34 Replies to “Miscarriage: Breaking the silence- Cece Ojany Bekhor”

  1. Are you sure you were pregnant this are the same words I was asked when I lost my child the worst experience ever but in all we thank God for the grace which always sufficient.

  2. Wooooow…
    I was asked the same question by the lady who did my ultrasound… "are you sure you are pregnant coz I can't see anything "
    Tht statement hurts till date…. I lost that child at that time but
    I Thank God that am now a mum to my 2 weeks old son

  3. I rem my first miscarriage the technician didn't say anything but told us to wait for a doc for almost an hour bt when the doc came he said that I had a missed miscarriage which I didn't accept until I was given the pills for abortion

  4. Am 26 right now but my mom has gone several miscarriage until on 2017 November when she got pregnant. Trust me guys she has been carrying that pregnancy till today over 15 months. I feel sorry for her considering that I can't help her. Poor mum she's suffering. Whenever I think about her tears roll down

  5. Wow, what a story! I am so encouraged, my story is worse, i am optimistic i will give birth to my 4th born after 3 miscarriages.the first 2 being 6 weeks old and the last one 6months old.

  6. Strength to you Coach Cece. Thank you for sharing your story to encourage other women. You are a beautiful woman inside out. I was deeply honored to meet you at one of your public coaching sessions.

  7. So sorry for your loss.
    Just a note though, medical attention should have been sought at the first bleeding. You would have been advised in bed rest.

  8. I really feel for you lakini ujaluo nayo…….mambo ni kufly fly fly…..australia manenos ……eeeiiish yawa

  9. That's a beautiful story to share and encourage women who have gone through the same that its still possible and they can ….gal you look splendid for your age….thought you were under age until you said you were 36 at the time…wait What!!

  10. I've cried so bitterly, I feel your pain. Thank you for talking about something that is considered a taboo.

  11. I went through one in 2012 that has made me til now barren.i feel very bitter and cant help hating that child who made me barren.

  12. It is well, it is well, that was my mom's message every time to me…what can I say? Some days are good, some are horrible. Peace to you Cece.

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