Miscarriages Illegal If Rep. Gets His Way

this episode of the young taxes brought to
you by going to need online meetings made easy every tried goto meeting dot com click
on the try it free button and enter the promo code tears this is got to be the worse l’alma country its proposed law and georgia it’s from a state
representative bobby franklin and you know we’ve been giving you a lot of
these their laws that the republicans are trying to pass out the country limiting abortion but this one uh… is by far the worst now why we’re giving you
some hideous once right well get a lot of this bonnie franklin says that uh… uh… fetuses or and i just reduces their
quote prenatal citizens and that abortion uh… of prenatal citizens
is of course murder punishable by up to the death penalty now that law if it pass would be in direct confirmation
of national law but he doesn’t care i mean do that serb reporters rolled on roe
versus wade you can’t make abortion legal he dun give a damn okay but he’s just getting warms up he says that miscarriages can also be a legal
they can also be punished as a felony maybe all the way opted death you’re receiving a
death sentence right he says you have to prove in a miscarriage there was
quote no human involvement whatsoever in the causation so if you have a miscarriage which by the way is incredibly common for
those of you are aware that if you haven’t gone through it have is it about a quarter of the pregnancies
equity to some uh… studies okay that you get a miscarriage of in if this law
passed you’d have to go to the cops and proved to
them but there was no human involvement what if you fail what what if you were i think
i knew somebody but i thought maybe terrible missing u_s_
skiing ride but i think argued in the death penalty uh… it was early on in their premises some
people don’t even know that’s a third part of this law okay um… it he says that uh… the woman is quote
uh… responsible for protecting their fetuses from the moment of conception but from moment to section you don’t know
if there’s a lot of times you don’t know for three weeks and then you don’t know for six
weeks and if you happen to lose a baby which again
is incredibly come in that time you have to go in front of a judge i guess or the cops
and say i’m sorry that i let my prenatal citizen go i didn’t even know i had a more are whatever
it is a reside goat and i think and and i i i promise i had no you know mother
please though put me in jail from a again give me
a life sentence do i have to tell you i that this is beyond
all bounds of reason that this is madness limp but here’s and the question i think i’m
back to because really if you’re a woman in georgia is this what you voted for it is this what
you want you want somebody to take he to trying new
everything it came in town is a miscarriage and accuse you and make you prove that it
wasn’t your fault and there was no human involvement and if he can’t prove it to put you in jail
maybe for your life now this is the it’s not just illegal it’s it’s really repulsive it’s sickening
and by the way is an anti woman come on man don’t know what i saw the prove that case you still think on uh… no they just care
about the rights of prenatal citizens look at how much disdain he has for warren
all you have a miscarriage is probably your political mintier prove it was here paul elisa
matures you with amer spitz grotesque some text in new york it really sucks because
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100 Replies to “Miscarriages Illegal If Rep. Gets His Way”

  1. Come on, this guy is playing politics. He knows it would NEVER become law. He most likely knows it would never survive any Constitutional test if it ever did. He is proposing it so he can point at it to his voters (who are probably radically pro-life in his district) as his 'bono-fides' to secure the most far right position on abortion; getting him votes & fund raising.

    The reason you don't see more of this from radically pro-life districts is most Rep have their eyes on larger offices

  2. Man! oh! MAN ….. Oh my that's easy for him to say. How many babies did he have?
    How many women have voted for him? Please,let us know if women across the nation stand with this ANTI reality loving man.

  3. @Rettequetette I think that happens all the time. Just have a look at the abortion statistics. And no I would not want to be with a woman like that, but I`m sure many men are.

  4. 3:39 Ana don't ever leave this show. Oh, about the story, this guy is a lunatic. What is he a republican in the bible belt or something? Oh… Well there you go. This is why I find it hard to be conservative.

  5. I think there needs to be a base knowledge of law and history prerequisite to hold office. Not a degree or anything, but some basic understanding of the system you are put in charge of. If you are going to be a part of running the country? You should know how the system works. What a dumbass.

  6. @hollygolightly66 I wouldn't say thats not God's doing, I would say that just sucks! But wft??? Seriously! That is the biggest woman hater I have ever seen!

  7. This proposed law takes pro-life to its natural conclusion. Every blastocyst is sacred and the death of every clump of cells must be investigated. It would be hard to prove murder beyond a reasonable doubt, but think of the fun for the attys.

  8. How would the government know if you had a miscarriage let alone conception? are they going to have gov't mandated pregnancy test?

  9. When i saw the title i assumed it was about a poorly worded proposal that inadvertently made miscarriages illegal, but this is rediculous.

  10. @Bellita1 I think that the point is that a person with this kind of views is even in office and a law like this was even purposed.

  11. All of that on top of how emotionally painful a miscarriage can be for some women,i've got some horror stories i'd be glad to tell that mofo.

  12. Fucking GOP man. The burden of proof lies with the state, not with the mother. And what the fuck ever happened to limited government? Oh yeah, they just limit it where it could shift some wealth from the super rich to the rest of us, because god forbid the Koch bros make a little less. But when it comes to raping me with the fuckin bible, they love big government.

