Mississippi’s Last Abortion Provider – The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper

As conservatives, we know
that getting an abortion is as easy as getting a cab
in New York City. Cab!Roe v. Wadehas resulted in some of the most permissive
abortion laws anywhere in the world. Do you want abortion on demand? -Abortion on demand…
-Abortion on demand… Yet somehow
the liberals complain that we’ve gotten in the way
of their abortion on demand, and now they won’t stop talking
about the state of Mississippi. While you weren’t looking,
the governor of Mississippi is trying to make his state the hardest place in America
to get an abortion. Now we don’t have access to safe and legal
abortion services. Clearly Republicans
are trying to take us back to the days when women died from unsafe abortions
in this country. GREY:Time to fly south
to expose these lies.
So we came to the only Planned
Parenthood in Mississippi
to show you just how easy it is
to get an abortion. In what’s sure to beThe Opposition’s
shortest field piece ever. -All right.
-(both grunting) Shouldn’t have packed
all these Bibles. Hey. So, we’d like
two abortions, please. -Two abortions now.
-Yeah. Here in Mississippi,
the landscape -that the politicians
have created -Uh-huh. have made it so difficult that places
like our health centers can’t provide a full range
of services. -Okay, I feel like that was
a very loaded no. -Yeah. That’s correct. THURMAN:So, according to
Planned Parenthood’s Staci Fox,
this clinic
doesn’t offer abortions.
But why?
States are introducing
more bills to prevent access to care. Right here in Mississippi, the state legislature
passed a bill banning abortion at 15 weeks. I think these laws are tactics
to start to chip away access to what
theRoe v. Wadedecision set as the legal standard
in the United States. THURMAN:If Mississippi has made
it so hard to get abortions,
how come there’s a clinic
right next door?
GREY:So we infiltrated what was
obviously an abortion provider
based on the fact
that their website
clearly targets
people seeking abortions.
We don’t do abortions, and we don’t refer
for abortions. -(record scratches)
-BOTH:Wait, what?The building next door
is a fake women’s health center, and these centers
that exist all over the country provide women
distorted information and often
inaccurate information. That is, like, the worst prank
but, like, the best prank. It’s likeJackassbut for your
reproductive rights. THURMAN:
In Mississippi, there are more
of these fake
women’s health centers,
aka crisis pregnancy centers,than there are Starbucks.But it’s still so easy.If you’re a woman who wanted
to access abortion care in the state of Mississippi,
unfortunately, you’ll have to drive
to Jackson, Mississippi. THURMAN:Okay, there’s only
one clinic left in Mississippi.
You know what that means.BOTH:
Road trip!
GREY:And who could possibly
have a problem
with a road trip?Imagine if you were a woman
who had a job GREY:
I don’t. Show’s canceled.
Or needed to put the children that you had at home
in childcare. THURMAN:
Ew, I don’t have kids.
And the financial resources
to drive 100 miles. THURMAN:We’re rich, Staci.
Quit playing.
The 100 mile tripfrom Hattiesburg to Jackson
flew by.
GREY:And just imagine,
some lucky ladies
get to have
an even longer road trip.
Now that we’ve made itto the state’s
only abortion clinic,
we can show you how easy it is
to get abortions on demand.
THURMAN:As soon as we get past
a few brave protesters.
We are here for the gospel
of Jesus Christ. I would absolutely
counsel people that the Lord says
all fornicators have their place
in the lake of fire. And so we are here crying out
for people to consider that we stand before
a holy and righteous god. You want to go back
to when abortion was illegal and no one had abortions. -Oh, wait.
