100 Replies to “Miranda Sings Gives Birth On The Stephen Colbert Show To A Hairy Squash”

  1. I love the real her more than miranda lol She is the reason why I watched her since the days of her hanging out with glozell and ariana grande. I miss them so much, they were the best group of friends I ever saw. Well until their careers took off and everyone got busy.

  2. I think it’s hilarious I first see this the following day after I found out she gave birth. At least he isn’t a hairy squash.

  3. Wish he would have learned more about her, like maybe how to pronounce her name and stage name before interviewing her.

  4. He is usually a lot more personable with guests on this show. He was quite patronising towards her. I think she could feel that and it made her awkward. It was probably the cringiest interview I have seen of her ;/

  5. George Carlin bit: "On the form I fill out, I put, 'Occupation: Foole'… I even spell it with the final 'e', just to piss them off…"

  6. she is living proof that bordem, idiocy and pure retardation on display is what society thrives on these days….this world needs to be sterilized of the human race.

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