Miscarriage After Woman Kicked in Stomach by Police at Occupy Wall Street Protest

archie is reporting and n_y_p_d_ pepper spray incident which led to a
man’s death is that it it’s now a homicide okay the death of a bronx man
who suffered a fail asthma attack after cox peppered
pepper spray ten on march eighth of this year has been ruled a homicide by the city
medical examiner the autopsy found kent yarborough the cause of death was acute bronchial
asthma during a physical altercation including
pepper spray this is what the the medical examiner
told the daily news prosecutors not now might file charges against the n_y_p_d_
officers who sprayed him on march eighth he went down like kimber william martin
told the new york daily news who is your burrows attorney officers perform c_p_r_
couldn’t provide so effectively we knew that the man had
died and now the medical examiner said this
is a homicide because of pepper spray what do you think lives pretty cut-and-dried uh… apparently the stuff can kill and
certain situation so we’re seeing that it’s not actually that uncommon a
nineteen-year-old has now miscarried and she says it is
because bullies pepper spray and kicked her at one of these occupy wall street
protest you see a picture that we’re which i hear of her being carried out
here’s the video from after the attack in some saying this could represent the
sixty second death related to pepper spray to go on the pretty grim scene they’re in right
away people saying listen you can’t really prove that getting kicked in the stomach by
police made her miscarry a few days later you
can’t really prove that what’s actually was shouting that she
was pregnant she was asked to be like through she wasn’t allowed to leave by police
immediately after the said that she was actually detained as soon as they were able to get in and
do it she was rushed to the hospital and my question is if people say you know what maybe she should have
known better than to attend a protest that’s been plagued with police
brutality i disagree with that she should be you
know one should be able to peacefully protest as outlined by the constitution which conservatives constantly talk about without assuming that the police are
going to act in a way that will make you miscarry is that an outrageous assumption loads
is an expectation that goes above and beyond uh… what was it would seem
logical i don’t think so now citizens pretty reasonable so we are going to see here what happens if anything legally i would
be surprised if much does because you know what she was homeless and it’s very easy to dismiss a homeless woman in her clients we know
what happens constantly its not taken seriously is also easy to know that sixty-one
people have died as a result of pepper spray if this is number sixty two and it
states that woman who was at one point at least homeless it’s hard to imagine this is really
going to become a big deal than it should be i have a hard time envisioning
that will happen yeah unfortunately i think it is going
to be pretty much impossible to prove that the police directly caused the
miscarriage you’re probably right you’re talking to you well that what can you do you need to do something but i i i don’t know why i don’t know
what to do it by uh… i don’t know i was getting but it seems somebody should
be something who’s who don’t want to do it really
feels in these cases like if you can’t get something into the
legal system which is the only recourse really that you have what what can you do i don’t know every show wins and getting closer to
thinking that what you said that a cop is going to die in one of these protests
is going to happen every time i hear about these various stories i really
think that the more and more possible things seem to be getting worse it it it certainly no getting any calm that’s for sure i wanna make sure that you sign our
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46 Replies to “Miscarriage After Woman Kicked in Stomach by Police at Occupy Wall Street Protest”

  1. I work at a hospital as Security Officer and I have asthma. While assisting a Police Officer I myself received a small dose of pepper spray intended for the gentlemen we had the altercation with. I got very little and immediately had an asthma attack. Lucky for me I had my rescue inhaler close. So yes this stuff can hurt someone or be lethal.

  2. The cause of a miscariage can be identified, if it is due to blunt force trauma, the police man who kicked her should go to jail under the Unborn Victims of Violence Act.

  3. 33% of pregnancies end in miscarriages naturally. 100% of pregnancies end in miscarriages when you are beaten and kicked in the stomach.

  4. has anyone else seen the other half of that video about the miscarriage. the woman seemed more worried about trying to get money then about the death of her child. i think she's just trying to get a hand out

  5. Stop blaming the government and don’t be an ignorant troll. Take a guess who purchased these items for them, who manufactured them, who trained them, and who is coordinating this activity. It is not "the government".

  6. @GymJimSF The police are employed under the executive branch. In some ways it is the governments fault. But it is also our fault for allowing police to think they can get away with shit like this. One day it is going to go to far, and people will either comply or they will fight back.

  7. @YamsRyu what you just said is a natural occerrence among human beings in society. We have horrible people in the world who are not part of the OWS movement or cops. But when someone who is hired to protect and serve the innocent, misuses their power, it is unacceptable. When I say this I dont mean to color all cops as bad people. I also dont want to give the impression that everyone thats part of OWS are not bad people.

