30 Replies to “Miracle Baby After Failed Abortion”

  1. Sorry. I tried to watch this with compassion but her saying "I loved the Lord but having sex without marriage and kept getting pregnant. " The selfishness is unbelievable. If you are having sex without marriage and saying you were growing in the Lord but thinking about a 3rd abortion? No, you do NOT love the Lord. The twin survived. She killed the other. So she loved the Lord but killed a baby.

  2. A child that was ment to be and not the others? God preserved him and not the others? You were just lucky to of had twins, don't blame God for your decisions. You made them and murdered them. So except and repent which you are doing.

  3. I think all women who go into to have an abortion should be given the CHOICE of whether or not they want to see the u/s screen. I feel that if women were given this CHOICE, more babies would end of having the chance to LIVE. But it's always been about the almighty dollar with PP.

  4. Sometimes we make terrible mistakes because we do not know what we are doing. Your story is grace. It is wonderful that you are telling your story to other women who want to get an abortion!

  5. As a Christian I know she’s been forgiven by our Lord but I hope she got help for aborting the other 3 especially the twin. I don’t know how she can look at her son without thinking about the aborted baby. I pray for her soul for healing and forgiveness. Lord in Your mercy hear our prayers! 🙏🏼🙌🏻🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. I am pro choice and that includes abortions in extreme conditions only. I do not agree with this. There are so many alternatives, foremost birth control.

  7. „Growing in my faith, loving the Lord, but still sexually active outside of marriage” – Cynthia just read these your words one more time and try to comprehend where is the illusion in it.
    However I am happy that you are different person now.

  8. Absolutely no judgement for the choices people make. I've never been I the position to make such a decision. You never know what someone went through that resulted in pregnancy. In my current state of mind, abortion will not ever be for me and I don't agree with it. That being said, I don't feel abortion should be a form of birth control. Again, you never know why someone made that decision. But to those who are contemplating, please know, there are many other options. This topic always saddens me. I am a 33 year old woman who desperately wants children. Unfortunately, I have never been blessed to conceive. Not for lack of trying. At this point in life, I'm seeking medical assistance to get pregnant. I'm also exploring the options of fostering and adoption. If a baby does not fit in the plans for your life, please know that there are many women and men that will give that baby a loving home. What a beautiful gift you could be giving someone. There is no shame in putting your child up adoption. That is the greatest unselfish love you can give to that child. God bless you all and may He protect and guide you all.

  9. I had a baby when I was very young, not planned by me, but planned by GOD. I always said he was not a mistake. When he was 3 months old he passed away, the hardest thing I have EVER gone through!! I know God has a plan, and I DO NOT BELIEVE KILLING BABIES IS PART OF IT!! I would give anything to have my baby boy back, but if I knew I was going to lose him I still would NOT have aborted him!! Ladies, girls, men, boys, DO NOT let the devil talk you into killing your babies, no matter how old or young you are! No matter the circumstance!! There are people out there who will adopt and care for them if you choose not to!!

  10. Just when I thought I had seen it all! That was shocking!

    So much darkness, so thick darkness we live in and all cause we turned our back to God and fully embraced the human stupidity.

    And the worse is that we think we are cool and smart.

    So smart that we debunked even God/Christ.

  11. No! Loving the Lord and being sexually active DO Not go together if you're a Christian – it is disobedience to God's word.We keep talking about God's mercy and forgiveness – of course He is a merciful and Loving God – but what about our part to be obedient and honour Him? I'm sorry but abortion is murder. I do not judge the young girls who may have a hard life and make the wrong decisions, but saying it in a way that it's okay to keep getting pregnant and having abortions is abominable. And what about the life of unborn child. Watch Unplanned.

  12. 1.5 billion innocent babies worldwide since 1980. These innocents have been poisoned, sucked out in pieces, torn apart, crushed and scraped out in pieces, just so these selfish bitches can have a choice. The psycho murdering filth, who actually do this to their tiny bodies just so they can make money and sell the body parts of these murdered babies.

    This is the biggest genocide to have happened in the history of this planet. It is wicked beyond belief.

  13. This story is horrific! She didn't know what was going on at the age of 29??????????? I was protesting baby-killing clinics at the age of 18!!!!! God remembers all these little baby's. You did the right thing to reach out to God. He is the only way to go on with your life. Now you new job is to tell all and speak at high schools and colleges.

  14. You know, I am sick to Fuck of hearing these whiney Liberal, anything goes and will be forgiven, weak kneed Cowards. It would have taken a lot of Courage, love and Strength to raise an unwanted Child. But this weak Bitch, along with all the other weak Bitches who never heard of Birth control, or the Fuckin Morning after Pill would rather cave in and hand it over to God.  Sure, God is a good way out, forgiveness of sins, blah, blah, we will say that we are weak and don't have the heart to take responsibility for the most important thing that could ever happen to a woman. God will handle it….Fuck wrong, you think you don't have to pay for your sins??? Think again.I am no stranger to Abortion, no, I nor my Children never had one. But the one that was done still haunts me to this day! This woman had a legitimate excuse of rape during Wartime. They were my twin  Brothers!!!! It still hurts me, SO SHUT THE FUCK UP WITH YOUR FORGIVENESS SHIT!!!!!!!!!!! MY person is forgiven and she paid the price her whole life, she was the strongest woman I ever met. You bunch of heartless Liberal Cowards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. If abortion is made illegal, we will have teenage girls dying from back alley abortions again. Not something I want. I am not necessarily pro abortion. I am for teenage girls NOT dying from back alley abortions.

  16. Thank you Cynthia for sharing your story. God bless you, your family & your dedication always! ROMANS 8:1&2 Amen!

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