Miscarriage Update 💜

hey everyone it's amanda with my life my way I am doing a live update apparently in the rain which started five seconds ago as I was putting the update saying I was gonna go live so I know we told the – bit of mark just look everybody like a chance to come on that way I don't answer the same questions over and over and over again just keeps anybody who does want to pop on so you can skip ahead to that point if you're watching me a little later but – Toria so I'm I'm actually sitting I'm gonna show you guys this hi Heather I'm actually sitting in a graveyard oh can you see another window I don't know if you can am I not why not very well um I am in a grave very deep Emmett in Alberta Canada and I'm if the rain stops gonna do one of my like new kind of hobbies so hi peachy last year when I started looking for my family in Germany I found this group called find a grave and it's a website that you can use to like look up some of your family's history using this website you can actually like I can see my grandmother's gray stone and stuff so that's really cool hi ever um so I became sort of like part of the group and yes it's a little macabre that Heather but I'm a paramedic and for all a little weird so what happens is that people send a request saying I think like so-and-so is buried in this graveyard can you go take a picture for me so if this rain stops I'm actually gonna go circle the graveyard and look for their relatives grave and then take a picture and send it back to them so even if they're not here or even in Canada they could be on the other side the world it doesn't matter and they'll be able to like see their own family members gravestone it's kind of a neat thing it's sort of surreal when you see like an actual relative for the first time and realized that it's not just I know I was kind of weird the first time I saw one so I really liked it so that's kind of what I'm about to do if it stops raining but on that it's just a really beautiful place to be it's really pretty out here so hi everybody so we got the two-minute back so we're gonna actually talk about like what's kind of going on and all that kind of jazz I think this miscarriage is finally or I'm gonna go do blood work on Tuesday because I'm working tomorrow that should confirm that it's over it was at 9:00 about a week and a half ago and then last this past week actually I finally got a period so I think it should be over I think it should be done we should be back to zero and kind of back to a regular baseline going forward we're actually not gonna try for a little bit I'm like I'm not gonna avoid trying but I'm not gonna take any medications when I couldn't do anything until we get the test results back from the genetics that my husband and I did so if you missed that update we're thinking there might be something called a balanced translocation on one of the two sides and basically what that means is when you're created two of your chromosomes kind of like swap places and you have 13 pairs right so it's not all of them that are damaged it's just one off of two different pairs that kind of swap places and when you're sharing this genetic material with your child they only get one of each pair right so if they get both the normal ones it's fine no issue if they get both the broken ones it's actually fine and there's no issue because they end up with the same genetic material you did Jane you just end up with the same balanced translocation you had the problem happens when only one damaged one and one healthy one from the other side go into your child and basically what that means is that it's not if they get too much genetic material of one of them and not enough of the other because they've swapped places right so you end up with too much one not enough of the other and it's not usually compatible with life and they usually end up a miscarriage from what I understood it actually commonly is resulting in bloodied ovum's which is where you end up with a baby that fertilizes it grows a second and the baby kind of Peters out dies and then you eventually miscarry that as well and I've had two of those now out of the three miscarriages we've had two of them were butted ovum seen on ultrasounds so that might be our problem if it's not I don't know what is but it's getting super frustrating we do we are saving the money to go back to Europe again to do another round of IVF in Prague which I'm super excited about but to be honest if we can fix the issue or we end up getting pregnant being able to stay pregnant we're probably gonna go anyways because I'd like to go back to Germany to visit my great-aunt again I've been learning German to speak to my great-aunts without needing an interpreter when we were there last time around I got to meet her for the first time as an adult I apparently met her when I was 16 but I really have like our thirteenth sorry but I have no real recollection other than like I remember there was a big like family get-together thing and somebody from Germany came over and then there was zero connection with what that actually meant to me and how she was related to my family and any of that kind of stuff takes some of this rain off I hear that you guys were looking at um it's friendly not raining anymore it's beautiful out now but I've been learning German so I can talk to her because we go way back to Germany or went into Germany Baxter he went into Germany last year when we were going for IVF my cousins were there and they speak fluent English and fluent Germans and they realized they were able to kind of go back and forth between the two of us but it really really nice just like have it even a brief conversation where they're like hey how's going and I love you all in German I've gotten to that point so I'm now everything else is just bonus so I'm slowly learning slowly but uh yeah I'm finally catching up oh my god life has gotten crazy I don't know what happened but like everything kind of fell apart we've gotten so rained on like today is the I saved today is a nice day we just got rained on for like five seconds and yesterday was really nice but for the last like week or so we've been getting solid rain like I mowed my grass on Friday because it was the first day we did not have rain in days in almost a week and there was like six inches of grass in my backyard if not eight in some spots like it was crazy um there was so much grass so I mowed it on Friday even though it was too much actually well it was sort of semi-dry and I took it and I ran with it because the like forecast for this week said we were supposed to get thunderstorms and rain showers like all week this week you know what I can't I can't let it go like it was this tall like you can't it can't grow further than that it was like a small jungle in my backyard my figured barely grows like it would've been a big deal but my backyard might have swallowed a small dog thankfully I have a big one but like it could have swallowed it was swallowed a small dog so he put it on Friday – nope three bags a three full like garbage bags of grass went out on Friday it was crazy I was four three batteries on my poor little electric mower was just like hammering it down so if anybody tells you electric Mahler's won't do it they are lying to you if they totally well we have a little Ryobi one so I don't have to like pull cord it you just push the button and squeeze and it's gone it starts just awesome for me but he mowed it again today because it's finally been nice played two days and now that the grass is shorter from my take down job on Friday it's actually dry and it still took out another like full-on mower bag full of grass from like the little mohawk so you guys know what I'm talking about when he when it's too long and too wet you like the Mohawks that stand back up in between your mowing lines wherever you're like tires trying to pack down it was ridiculous I looked through the back here where I let my dog out this morning like hmm if it doesn't rain by this afternoon cuz I had some work to do this morning it was gonna happen um yeah that's pretty much like all the way of going on I finally got like my house is all clean my yards all cleaned up I got the weeding done it's phenomenal how's it go in um so that's them I think that's pretty much everything I have going on and finally gonna like catch up I got some studying to do for German I got some studying to do for EMI stuff I gotta catch up on my emails if you guys have been leaving me comments I gotta catch up on those too it's been like three weeks since I was able to respond back I am soon we're sorry I will get back to them I'm hoping tonight actually is kind of my plan it's gonna be one of my projects I do today so anyways I'm gonna let you guys go I'm gonna go see if I can find the gravestone of the family member that somebody is looking for in this graveyard that I'm sitting in and we'll talk to you guys later okay take care of yourself be good to you and I'll see you guys later bye

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