31 Replies to “Missouri House Passes Bill To Ban Abortions After Eight Weeks | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC”

  1. Cant wait for god to come take it back cause the people in power old af and need to die tf off anyway

  2. ☝Meanwhile , at the end of the day America wants to impeach & imprison a crooked slimy cockroach President Trump who is suffocating America with his buffoonery & corruption . ☝

  3. So are they going to ban vaccines also, because they use 12 week old aborted fetuses to make many vaccines.

  4. Mi-thur-ra the show me shigma state. What about the insect apocalypse? When you open sores going to protect the sanctity of insect life? When humans are staving to death because of ignorance. Tell me you True Green, Round Up Ready Monsanto/Bayer Assburn POS Republicons.

  5. God Bless Missouri!! Finally stopping the wanton slaughter of defenseless infants. Baby murder is 99.9 % for convenience and birth control!! Its called MURDER!!!

  6. Old white men think they are God Christians Muslims Jews monotheistic beliefs all very stupid moronic i hope a Tornadoes eat all u moronic people up u deserve to die

  7. ◄ Isaiah 49 15 "Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you!

    Don't call yourselves "Christian" if u support killing innocent children.

  8. You force men with no money to pay for kids they don't want to bring in this world. Then arrest them if they don't pay but you want me to care about Georgia taking your reproductive rights away? I have no sympathy. I just don't.

  9. Abortion is a tricky issue indeed….However so is a womens right to decide in situations of rape….I would'nt want to be a child born to discover I am the product of my mothers perpatrator which could be a incestuous father grand father brother; this would be an American Horror Storry and yes in fact this is what thug christains are doing by making it political and dictating their beliefes. On all Americans!

  10. If this is truly about womens rights, should circumcision then be a males choice? A woman can play eenie meenie miney mo with the checkbox to decide whether to have their sons foreskin cut from his body. A lifelong effect on the body decided by a woman without the consent of the newborn son.

  11. Wow, where was CNN and MSNBC's outrage, when the Democrats passed a law in NY to murder babies in the third Trimester?

  12. 8 billion humans, sky high medical bills, education loans, not able to afford even rent, and US RepubliKKKans want more kids. Why don't they just open the door to those caravan women who brings 2-3 kids who they can't afford to raise? Those caravan women can breed very well so why are they chanting for the WALL? Hand over all your kids to them since they love kids so much, they will take care of all the bills for you.

  13. Why is the most powerful American Medical Association allowing lawmakers to JAIL their members doctors?? Crickets from the AMA. Sad.

  14. Still going to have female Republicans that claim it's all about pro life…only life they truly care about is their own

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