  8. If this sort of brutality continues, then I fear you are right in your prediction that blood will run in the streets and one or more will be cops. It's becoming life and death out there with the protesters and when it's a condition like that, what does anyone expect would happen. I know that is what they are going for, a death or maybe more than one death of a policemen to bring down the hammer and call in the troops. If that should happen, God help us all.

  9. The next step to revolution would be the protests changing their cause from income inequality to the victims of police brutality. That is how revolutions begin, we just need a catalyst…

  10. keep your pregnant ass at home and it wouldent have happened, you know better, im soo tired of seeing cops with pepper spray, wake up police forces across the nation and use a flamethrower!! FAST EASY AND EFFECTIVE

  11. @misslady1908 no. Cops are just very violent people in general. I know 3 police officers and they are FUCKING AWFUL PEOPLE that beat their wives and have horrible tempers.

    Is this of all cops? fuck no, but saying the goverment is giving them orders to hurt people is a lie.


  12. If the cops kicked her in the stomach, she has a case, but I don't think you can prosecute anyone if pepper spray results in death if the person had a good reason to use it. The cop at the college? Not a good reason. A woman getting mugged? Good reason. If the person dies, that really sucks, but the user didn't know the person would be killed, nor was there any negligence that caused the death, and the probability of dying seems to be insanely low.

  13. If anyone dares to say that the pregnant woman was responsible for the miscarriage bc she was at the protests and should have known better, I call you the devil. It doesn't matter where you are or what you are doing, if you put your foot in a pregnant woman's stomach, you are responsible, none of this "well she shouldn't have been where I was swinging my foot" bullshit.

  14. Why on God's green earth would a pregnant woman put herself in the position that something like this could happen? I very seriously doubt that prosecutors are going to go after the officer that sprayed this guy with asthma. It's not like in situations like this that officers can have them fill out a medical history form before it's necessary to spray them.

  15. One should be allowed to peacefully protest in keeping with the guidelines of the constitution, but in this case the protesters are not protesting the government, as the constitution says they have the right to do, they are protesting private enterprise, which they do not have the right to do. Sorry about your logic David, but this woman was at least stupid for putting herself in a position where we all know that violence has occurred, regardless of your view of who is prevoking it.

  16. I find that you characterizing this as murder to be confusing at best. Going with the logic that you are displaying here, it makes sense that you would also believe that abortion is murder, yet, I know that is not your position, can you please explain this apparent disconnect in logic?

  17. @Pseudologic I knew someone was going to say that and the logic doesn’t wash when you consider every other “murder” statue. Don’t you find it a bit odd that you would refer to it as a child when it suits your agenda? More disconnect in logic.

  18. @Pseudologic Another disconnect in your logic here, you said:

    This is murder (although not premeditated) of a child that was allegedly going to be kept.

    Using consistent logic, that would necessarily make abortion premeditated murder in your mind.

  19. @Pseudologic I see, so in this case, the Prosecutor and the law is not the determining factor, and to keep things consistent, it should be the mother of this child that not only dictates that it is prosecuted as a murder, but also to be the judge and jury. I guess when you put it that way it makes all the sense in the world and the view that it is a murder. Or is it that this is just selective ethics?

  20. @kamphwagon1 Just like with every protest by youthful protesters, they are always quick to talk about their own rights yet never seem to realize that all citizens have the same rights as well as property rights that they violate as well as interfering with commerce. Are you saying that these kids rights are more important than the rights of other citizens they are violating?

  21. @kamphwagon1 “right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances” would be the exact wording in the 1st amendment that I am getting at in this conversation. Just because protest against business has happened before doesn’t mean that it’s now legal. BTW, I am approaching this discussion completely objectively, you should too.

  22. @kamphwagon1 Every state has different statute and even some of them make no sense such as New York’s that if challenged in federal court, would be overturned, just like the outragous 2nd amendment violation they have. In my municipality a person can be trespassed out of a business and arrested for violating it. Property rights are not, but were intended to be in the constitution. This includes deadly force to protect your property.

  23. @maconsumner Correction to that

    Property rights are not, but were intended to be absolute in the constitution. Federalist paper 10 and 54 written by Franklin and Madison would seem to support that claim. As far as the sit in go in at Woolworths though it wasn’t a smart business practice to base service on anything other than a customers’ ability to pay for it, it was legal for Woolworths to refuse service. Again, not smart, but legal.

