Miscarriage… A Quick Talk

the M word it kind of hurts me to say this but yes the inward being miscarriage that is the scariest thing about pregnancy yeah it's such an awful thing especially for the dads I mean I'm sure it's like just as scary if not more scary for women in terms of fears of what they have during pregnancies but my gosh it is a huge fear of mine mostly because you know I've had let's say I believe my mom had one before me so it is a huge fear of mine I'm sure there's like nothing like connecting in or anything but it's a huge fear of mine that you know since we both have had miscarriages in our family that maybe she's higher prone to it I don't know I'm sure it's just me being ridiculous but it is a huge fear of mine that possibly it can like come down into family and like affect her pregnancy it's just it's scary it's very scary but like I said I'm sure I'm just being a big baby about it and just freaking out for no reason but it is each fear and it's something that Sarah's therapist has said that it seems like mins more fearful about this thing I'm not sure how to put this in words we seem to stress out a whole lot more about things going wrong with pregnancies it just like kills us and the women typically are more serene about it they're more calm about it they're not freaking out like us men are about what the possibilities of things happening so yeah I've been a big ball of stress ever since I found out that your mom is pregnant with you freaking out I really you know I really have been and to make matters worse you know today your mom decided to be sick okay I was kind of mean she didn't decide to be sick it just kind of happened we're guessing food poisoning because it was my your stupid dad's idea to get some pizza last night and I don't know what happened it was Domino's pizza but she got some serious food poisoning I'm guessing from it because yeah she's been throwing up a lot at first I was thinking in my event like morning sickness or something finally hitting her but I'm pretty sure it's food poisoning she's been throwing up a lot of cheese having a fever now which is very bad because you're not supposed to have a fever when you're pregnant especially when you hit 101 because at that point then you're supposed to go to the doctor to help bring down fear our way to bring that fever down because you have to do it ASAP so you'll be okay in there I'm telling you man your mom is gonna be the death of me I just drive me crazy I love her to death but man does fear does the stress is killing me it's killing your dad and I keep rubbing my eyes because I'm like having some kind of allergy thing going on my eyes are all itchy and watery so if it looks like I'm crying it's not because I'm like scared or something right now because your mom's sick it's because of allergies which I should be going back in to get another allergy shot at some point I just haven't done it yeah oh boy mom's freaking me out anyways what I'm doing today right now since she's sick I'm going to the store to get her some cold beverages and some tylenol because tylenol safe for you and it's gonna help bring down a fever I also gonna get here some red Gatorade because apparently that's her favorite when she's sick red Gatorade and then I need to find somewhere whoo it's all shaky I need to find somewhere to make copies of hurt right here hello okay right now okay all right so then I'll just pick up the Gatorade and the Tylenol right home okay your mother oh my goodness so I guess now she had your grandmother speak to the Midwife and so that needs to happen now is that I need to skip getting Leia's our dogs papers copied for our move now I just need to hurry up you get this medicine and get this Gator a to get back home because I'm most likely going to have to take your mom to the ER great never having Domino's again this is just awful

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