23 Replies to “Miniature Pinscher Birth – Stillborn Puppy”

  1. The mom knows what’s she’s doing, leave her alone and let her do what she has to do. She’s supposed to eat the placenta. Get your fucking hands out of the way. You fucking idiot. Quit trying to play doctor.

  2. Leave the dog alone motherfuckers let the dog be a mother. The dog knows what to do leave the damn dog alone

  3. You actually just killed the puppy it wasn’t moving because it wasn’t breathing because it had fluid you need to get it out so you tilt them down and you need to get that fluid out and make them cry to open the lungs and breathe like us when we’re born we cry to open our lungs

  4. You guys are probably the ones who killed her baby. You can't just pull a baby out of its mother. She needed to push with a contraction not just ripped her out bc you were to impatient to wait.

  5. You guys are absolutely disgusting for pulling that poor dogs baby away from her. She doesn't know what's going on and need to come to terms with what happened. Very sad what you did to her and then the horrible song after. You're heartless.

  6. The owner did the right thing she needed help getting the puppy out plus she looked exsusted. Plus the puppy could have been possibly brought back with some sugar and cpr

  7. You should have let the mom do her job and get both of your paws out of the way. They do just fine in the wild and she would have done just fine in that room if you would have left her alone with the puppy.

  8. this just happened to my dog 3 days ago, she had 5 pups and two were stillborn, we tried for a good 20 minuets on both of them and she tried also but completely lifeless. i called the emergency vet and she told us to rub and rub with a towel, but said sometimes there isnt anything you can do. thankfully we have 3 healthy pups

  9. nevermind she should have helped her dog push the puppy out! like right away then remove the sac stating from the nose! cut the cord right away to produce its own blood circulation. The rub rub rub!use suction cup to get fluid out of lungs. Poor puppy! sometimes human hands work faster. And if your dog trusts you then you shouldn't have any problem with touching the puppies.

  10. You have LOL, Being a child whos mother breeds dogs for a living, You have to rub the dog to get the blood through them and to get them to breath better IF the mom isnt doing it well enough, You also have to hold the corn so the dog doesnt chew it too short because if she does then you have to die dental floss or stitching around it to stop the bleeding, You also have to wipe some of the guck off as well. You dont leave the mom and expect her to do everything, even on its first litter.

  11. did you try cpr? i had to perform mouth to mouth and chest compressions and it worked. this puppy was not stiff… looked like it still had a chance. 🙁

  12. Hope they made a burial place for the stillborn puppy, and not throw it out in the garbage like it was trash.

  13. My dog is pregnant and I really don't know what to do when she is going to birth. I'm really scared and I can't handle those situations. 😐

  14. nawwwqq sorry for your loss 🙁 my doggy gave birth to 7 pups 5 days ago :)) but the last two are lucky to be alive!! they were born 2 hours after the first 5 came out XDD hahaha and they're so adorable xxx

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