Miscarriage research at the University of Birmingham

It’s affected our whole life, not having
children. It’s what you want and seeing everybody else have that as a natural, normal
process, is heart-breaking. When you consider one in four pregnancies
ends in miscarriage, that means that all of us will, in all likelihood, know somebody who’s
miscarried. The fact that we are unaware tells us what we need to know about how emotive
and how painful that issue is. We experienced three miscarriages. For the
first one particularly you’re in absolute shock. You have these hopes and dreams of becoming
a dad and your life going in a different direction and sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. The last one was just, [sigh], feeling like
oh, I don’t know what else we’re going to be able to do now, until you come to a
realisation of okay, this is the end of the road, it’s not going to happen. Unexplained miscarriage is something faced
by hundreds of couples across the UK every month. They don’t know what’s wrong and
they don’t really have any answers. Here we’re looking at something where we can
change that and potentially mean they don’t ever have to face it again. Imagine a future
where a man can take a supplement that means that his wife isn’t at risk of that male
cause of unexplained miscarriage. There is a desperate need for further funds
to extend the work and we would be able to start work on some key questions without any
delay and have some breakthroughs in the coming year or two. Sometimes I’m absolutely fine and other
times, you know, I kind of think oh, if only, what if, you know, my life would be so much
different and actually you still grieve for the life you would have had. Years on I still feel, I still feel there’s
a little bit missing and there’s a piece of that puzzle that actually I can’t put
in its place. This research is offering an opportunity to
avoid couples facing that pain of miscarriage. I can’t think of a better cause in terms
of doing something to really change another human being’s suffering than this.

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