Miscarriage at 5 weeks ?

hey guys so I wanted to pop on here real quick and sorry that's the microwave don't mind the dinner dishes in the sink I was not feeling the greatest two dishes last night which they'll be done today but I just want to pop on here real quick so I was late for my period which in the last eight months my period has either been early or exactly to the T when my app says it's gonna start well my cycles between 28 days and 30 and I started I'm gonna say Sunday night I started no no Monday morning I started spotting and sorry I just took a sip of soda and it's talking back so Saturday night no guys I can't even think today okay so Sunday night we got some bad news I don't want to go into it but between that and what's been going on I think it stressed me out and I started spotting Monday which I thought you know I guess maybe I'm starting my period but it didn't feel like my period and you know how you can tell when your periods coming like it's just a feeling you have and you know what it feels like when your periods coming but it didn't feel like that so I told my husband on Sunday that if I hadn't started that I would take a test this coming Thursday well the bleedin didn't wasn't like when I had my period so was like iffy and it turns out sad to say that I was miscarrying it's my first miscarriage ever I started passing tissue last night I was a mess I hardly slept last night I cried myself to sleep and my husband's arms because we've been trying for six years sorry we've been trying for a second for six tears and this is the second time that I was ever pregnant and of six years we finally conceived and I guess the stress got to me what was going on and I guess it wasn't meant to be but it doesn't mean it's not easy because like I said when you're trying for so long and you finally get pregnant you didn't even know you were pregnant and you lose it so yeah last night was not easy but I just thought I'd pop on here and let you guys know what was going on sorry my hair is a mess cuz I just barely got up and I just put water on my hair because it was sticking up but that's why it looks like a mess and I just pop on here and give you guys an update not the update that I'd want to give you guys but sometimes you have to be real and um I'll check back in with you guys in the next few days and yeah I hope you guys have an awesome Wednesday and I'll talk to you guys again soon bye

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