-They had them. But they were illegal
and dangerous -and they died.
-People were dying. Yeah. GREY:After making it past
this guy and his sound logic…
Well, it’s no different
than at the Holocaust.…we could finally go insidewith the help
of a clinic escort
protecting women
from protesters.
What a breeze.THURMAN:After that,
we could finally talk
to Shannon Brewer,
the clinic’s director,
about how getting an abortion
was so freaking easy.
No, it’s not… it’s not
that easy to get an abortion. Um, you have to call,
schedule an appointment. GREY:
To get your abortion on demand,
all you need is an appointment.
You have to speak with
a counselor about your options. THURMAN:
In this mandatory meeting,
a counselor
is legally obligated
to read messaging
from the state
designed to dissuade you
from getting an abortion.
GREY:And then you’re off
to get your…
It’s a two-visit process. For (bleep) sake. There’s a 24-hour
waiting period. THURMAN:Even though the law
requires women to wait 24 hours
to think about the choice
they’ve already made,
it’s still pretty on demand.-Oh, hey. What did you get?
-Okay. I got some water,
some fruit snacks, -oh, and a gun.
-Oh, cool. Yeah, super easy to get here. Thank God they don’t have
a 24-hour waiting period. -Right?
-Right? GREY:
And since you’re far from home,
you’ll need
to take time off work
and spend money on a hotel.This looks good. Planned Parenthood wants America
to start having more abortions because that’s liberation. -I like this. Good choice.
-Thank you. THURMAN:
And now it’s abortion o’clock
as long as it’s a Tuesday,
Wednesday or Thursday,
because those are the only daysthey’re able to fly in doctors
from out of state.
Our abortion’s Rob Thomas
’cause this was so smooth.Just ask this woman,
who requested
that we conceal her identity.She finished getting her own
super-duper easy abor…
No, it wasn’t easy at all. THURMAN:
Oh, goddamn it.
I already have four kids. Me and my husband did not plan
to have any more kids. Took me two weeks
to get the money together. Within the first six
to ten weeks, it’s $600 for the procedure. When you are ten weeks
or even a day over ten weeks, it’s $800,
and you cannot do the pill. You can only do
the surgical procedure. That’s kind of expensive. -Good thing everybody
in Mississippi is rich. -Yeah. No, the majority of women here
are struggling to, you know, make ends meet. Everything’s been stripped away
from them. The childcare
has been stripped away, Medicaid’s been stripped away. All of these things
are being taken away from them. The option to have an abortion
is being taken away, also. In talking to you right now,
it sort of sounds like if we do want
to reduce abortions, maybe we should have
better child welfare services. -Comprehensive health care.
-Contraception. -Better sex education.
-Maternity-paternity leave. THURMAN:
Yeah. (both laugh) THURMAN: That’s crazy.
That’s doing way too much. -Just don’t have sex.
-I don’t care about you -after you’re born.
-We don’t care. After you’re born, it’s like,
“Go on. Go on.” -Get a job.
-Yeah. I don’t… I just don’t usually
talk to people this, like, so stupid.
I’m so sorry. GREY:If we’re so stupid,
how come we’re winning
and you have to deal
with crisis pregnancy centers,
closed clinics,
protesters, waiting periods,
and countless other laws
getting in the way
of you helping women?
THURMAN:Wow, maybe there are
a few roadblocks
to getting an abortion.But surely there were abortions
on demand somewhere nearby.
NEWSMAN: Alabama’s governor
signed into law tough new restrictions
on abortion clinics… NEWSMAN 2:
Louisiana has just passed some of the strictest
abortion laws in the country. NEWSMAN 3: Tennessee
will be building a monument to unborn children
on state capitol grounds, and don’t even (bleep) try
going to Iowa.