  13. Anyone's free to support or vote for this guy, but if they do, they officially forfeit their right to criticize Islam, or any other religion or culture, for that matter, for their treatment of women.

  14. ….So according to this, if you have sex in France, while travelling, and are a US Citizen, then your child is actually French!

    MERDE! …. thats french for SHIT!

  15. @Soopahkoopah101 There is no "simply" about going through 9 months of incredible physical changes, as well as the many risks of pregnancy itself, along with the risks and PAIN of labor, not to mention the incredible bonding chemicals that make it nearly impossible for a new mother to hand over her child (even one she didn't want), meaning more women would end up keeping those children on a moments notice, destroying not only their own lives but often the childs too.

    No "simple" exists here.

  16. Do keep in mind that this loser politician may well be employing the "ask for something huge to gain something smaller and viable" technique. If he "takes out" the offensive miscarriage lingo, people wont' see his anti-woman and anti-abortion stance as "so offensive" any longer, and he even gets to say "I negotiated with my rivals, look how great a politician I am."

    Don't fall for his baiting. BURY him, politically. Put these idiots down and stop giving them power over other people.

  17. @Soopahkoopah101 So, in case you didn't understand me, no, if someone doesn't want a baby, they DO in fact have the right to choose not to expend 9+ months of terrible risks and permenant changes in their life just so some selfish WASPy family somewhere can adopt a cute little unwanted infant instead of one of the MILLIONS of children already in our state foster systems. Women are not incubators for people who "want" something, the foster system is bursting and rife with abuse. Still "simple?"

  18. The other thing that Cenk missed here: What about innocent until proven guilty? The burden of proof has ALWAYS been on the prosecutor, but now they're going to make the accused women prove they're innocent?

  19. So, now women who have miscarriages will not seek the medical care they need. They will be too afraid. They will have to deal in secrecy with the grief of losing their unborn baby because they will be too afraid to talk about it with anyone. This misogynist twists his knife with the greatest precision. It's time for Georgia to abort this idiot.

  20. My mom went through a miscarriage once, and it was a very terrible experience for her. It was absolutely not her fault, and she has always been extremely careful with her physical activities and diet when pregnant with my siblings and I. Just the thought of her having to prove it wasn't her fault makes me furious! Imagine topping off losing your potential child with being charged with its murder! Everyone, regardless of your thoughts on abortion, should be COMPLETELY AGAINST this!

  21. @NudistInTheRye Wait a minute… you're telling me the abortion statistics show how pregnancies are intentional at first, and during their pregnancy suddenly women decide to have an abortion?
    I would really like to see those statistics.

  22. @Rettequetette There are millions of abortions, is what I mean by check the statistics. And do you think all those abortions were welcomed by the fathers? I don`t think so.

  23. If killing unborn children is treated as a crime, then why don't MILLIONS of miscarriages aka natural abortions, are not entitled to a full funeral service, grave and name?

    My friend had a miscarriage and as much as it sucked for her, she never once thought of a service, or a name to be appropriate.

  24. I agree with many comments stating that male politicians should stay away from vaginas (in more ways than one). Personally, I think male politicians that submit any legislation governing a woman's reproductive function should be arrested for impersonating doctors.

  25. Most people that voted in November voted out of anger and confusion, and we are now seeing the consequences.

  26. I really don't feel sorry for the people of GA
    You voted them in so you deal with them.
    If i lived in GA and the law went through i would move.
    All the women should move,but not be allowed to vote for 4yrs in a new state.
    They might vote another crazy in!!

  27. What are these law makers thinking, it's totally ridiculous to even think about a law like this let alone vote on it, Whats next? Put rape victims to death for allowing it to happen, Put fornicators to death, Put victims of crime to death if they piss their pants during a violent crime, How about putting people to death if they have a vegetable garden ih their back yard or if people demand law makers like this go through a mental evaluation. Thats the craziest I can think of, I'm not a law maker

  28. The only person this law will help is some sociopathic dude who accidentally gets a pro-life chick knocked up, puts something in her coffee or whtvr, and then she gets the death-sentence. Great for him. For all the rest of humanity? Disastrous. I say harvest the senators organs, that's the only contribution he can make to mankind.

  29. @PsychStudent85 Maybe they just care about unborn babies. If you havent realized, everyone who has an opinion has already been born.

  30. the men who voted for that bastard are sexists and the women who voted for him are fucking traitors to women everywhere…

  31. @KimInLosAngeles American woman have less freedom than Iraq woman, LOL at the stupid fucking moron Americans. These idiots have their fingers on the nuke button?? WTF.

  32. Is this man freakin' insane?…Miscarraiges ILLEGAL?! How did THIS guy get elected into office?! Okay, folks…if there was a time now to apply your right to Recall a Congressman – now's the time…Georgia is on the list of States that CAN recall their Senators. Wisconsin is working on theirs…Georgia, it's your turn to have someone put into office with more mental capacity then a turnip! Booyah!

