Mini – IVF Transfer Day

hi everybody it is March 23rd 2013 and as of like 9:45 this morning I have two beautiful embryos and back inside I must show you that's what they look like aren't they cute I think they're cute um the transfer was a success so they take you back to the bar mine's done at a clinic but they do everything in the operating room I've had eye you eyes at the same exact clinic and it was the eye you eyes were always in the procedure room so this was this was fun so Kyle got to wear scrubs and go in there with me and the doctor was really cool so he had the ultrasound going and he it was a one on top of my belly and then you saw the catheter go in and he showed me like where my bladder was and like where the uterus was and he put the catheter right into the uterus and then the woman who was embryologist came in with my embryos and she handed him the like syringe and he pushed it through the catheter and he said just you know look at the end of the catheter and you'll see a little like like blimp of light and he goes bats you know those are your embryos so he did it and we saw the little like sparkle and I have a picture of it – maybe I'll post it on Instagram and then embryos are in and then she took the catheter back to make sure it was clear and that nothing was left and we were good we're all clear so I'm super super just I'm just content I'm I'm all-around happy obviously I'm in bed I'm going to try to do bed rest for the next 5 10 it might be excessive I don't know I'm gonna do everything I possibly can to help with these babies sticking I don't know things are just good let's see things I plan on doing besides just laying here and resting lots of water I'm gonna have a slice of pineapple Corday my acupuncturist recommended cooking raspberries so she said to get organic frozen raspberries and then cook them with a little bit of water and heat it like a soup so do that once a day and then if you remember my video where I talked about acupuncture and I showed you my mock so sticks I'm supposed to burn those twice a day so we burnt it this morning before going in and I'll burn it again tonight what else um so yeah and warm foods and keep my feet warm my acupuncturist says my feet need to be my feet need to stay warm so um yeah I'm just gonna be laying low and hanging out and enjoying this time so it was really fun the doctor after he did the transfer he was like all right consider yourself pregnant so as of right now um I'm pregnant and ha let's just hope for a beautiful beautiful nine months um all of you guys wishing twins on me take it back it's so funny everybody just thinks it's gonna be such a blast and if we get lucky and we do get to I will be eternally grateful but I am I just want one healthy baby right now um a healthy healthy baby and a wonderful pregnancy I've been looking forward to this for so long and I just can't wait to have such a beautiful pregnancy experience you know I feel like as awful as this sounds I'm looking forward to like morning sickness and just all the signs like being tired all the signs that are just reassurance that I'm pregnant you know I want to feel those things I want to I want to have those symptoms so I'm just looking forward to it so it's done it's done try to keep this update less than five minutes I'm here um I have a blood test I think next week which is crazy so my embryos are five days old oh I know what I wanted to tell you freezing so a lot of you asked and I know I've never mentioned this any of the embryos that were left over after today if they get to a certain grade a certain point they will get to be frozen so as of today today is day five I only had myself I can't go get it sorry about that um where was I so okay I chose not to do any research when it came to IVF as far as like what the embryos are supposed to look like and I only did it because I didn't want to psych myself out you know you start reading things and then you start analyzing things and I didn't want to do that so I chose not to learn um too much about the embryos so I don't know what exactly they are he I know they're blasts and he gave a number and he said one was an a a and one was an a B so those are the two that went in and then as far as the leftovers we have two that just aren't looking good they aren't gonna make it and then four that are in the early blast stage so we're gonna wait on those and see where they where they are think later this evening and early tomorrow I'm pretty sure they have to freeze them by tomorrow if they're gonna freeze them so we will freeze hopefully fingers crossed for if they all make it to I think they have to be at the blast stage so that's where we are right now I'm just gonna continue to delay here probably I was gonna do 48 hours but I might try to stick it out till 5 because I think it takes 5 days for the embryos to implant and then I have I think a blood test I'm like a week so um what else I just want to say thank you thank you for all the lovely messages on Facebook and on YouTube and the support and love and you guys are just awesome and I'm lucky to have you it's just you guys are unbelievable and I appreciate you all so I will update you guys soon and have a nice weekend bye

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  1. I can't tell you enough how much I love watching your videos especially the IVF ones because going through something similar. It's just amazing to hear your voice and all the information you share about your experience, it's having such a calming and positive effect on me. God bless you and your lovely family and thank you!

  2. Thank you for this video!I wish you guys the beeeest!!
    Tmrw.its my BIG DAY,Tomorrow I will have the embryo transfer as well, this video helped me to relax …. I hope I do that everything will be ok!

  3. I completely understand looking forward to morning sickness and all of the things that are unpleasant about pregnancy. Pregnancy has always felt so unattainable to me, like a dream! I will hopefully undergoing donor egg IVF in the next year. We have started the process so hopefully next May/June we will be undergoing the embryo transfer after my husband and I graduate. I'm getting my Masters, he's getting his Bachelors. We're also waiting for a scholarship opportunity to come through!

  4. Hi Jess! Did the RE/embryologist tell you the grades of your two blasts? I transferred a 1AA 5-day blast this morning. 🙂

  5. Isn't it so surreal to have embryos placed back? I couldn't grasp the concept, even going through the whole thing. I also couldn't believe it was done. So freaky to stand up after the transfer 🙂

  6. I am so excited for you!!! Lol…corny joke… you cant bring eggs to the easter get together cause yours are fertilized! Lol! Cant wait til your next video!!!

  7. Wishing you lots of luck. Your positivity is truly inspiring. Lots of love to you and those 2 strong little embryos xx

  8. P.s. your embryo grades are really good. Ours weren't quite as good and they still both implanted! Best wishes!

  9. So excited for you! I got pregnant with twins after ivf frozen transfer and my babies boys are 5 1/2 months old now!

  10. i couldn't stop smiling throughout the whole vlog.. you're absolutely glowing 🙂 sending many prayers your way <3

  11. You look so happy. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you. What kind of drugs were you on with your IUI? We are doing IUI next month and I am just curious how that went for you. You are glowing.

  12. This is it!!! You are glowing and I am so hopeful and excited for you to finally be at this moment!! You have waited for soo long and no one deserves it more!!! Rest like you said and keep those babies safe and comfortable 🙂 God bless you!!

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