100 Replies to “Mississippi’s Last Abortion Provider – The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper”

  1. the US gets more and more behind.. the rich countries with happy, healthy people are soooo far in front of you now.. :/

  2. As a fella, having had a s.o. that was unable to carry a child to term, this is just one of the nastiest things i have ever heard of. The state of the union is gross.

  3. Yes it's a life. Yes, abortion is taking that life away. But that does not give the Government authority to impose their will on women's bodies. Provide better sexual education, better child care, fund the shit out of adoption centers, better access to contraceptives. That is how you stop abortions. Just writing a bill with some ink on paper saying no you can't do that is not going to prevent women from doing that.

  4. It's ironic how they have all of these centers to guilt trip women into giving birth and stand outside the only abortion clinic trying to convince these vulnerable women that they will help them with raising their child. They don't, once the baby is born these people disappear like the wind. They won't even adopt children who desperately need homes. They don't care if the fetus isn't viable, or a rape baby, a result of an incest, if the woman was on drugs when she found out and doesn't want to make her kid suffer, can't provide a good life for them, or if it's threatening her life. What these people do to these women is disgusting. They don't give a shit as long as they get a say in what a woman does w her body. What if she has a disabled child at home and can't have another child because it would impede on their child's services and development? And she just wants to wait? They try to convince women to carry stillborns to term! The last time I got pregnant I couldn't have the baby because I'm in poor health. My immune system sucks and I just had major surgery in which I just had a full abdominal graft put in. My dr told me that I could die if I decided to have a child because it would take years to completely heal and my whole abdomen could be torn back open and not only I would die, so would the child. When I went to planned pay I had to deal w people screaming that they would help and yelling for me not to go in. My daughter was 9 at the time, and autistic, I highly doubt that they would raise her when I died from complications. Abortion isn't something you do for fun, it isn't a form of birth control like these crazy prolifers think. If it wasn't for the escort I probably would've went off on those protesters. There's no brain scrambling, and there's no killing of babies like they believe either. During the first term and in the beginning of the second the fetus doesn't have a brain yet. And if you have an abortion, you can have children afterward. I love the way that they portrayed this piece and showed how fucked up the system is against women, as well as how idiotic these prolife protesters are. As well as showed that those choice clinics don't actually provide a choice or abortions w out the whole show of the "clinic" trying to prove that they provide choices instead of manipulating women that they're only choice is not to have one. The only thing that sucks is that there's no bumper stickers that are pro choice out there. I'm always tempted to screen at prolifers that have those prolife bumper stickers!

  5. What I hate about these "pro-lifers" is the fact that they only care about giving birth, and not what happens to the children afterwards. The consequences continue for life.

  6. Their field reports are getting more and more interesting and really good. It's like the last hurrah for the show.

  7. The next step for the poor women of Miss. is for the clinics to charter buses or vans to a clinic in a nearby state. It makes sense. The White Wing life haters will have no recourse and the clinics can still be of service to women in need.

  8. They don't provide a because of politicians protecting fetuses clinics can't provide a full range of services . Such as partial scissors saline solutions partial Birth or post birth

  9. Roe vs. Wade was a complete lie! Look it up! Her name (Roe) is Norma McCorvey, and she never had an abortion! She became a strong advocate for babies and died a Pro Life Warrior! Just research people. look into this mess, it's all a big mind control program. STAY WOKE

  10. Just as the people of Alabama recently voted in Doug Jones, the people of Mississippi need to vote in a number of progressive politicians to Governor and State Senate, as these are currently conservative held. The election for governor is next year, as well as all 52 seats of the state senate.



  11. "Fornicators"…

    Why do I have the feeling this guy would be the first to grab a pitchfork at the mere mention of a "witch hunt"

  12. And with the Trump/Pence administration replacing the position of Justice Kennedy, and filling more than a hundred seats of lower federal court justices with far-right Christians there's no idea in trying to go to the courts!
    Congratulations America, you're in the process of robbing every woman of the right to decide over her own body!

  13. I hate how the debate about abortion was deceitfully shifted towards the question "Is the fetus a person". It DOESN"T MATTER. The woman is a person, and she can use her body however she wants, so if something wants to live inside her, but she doesn't agree to that – then that's her right. Like, you don't have to donate your liver just because somebody else will die without it (and they will, there's always a queue for organs). And you don't have to let someone occupy your uterus for nine months, even if they'll die without it. If you really want to stop abortions – just push for a bill that requires every male to freeze some sperm and do a vasectomy. That's by far the most effective contraception method with very few side effects. That would mean almost no abortions OR unwanted pregnancies OR unwanted children. Problem solved.

  14. If you HEATHENS would quit fornicating, you wouldn't need to have an abortion.
    lol There's the problem. These right wing zealots can't get laid. Their just incels taking out their frustration on normal healthy people.

