it's wise to stay grounded it's best to be to have some a long time to be completely with the body mind the power of transformation is very powerful during this time because if you can be grounded when the body mind a very sensitive then it's a piece of cake to be grounded when the body and mind are a natural state understand yeah it's just my sharing to the ladies about the mental period and how to practice meditation during this time because I haven't heard anybody talk about this and I share based on my personal experience how I see it's helpful along my journey because as I get used to of transforming my energy and emotional packages then it's very clear how to transform energy especially it should take advantage during this time when the body – sensitive I love you be well and happy

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