Ministering to Women who Miscarried

hi I'm Carrie I'm scared at eight weeks in May of 2013 it was with our first pregnancy and I have two little boys now my name is Maria and I had a miscarriage at 17 week it to me it was so much more because I actually went into labor and had to give birth my name is Stephanie at a miscarriage at six weeks in July of 2016 and I don't have any children my name is Amy I suffered a miscarriage at ten and a half weeks along the child would have been my baby so over the next week I prayed really really hard that God would save my babies like I was hoping that when I went back in a week that there would be a miracle and that the baby would still be there and the heartbeat would be strong actually they some the baby looks fine everything is fine you did not have a miscarriage and I didn't really understand it I was extremely nervous and I was scared because I knew it was happening and she told me she said if it happens it will happen out of nowhere and you won't know why and immediately I was and this baby about I felt like a failure that I wasn't able to successfully carry my baby and I thought extreme sadness that we weren't going to be able to start our family as we had planned they came in and they said I'm sorry but you are labor and we we cannot stop it why not live I was so angry and I remember just screaming and I would pray and I was just yelled at God and and tell him he didn't have to do what he did tonight with half days where I went sad sad prayin tell him I I know there was a reason he didn't let me do it and I just needed to grasp onto him to for healing and there were days that I would happy right but I had him to go through this with it was the NTSF of my life very common experience be home run with strangers for helping me get dressed and dabbing my cheeks with his shoes people you

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