  15. The infants don’t feel pain after the nutrient stage or whatever the fuck that is . What if the mother was raped , what if the mother can’t take care of the kids , what if the mother could of have died while the baby dies with her ? I remember this one true story about a girl that her mother/ progenitor went into a succumb state . She said that the church told her mother” no” . They bellowed at her , looked down on her , even despised her , until she decided not to get an abortion , one day she “passed away , but the child was still alive , only for 24 hours that is , then it passed on . You want to know why ? Because they forced her into telling her of how horrendous state is to get an abortion when in reality it should’ve saved her life . You can’t tell Females what to do on their own body .

  16. A true pro-lifer would of have passed condoms or talk about protection . Not scold at people and communicate to them of how they’re killing a seed .

  17. You're leading me to believe I'm being edited you know I defined gravity as the driving force behind the diffusion of space which is why there's gravitational pull the space between has least space diffusing

  18. Absolute value of 0.0 barred is infinite or within values where value of 0 could be placed when you add 0s to number you bar them to show they came from the first layer down of the absolute value of 0.0

  19. I wonder of this big problem or been buffd up by the media like all of this problem will be fix if people keep it in there pens

  20. Wait… a monument to unborn children? Is Tennessee just outright trolling at this point? America's turning more and more into a bad parody of itself…

  21. Even elephants have been known to induce abortion if they deam their environment is too hazardous for their young. Those evil, baby hating, fornicating elephants!

  22. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.

    Abortion medicine on the other hand is sentient and out of hand! Checkmate, liberals!

  23. That is Republicans for you. "I want my right to my guns and I want your rights to your vagina". they always trying to grab their guns and your pussy lol. Side note I have no problem with gun rights but the hypocrisy of the stance on these two issues contradict their main belief freedom and pursuit of happiness. The US is so the opposite what it says it is. sounds like trump. I am moving to Canada before this nation implodes due to our leadership and the insecurities of the smeared coalfaced poor whites. almost 250 year. Well we had a good run.

  24. I love that after that guy who compares abortion to the Holocaust there's a clear pause before the horrified laughter.

    Man this segment was depressing.

  25. This sounds like Texas, except we're down to three clinics in the state. And we probably have more Starbucks than those disgusting "crisis pregnancy centers"

  26. How can 2 people be so unfunny… why do liberals want to kill their babies so bad? Just use condoms not that hard

  27. Sad this show is getting cancelled this is where I came to know I'm right about being a Conservative by reading all the anti American logic by all you ingrates

  28. It’s been proven before that banning abortions does not reduce their numbers. What it does instead is dramatically increase the number of unsafe ones, so be prepared women in the upcoming years. Your rights might be getting cut down

  29. Ah, Mississippi — the most obese, least educated, and most religious state in the union.

  30. This might be one of the best segments ever made

    I'm going to miss this show, where everyone was genius

  31. Unwanted babies are good source of future criminals who can be enslaved in prisons to generated more profit for corporations.

  32. How many boys were mutilated today in the West? Notice how no one cares and even makes fun of it? How about gender assignment at birth? No money in that, right?

  33. wtf is happening to america?! people have the absolute right to kill our mistakes and problems away! damn you Trump

  34. I mean… everytime people who I know are anti abortion and die hard pro gun I use a logic nuke (like cockroaches it usually is ineffective) The logic nuke being that why ban abortions, people will get them either way, just like theres no point in banning guns, you know, because people will get them either way… that is Fox and the NRA's favorite talking point when anyone even thinks about mentioning gun safety laws…

  35. A state controlled by the replublicans: you can't have an abortion but once that kid is born we will take away healthcare, childcare, and education for that kid

  36. You have to wait 24 hours, schedule a meeting, and talk to a counselor? Oh no how terrible!(sarcasm)

  37. I don't understand, what is abortion NOT on demand? Randomly assigned abortions? Drawing your name out of a hat?

  38. ProLifers = ProBirthers
    They don’t give a shit about the babies, children, and families.
    Just like Jesus, right?

