14 Replies to “Missing Poor Newborn Billiona! Baby Just Born 3 Day Mom N0t Care and L0se Without S0me0ne Know.”

  1. Lovely Monkey, thank you for answering many if our questions. It makes me think you really care about the monkeys and that means a lot. Please look me up on Facebook and friend me, I have a couple other of the VOs on there as friends.

  2. To moje domysły .dzięki za filmy dobra nauka szkoła ale szkoda maleństw dorastają w okrutnym małpim otoczeniu i koło się toczy

  3. When the VO's left the park last night she had the baby when they returned this morning the baby was missing. Why is that so hard for people to understand the VO's do not sleep in the park, they leave when the park closes and returns when it opens. They are away from the monkeys more than they are with them. I think something got the baby if it just died or if it fell out of a tree and was killed she would be carrying it around. It may have been kidnapped. They said the baby had diarrhea yesterday and then they had heavy rain. It could have taken Pneumonia. This is not the first baby to disappear and will not be the last.

  4. It was sad to see her looking for her baby, she cuddled her all the time and imo cared a lot for her baby even though it took her time to get the hang of being a mother. How she could have lost her I don't know, because she never let her out of her arms from what I saw! it's just sad and I feel so sorry for them both!!

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