Miscarriages, Infants and Young Children on the Other Side

welcome to the life after life podcast where we explore our souls physical and non-physical journey I'm Madonna let's discuss angels guides and loved ones from the other side hello and welcome you have Thomas and Madonna hello back so what happens when we talked about this a little bit on another podcast if an infant what happens when an infant chooses to take an exit and that's kind of a heart pulling topic so I want to do two things one is help reframe that because I think as parents we often look at that as what did I do wrong and we try to we've have guilt or shame or blame lots of negative energy around that but if you look at this from a Souls journey you know we just don't know and there's a I think it's completely possible that that soul only needed to experience what you offered at that time maybe that soul only needed to know what it was like to be in utero for a period of time and feel that rush of hormones and feel that love that you were sending who knows I mean that sounds that's legitimate to me yeah miscarriages too yeah exactly I don't think it's that anybody did anything wrong it just is and on a soul's perspective that's a very legitimate experience you know miscarriages will come through they do come through yes yes somebody will say let's say that there's been a miscarriage in somewhere along the way and you get a reading and somebody says so do you have two kids and I said no I have one oh yeah yeah but they'll come through like that so so one reason I want to bring this up is because if that has happened to you and you're still grieving that know that if that child come through to you that's just confirmation as far as I'm concerned that they got exactly what they needed they didn't need to be born and have a long earth experience you gave them what they needed and they're part of your soul pod so then the other thing that can happen when they come through and this is kind of fun is they don't obviously come through as a baby but they come through as a toddler usually my experience has been like up to five years old so this was kind of cool that my mother actually miscarried that wasn't the cool part it was before I was born and that baby's name was going to be Justin once I had my son Justin started showing up at my house and at first I just kept seeing this boy and I was like who is this he wasn't there at the beginning he waited until Brock was probably three four years old so old enough to play with him and I would see even when we would pull up to the house I would see Justin looking out the window and he had toys Brock had toys that Justin liked I think that's what got him there in the first place and that was pretty cool that like there was a battery-operated backhoe you know such a boy toy and nobody would be in the playroom and all of a sudden this backhoe would start making the sounds that you would have to it would make automatically when you moved moved it in certain ways or you could push a button and Brock would not be in there and yet the backhoe started started going off that's when I was like alright who is this and I kind of tuned in and it was Justin it took me a while to figure out who Justin was and it was the fact that he really kind of looked like my younger brother so if that means is that what he would have looked like maybe I don't know but at least that was a clue to help me identify who Justin was then just a couple weeks ago I was talking to a friend that I haven't seen in a very long time and she was telling me how her grandson and daughter live with her and she said you know sometimes I just hear things in the house and the other night I swear it sounded like a marble was in my room and I fell off the dresser and rolled across the floor and I looked and I didn't see a marble but it sounded like it rolled down the hall and as she was seeing this I saw this child and I said oh that wasn't for you that was for your grandson and described this child and she said I said who would that be you know we're talking about a boy about his age who and its family it's definitely family who would that be and she had to think about it a minute and then remembered her grandmother had lost a child at three years old had lost little boy at three years old before her before my friend's mom was born so if this child showed up now to play with his what would that be cousin who's now about the same age so they kind of show up when the time is right so I don't know maybe an interesting experiment would be to just have some toys out if you have someone you would like to contact a child and see if they show up to play you know this was interesting I mentioned a podcast ago that went on a little walk in the evening and my whole family that I was aware of showed up very vividly I mean you talk about Wow was it ever yeah that was that that's what that was one of the ones who was there fairly quickly as the family began to build and just kept revealing themselves was my mother's sister she died of kidney cancer at about age six and this was in the 1930s would have been the late mid 30s and they didn't have any treatment for that back then right and boy did she I mean she was just so vivid and alive and she showed up to you one time she did as well yeah a few months ago so so there's the child now reappearing and being involved and I just think that is just cooler than it can be there is so much we don't understand there is if you just open up just know that they are involved no matter their age and they love you and just because you can't see them oftentimes you feel it and you might think oh gosh you know they just came to my mind or I thought I felt it just trust that you did trust that they are there your eyes don't know everything there's a lot we don't know right so I hope this brings some comfort and some excitement to maybe some things that are happening in your life and we look forward to seeing you on two places Facebook we have a Facebook page it is life after life radio we would love to get people on there and be interactive and have fun sharing stories and questions and just all kinds of good stuff and then also we have a up and running face I mean website life after life radio.com if you go on there we've got some free downloads audio and video downloads and I'm also doing sessions and you can sign up for a session the calendar is on there so that would be great I would love to serve as interpreter for you in the meantime namaste

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