  39. See people confuse religion with law. We live in a country where the church and government are separated. It's really frustrating to see women rights and health being striped away by a bunch of old men who have no idea what's it's like to deal with kids or anything related to women for that matter.

  40. Don't worry, THOTS: You can still get that Ol' Lump succced out of you. Nobody cares (gosh, women will do anything for attention). You can still go back to your empty urban apartment and drink wine/watch Netflix (alone). If we collectively look away from this issue, it would disappear and women would probably end up keeping the Lil Fella after they realize that nobody gives a hoot (like that Simpsons halloween episode).

  41. With friends like these, abortion rights don't need enemies…and they have plenty of enemies. Unfunny feigned ignorance from two unsubtly propagandizing and insufferable improv douches is not the way to go…

  42. Damn I always assumed that the people they interview know that they're playing characters, but that woman seemed so confused as if she thought they were serious

  43. We can't watch your show in Mayberry. Aunt Bea controls what is allowed on TV. She has the final say. Thank goodness Bonanza reruns are still broadcasted or we couldn't see anything. By the way, Leave it to Beaver is shown once a week. That's a relief. Gomer says hey.

  44. "I want the right to have an abortion because I was a stupid bitch who wasn't smart enough to use condoms or take the pill, so a living, developing being needs to be killed because I'm too damn stupid and afraid of responsibility! Ooh, what's that? You think that's wrong? Well, you're sexist! I just forgot about the living, developing being in my womb and would rather hide my selfishness by calling all of you sexist!"

    Basically sums up the retarded, twisted logic of leftists.

  45. I dont get it. Women who are getting abortions are doing this as a last resort. Don't you think they know themselves better than you? They know they probably cant provide for the child. Im 24 years old and I can barely provide for myself, let alone a child. The women who contemplate abortions are more sane than the women protesting it. The next best thing after abortion is putting the child in a foster home. Yet, I don't see many prolifers at adoption centers ACTUALLY making a change.

    If youre a prolife supporter, I better see you with a family of adopted children. Id rather have someone get an abortion than watch or know of a child that suffered growing up. Let the women make their own decisions for their own bodies.

  46. Yet, the anti-reality supporters keep on insisting that up is down, left is right, and that PBA is a real thing.
    Their so called 'abortion on demand' clearly doesn't exist…didn't their religious book say something about lying is bad?

  47. I've never seen this show before, but it's great. Thank you so much for highlighting how these abortion restrictions are affecting poor women in the south, primarily women of color. I live in Mississippi and I hate how the anti-abortion laws are affecting black women, especially those in the Delta, who can't afford to drive to Jackson to have the procedure.

  48. This is why poor people, especially poor minorities, need to make sure they're voting to put people in power that have their best interest at hearts.

  49. Its getting more difficult every day to tell the difference between liberal males and liberal females.
    Seems the women have neutered the men and now wear the balls in the party.
    Lmao….you little she boys are hilarious.

  50. But they don’t care less about the BORN AND ALIVE children all over the world suffering or the children who grow up in foster care because abortions were not an option! These people against abortion don’t care about the kids its just a power trip coupled with years of brainwashing:/

  51. You people are so dumb you get pregnant and you want to kill a baby because you can’t afford it well if you took birth control are used a rubber that one happen would it you know the old saying no glove no love but yet you wanna just kill and innocent child now one day you’re going to get married and if you did have an abortion and now you have kids you’re gonna look at your kids fun around the yard all happy and then you’re going to think about that kid I had an abortion you gonna start wondering wow what would it look like what will become of it in life would she be a rockstar or he would she be a famous artist you get a wonder and wonder what she would look like or him and then your heart is going to sync as you watch your other children grow on there about the one you just killed and that will eat you up for life so just be smart use a condom go on the pill it’s that easyYou don’t have to kill something that God has blessed you with their people that can’t have children and you want to kill him but God bless you anyway I’m not here to judge only did one up above for God Almighty can judge not me so be smart and use common sense and you won’t get pregnant and you got fuck all night long

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