  24. @kamphwagon1 Three problems with you intelligent and well considered response though, First, the miscarriage didn’t happen until 2 days later and there is no way that they can prove that this action had anything to do with the miscarriage. Second, she didn’t die and was otherwise unhurt. Third, this being the case, she should be charged with reckless endangerment for her culpability in it. There was no way that she could claim she didn’t know there was a possibility of violent interaction.

  25. @kamphwagon1 On the public property point you made, there is slight wiggle room for us to agree on that, however, in each case city ordinance applies and in most cases these kids did not obtain the required permits and are not observing the laws regarding not just camping, but nuisance noise and public behavior standards that they can be arrested for. I would not consider what the police did in most cases to be assault and I am fairly sure most judges would agree with me.

  26. "You need to do something" – What needs to be done is for a fund to be raised to fly in all the medical experts from around the word to testify that the police are at fault.

    OR for the officer to have the decency to admit their guilt.

  27. @kamphwagon1 That a Democratic government is going to be totalitarian is a forgone conclusion and evidenced everywhere Democracy has been practiced around the world throughout history. That is why our form of government is suppose to be a Republic. I am not seeing where she was kicked by anyone, I only hear that she is claiming that she was kicked. Regardless, I think we agree that she being there in her condition was irresponsible on her part leading to my assertion of her culpability.

  28. @kamphwagon1 It's a clear cut case of police brutality at the least if her claim is credible

    And there is her problem with it, she has no proof and to say that any witnesses from the mob are credible is ridiculous. They have an agenda,that would without doubt sway anything they have to say. This is not peaceful protest and many of the mob are doing everything they can to create a Kent St. moment.

  29. The question is 1) did the police have the legal right to use any force; and 2) was the force used excessive under the circumstances. If the answer to both these questions is "yes" (and, as usual, the Pakman report sheds no light on either of these questions), then the police are not legally responsible for the unfortunate result. The fact that death unexpectedly results from the use of force not likely to cause death or serious bodily harm is irrelevant.

  30. @kamphwagon1 Why on God's green earth would their not be police showing up to civil unrest? Are you suggesting that they just ignore it all as these people violate city ordinance and interfere with commerce? The police did show, as they are expected to do and the anarchists in the crowd did what they do and provoked violent contact in order to create propaganda. Look just on youth, every one of the violent interactions were provoked by the protesters.

  31. @maconsumner I don't agree, at least not emphatically. The "Occupy" protesters are on a whole peaceful, and there seems to be a consensus among them that any violence will result in a loss of sympathy. The problem is, when they create a self-sustaining community campground, criminals, mentally-ill persons, etc. "free ride" on the structure created by the true protesters, reaping the benefits of cooperation without contributing, and often causing trouble by stealing, acts of violence, etc.

  32. @eswyatt OK, we can agree on something here, I agree that some of the protesters are entering this in good faith with what they think is a point. I saw one of them that was yelling about ending the federal reserve, but most listening to him had blank expressions on their faces and clearly didn't understand what he was saying. Unfortunately, those who are there just to raise hell are stealing the spotlight. Whether those with a point are the majority or not.

  33. @kamphwagon1 No contradiction at all, read the 10th amendment closely and you will understand why local municipality has the right to establish city ordinance and state law as long as it does not contradict anything in the constitution or bill of rights. Then careful read the 1st amendment and you will see why the mob is not protected by the constitution. "Redress of grievances against the government" are the key words, not private enterprise.

  34. @kamphwagon1 It was government regulation that caused the problem in the first place, and if you are redressing a grievance against the government, why are the protests in the financial districts around the country and not at federal and state government buildings? Like with all things around your position, you are misguided about the tax codes. I would venture a guess that the majority involved in the protest are at a income level that they pay no income tax at all.

  35. @kamphwagon1 The problem is that the politicians that you all voted for are available to be bought in the first place. One of the major ones just said he isn't running for reelection (Barney Frank) because even he sees that the writing is on the wall with people finally figuring out that government caused the problem in the first place. See how this is done? All the expletives just use up your 500 characters and don't add anything to any point you may have.

  36. @kamphwagon1 Paul? no, there are things about him that are very disconserting. He seems dangerously ignorant about somt things.

  37. Who ever did the subtitling in this video needs a hearing aid with the amount of misinterpreted words they included in the closed captioning.

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