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it's important to me when we're deciding whether or not abortion should continue to be legal across these United States is that we have women making some of those decisions what is unfortunate to see is that across this nation there have been legislators and there have been governor's to be making these decisions and signing bills without women around them without getting meaningful feedback from women what is it declared in well I'm at the limits of my medical knowledge I don't know because I I'm not smart enough to know what causes abortions and what doesn't the bill is just written if it causes an abortion and people smarter and they you can figure out what that means you've never been pregnant you don't know what it's like to be pregnant you don't know what a woman goes through when she's pregnant senator I don't know if I'm smart enough to be pregnant it's so surprising to see that some legislators just don't understand that and like don't know like not knowing what birth control is just blows my mind wearing the Miss USA sash reminds me that I represent people all across this nation that includes people who are Democrats that includes people who are Republicans that includes people who are black that includes people who are white and Hispanic and Asian everybody whether they support abortion or whether they don't we need more female leadership adding to the conversation yeah I feel like I'm just saying I'm screwed stating the obvious I don't like

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  1. She doesn’t seem to understand that abortions target people with her skin color and seems okay with the fact that she had a higher chance of being aborted than her fellow white contestants.

  2. There is an endless line of women who are pro life to the extreme. I am one. Do not speak on my behalf. I champion these men legislatures who stand up for life.

  3. A women signed the bill in Alabama Come on not all women are pro “choice” please stop framing the debate like that.

  4. I don't even live there and this still makes me feel less than human knowing that the choices of women like me are being taken away from them.

  5. I definitely support Easy and free abortions for black and minority and poor women!!! (Sarcasm)… Good to know Miss Amerika supports killing babies in utero!…

  6. A cop that shoots an unarmed person goes to jail.

    AND you don't get more unarmed and vulnerable than in a womb.
    BTW I suppose I would be in trouble if I said that she may not be here if her mother thought as she does.
    OR 'Sew them up instead of murdering children'.

  7. Why is it so bad to kill unborn children? They are not complaining are they? No they can't. Why shouldn't you be allowed to kill them at 1 year old? They can't walk and talk, right?

  8. Some people don't understand. Some women gets pregnant with no choice it's sad so they have 2 options

  9. This young lady has an opinion and while I am Pro-Life, I thought she delivered her message with respect to her title. It is a shame there is so much hate and miss information, from both sides, when this difficult topic is discussed.

  10. Yea because there is no conservative women that are pro life. Stop acting like women are so insightful and men can't possibly have anything to say about their unborn children YEA THATS RIGHT ITS NOT JUST YOUR CHILD IT TAKES SPERM AND AN EGG TO GET PREGNANT SO WHY CANT THE MAN HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY. Women Carrie it for 9 months but the men support it for the next 18 years. So stop man bashing.
    If MGTOW takes hold you won't have to worrie about it anyways

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