  33. Once again the GOP is telling you that your body is not yours. Today it's miscarriages tomorrow is what , aids? Pretty soon you will will be fined for catching a cold. This is their defenition of healthcare. Incarcerating women with miscarriages.

  34. @PsychStudent85 dude was your answer influnced by george carlin? if it was YOU ARE AWESOME, if not you should listen to him, your statement sounds exactly like his! XD you'd agree with a lot he says, obviously >.< LOL

  35. My brother and sister in law went through five years of trying to have kids, and she miscarried and lost twins at 7 months along. I know how devastating, and absolutely emotionally-wrecking that was for them, and for all of us. To attack women in that time of crisis, distress, and emotional torment, when they may already have tremendous feelings of guilt over the miscarriage in the first place is despicable, and disgusting. This is a miscarriage of justice.

  36. i wonder how he would like it if his wife had a miscarriage, and she got thrown in jail for life? this guy has no empathy whatsoever.

  37. This guy is fucked up for trying to put a law like this and so are everyone who voted him in. It would be a more humane act to just round them all up and burn them at the stake. Not that this would be right either but it makes more sense than that total BS inhumane law. Lol πŸ˜›

  38. @CardinalRaker Oh god I love you dude! If I where gay… I'd fall for you in a heartbeat. Then you could show me your hate (all night long! :D), I'd cook in your kitchen and clean your house, I can't get babies so no need for abortions and on sundays we could torture little bunnys! And you know why I would do all that? Because I laugh so hard at all the BS your saying! It cracks me up man πŸ˜€ Pleeeease respond to this. Don't be shy πŸ˜€

  39. @FuulieQ Isn't the guy just awsome? I just can't stop laughing. Must be the 10th time I've read his BS commets here πŸ˜€

  40. Read the bill! The reference to miscarriage is specifically to EXCLUDE miscarriages, not prosecute them. There is already a law on the books in Georgia that you have to report miscarriages and for authorities to investigate. He is quoting this part of the already existing code because he is amending part of it to remove abortions. Please, get your facts straight. All this hoopla is just scare tactics and hysteria building. Ridiculous. You should read the bill before yakking about it.

  41. I wonder if Alex Jones has trumpeted on his radio show about this law. If anything is bringing us to tyranny it's laws like these.

  42. scenario: husband beats wife, wife is pregnant. wife gets miscarriage, wife gets death penalty for not being careful?
    scenario: wife pregnant, accident happens: football, car, trip and fall. she gets the penalty for going in the way on purpose?

  43. Abortion is legal. Sorry to say it, but it is. If your religious beliefs tell you that abortion is wrong, here's the simple solution:


  44. Miscarriage is probably much more common than 25%, abortion of defective foetuses by natural miscarriage is a natural life process! Who is this moron Bobby Frank?!

  45. I wish guys like this would just go ahead and die some times. Fortunately for him, I believe that life is sacred & actually practice what I preach. Is abortion terrible? Yes. Do I have any right to stop women from having them? No. I can just look at them and say, "Do what you have to do. Live life to the fullest. God bless." The same as with this guy. I can just say, "Shut the fuck up. Think about more than yourself. God bless you. You're going to need it."

  46. Why stop there? Lets put all doctors in jail for failing to to cure cancer. And lets put all pharmacists in jail since drugs can kill people. It'll never end!

  47. I think that if this passes male adulterers should be put to death its only fair and in the bible.

  48. I feel nothing but absolute disdain for this man and anyone who shares his opinion on miscarriage and women.

  49. Bobby Franklin is dead. Well, I wish the best for his family, but I can't help but be glad that his heinous war against women is over.

  50. @zperra Oh don't worry about Doctors. On the contrary to what you've suggested, failing to cure Cancer would likely get them a pat on the back and a big thumbs up from the Christian Right. After all, such research is "playing God" , and interfering with his "plan" for the cancer patient. And we can't have that can we? Praise Jesus . *end sarcasm*

  51. @fyfytj Many, if not most pro-lifers avidly support captial punishment, they are also the pro-war contingent. Their complete hypocrisy, double-standards and inconsistency is well known.

  52. @untrackedvariable Indeed. Pro-Lifers who have the knee-jerk reaction of going crying out that "Abortion is Murder" need to go and get some understanding and knowledge basic criminal law terminology. No matter how much they think it's immoral it simply IS NOT MURDER by pure definition. No debating it, it's a FACT.

  53. Did Bobby Franklin's death have any human involvement? By his own logic, they should arrest and execute the doctor who gave him his heart medication, because it didn't work.

  54. you would think that if you want to minimize abortions, you would support birth control. But no. These goat fucking republicans are so against anything sexual, they don't even want you having sex.

  55. they just want to make money from countless women that will probly end up on probation ,if they start putting women to death over this you can bet your ass that all of our rights will soon after be snatched away..the people that are standing behind bills like this should be hung as traitors against america and the constitution

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