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  1. I had miscarriage on 21 Nov 13 weeks pregnancy I still bleeding but thr blood look like brown coffee colour 17th day is it normal

  2. I was afraid I would cause a miscarriage where I worked (Alzeihmers unit) cuz I was lifting heavy, bed ridden people, i was up and down constantly changing their pants, and avoiding kicks and punches they threw at times but I'm 37 weeks now and I've even been hit in the stomach by two residents as well. I think my boy is just used it lol I did quit at 30 weeks though because I felt like a burden when I could no longer help toilet these people or lift them because my pubic bone pain was so bad. A few residents would get angry and try and aim for my stomach when it became more obvious I was pregnant so I decided to leave.
    I think all the walking has done me good there because he has been engaged in my pelvis since for sure week 33 but probably even before that. My cervix is thinned out and I'm 1cm dilated.
    Just wanted to let women know you're tanks and not to baby yourself too much. Babies are actually quite good parasites 🙂

  3. I was wondering is it possible if you get diagnosed with a miscarriage and later months down the road and you hear a heartbeat can you still be pregnant?

  4. i miscarried at five weeks and six days, but i am having significant bleeding and clotting, so much to the point to where i passed out on the second day of this. I thought for sure everything was done, but i went back to the doctor for an ultrasound and there is still more! I was given meds to try to help expel the remaining tissue and nothing happend. Why do i have so much tissue, clotting , and bleeding, with such an early miscarriage? !

  5. Thank you I had a loss 7 months ago and I feel I just got closure at age 48 it happened and it was heartbreaking and something I wish on no woman. 

  6. Thanks Doc. I like your informative approach. I recently underwent a D and C after a miscarriage of 10weeks. I have heard that its good to wait for 3 cycles before getting pregnant again. Is that true? Or is it fine to just wait for a cycle and then try for another pregnancy. I have emotionally made up my mind and I am doing well after my D and C also. So, if my ready mentally and physically, waiting for 3 cycles seem a little too far and depressing.

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